Silly Reason Most Won’t Go 100% Raw

When I first started researching the Raw Food Diet the idea of becoming a 100% raw foodist was absolutely overwhelming.

No friggin way did I want to give up my favorite foods. It was almost like I was giving up life itself.

At least that’s how it felt at the time.

Most people will never go on a 100% Raw Food Diet for this very reason. And I might add, it’s not a silly reason, it’s a real reason. However, when you have some more experience you’ll realize you don’t lose anything by going raw.

For instance, does a non-smoker feel deprived because they can’t smoke cigarettes?

Hell NO…

I never in my life felt deprived of cigarette smoke. That’s because I never smoked a cigarette.

The best way for most people is to take the Raw Food Diet step by step or gradually.

1. First try eating a raw breakfast.

2. Then start adding some raw snacks during the day.

3. Then start experimenting with raw dinner recipes 2 or 3 nights a week…

4. Start making a smoothie before lunch.

5. Start making a big salad or a Savory Veggie Stew before dinner.

6. Try going 100% raw for 1 full day.

I could keep on breaking this down. But the gradual process helps to break the incredible feeling of deprivation. I’m so glad that I feel zero deprivation at this point in my life.

I have no cravings for cooked food. I don’t struggle to stay raw and I would fight you tooth and nail if you tried to force me to eat cooked food.

Over time I’ve become a militant raw foodist. Not that I’m militant that others should be raw. I feel that’s your choice.

I’m militant in my own desire to be raw. My life is literally 10 times better since going raw. And I absolutely LOVE what I eat every day and feel nutritionally satisfied.

I think it’s good for you to know that you can be 100% raw and feel no deprivation whatsoever. And I know many other long term raw foodists who feel exactly the same way.

After a while the addiction to cooked food is gone, you’ve adjusted your life to raw eating and you have more opportunity for living your dream life. A life attuned with nature and with love.

For raw fruits and vegetables are LOVE that you ingest. And you start to feel this raw love radiating  in every cell of your body. And it makes you very happy just to be alive.

So what’s the silly reason most won’t go raw? It’s the misguided feeling of deprivation. When your raw food tastes as good to you as cooked food yet also gives you health, happiness and your ideal body at the same time, you tend to naturally choose more raw foods in your diet.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Potential,

Roger Haeske
The 43-Year Old Teenager

P.S. Check out this incredible story about Savory Veggie Stews in audio format by Naren Wadvana: Length 2:22


Silly Reason Most Won’t Go 100% Raw — 13 Comments

  1. Hey Roger,

    My wife just started making fresh smoothies for me again and brought one down to my office — right when this email popped into my Inbox!

    This one is banana, strawberry, and pineapple (I just let her experiment; as long as they aren’t too thick, I love them).

    I’m slowly inching back to a raw diet by doing just what you said: including more raw snacks and meals back into my diet. Next step is greens (time to dust off Savory Veggie Stews again!).

    Thanks for the continued encouragement.

    Best regards,

  2. Where do you get your protein? And is raw food easier to break down or harder? Does this not all depend on your blood type?

  3. Julien Barrass : I can tell from my experience that raw foods are harder at first to digest for someone who’s been eating cooked foods, but as time passes on a raw diet, the digestive-system becomes stronger and able to break down foods that even cooked would have given you gas..
    what you don’t use – you lose

  4. I went raw for about 1 year and felt amazing. I lost about 36 pounds and got into size 6 pants for the first time ever. I decided to eat a little cooked food at Thanksgiving, then I ate cooked at Christmas then it was down hill from there. I gained it all back plus 20 pounds. I want to get back on raw food so badly but when I was on it, I felt I was missing nutrients somehow. Really need motivation. I am an afternoon snacker…..

  5. Where do you get your phytonutrients? Where do you get your vitamins and minerals? Guarantee not sufficiently in cooked foods. Also, the protein gets scrambled, decoded, and if you are eating animal “protein”, your body can’t use it – it has to work overtime to break that down into amino acids, which abound in the raw fruits and veggies you think don’t have any protein, but actually do.

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  7. some say that Love is in everything; both life AND everything without! That Love is all there is. So, if this is true, then why not allow both life and death into your body knowing that all you are ingesting is yourself: Love?

  8. Definite Allergy,

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for most people.

    Consume cooked food and you introduce chaos into the body.

    Maybe it wouldn’t matter to a highly evolved spiritual being or avatar. Yet 99.999999% of the people on this planet will not achieve that status in their lifetimes.

    So better to eat raw and be HAPPY and filled with LOVE on the cellular level.


  9. Roger I am 10 days in eating raw foods. I feel pretty good but feel hungry and I eat alot. I drink 32oz of green smoothie, two stuffed seaweed wraps, marinated collard greens with avacados plus snack on raw nuts and I am still hungry or feel like I am missing something. I crave sweets even though I eat 4-5 oranges a day. I am really working on getting to 31 days. But I am not getting full or maybe I am getting full but not satisfied I have not tried the veggie stew yet. I have not had time to make it yet. What do you think?

  10. Julien Barrass actually when the raw foods are prepared as smoothies and savory stews or blended salads they are essentially pre-chewed therefore easier to digest. As for protein it is not a problem since greens are 59% amino acids (the building blocks of protein) such that you have plenty without the issues that animal proteins can cause

  11. Hello Roger,
    I have noticed since I started eating sun dried tomatoes, and sometimes with my raw veggie stews, that I have bad itching right at my hipbones, from the sides. I’m not 100% sure if it’s from the dried tomatoes, but that’s possible since the itching started when I moved to a new place and I started buying these dried tomatoes from a store. What is the best brand for dried tomatoes for using in RVS?

    Thank you very much.

  12. Hi there,

    I have been 80 % raw for about 10 days today and feel amazing…I feel a lot happier and feel more positive!

    I’ve made a list of what the benefits have been so far being 80% raw:

    -Feeling happier
    -Waking up earlier without a tired feeling
    -waking up feeling more energized
    -Falling asleep very easily as compared to before eating a high raw deit
    -I’ve lost 4 pounds
    -Clothes are feeling looser
    -I’ve been told by a few people that I look like I’m slimming down…One person just said you look great
    -I feel like I have more of a glow to my face
    -Overall I’m just happier with myself and don’t have any negative self talk…I am being kinder to myself.

    Negative List:
    -first few days of going raw I had insomnia
    -did get some weird headaches which I never get
    -Went to Bikram’s Yoga and for the first time felt like I was going to pass out which is weird because usually I love the heat and can stand it and not ever feel like blacking out.
    -Feel a crash usually after work or towards the afternoon.
    -Have felt a little constipated at times.
    -Getting bored with what I can eat- I will need to research recepies and need to be creative in the kitchen.
    -Peoople at work seem to find what I’m doing amusing…which is frustrating. Some say it is not “retainable” or realistic…

    It bothers me that some people feel negatively towards this lifestyle.

    I personally am happier than I really thought I would be doing this….I know I can make the raw food way of eating, my way of eating for life!

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