Simple Desire Magnifier… “Easy As Email”

Here’s an easy way to magnify your desire for better health, fitness or just about anything else that requires motivation. Lots of people are using this technique to make it much easier to succeed with the Raw Food Diet. Others use it to motivate themselves to exercise, lose weight and get fit.

The important thing to know is that it’s as easy to do as sending an email and can literally take you just five to ten minutes a day, but the beneficial results to your life will be astonishing.

Mind you, it’s not the only thing you have to do, but it’s a sign of a person who will usually succeed and it’s a sign of commitment to your self-mastery goal.

A common characteristic of people who eventually succeed with the raw foods diet is having their very own raw food blog. There are some people who use the blog as a 30-day trial. The idea is to stick to something for 30 days and see how you like it.

A side benefit is that usually within 30-days you will have changed the previous negative habit. In other words it’s easier to stick to a fitness program or a diet program if you’ve been doing it for 30 days straight. It becomes an automatic part of your life.

Good Raw Blog Examples:

Steve Pavlina a friend and coaching client had a successful 30-day raw food diet trial on his very popular personal development blog. He made a detailed post every single day for 30-days. You don’t need to put in nearly as much detail to succeed with blogging. But reading his posts can be helpful nonetheless.

Steve Pavlina’s Blog as Related To His 30 Day Raw Trial

In this link below you can hear me giving Steve an hour-long Raw Food Diet consultation.

Chris is another person who’s doing a 30-day raw food diet trial. I think he’s even taking before and after blood tests. Should be quite interesting. He’s one of my newsletter subscribers.

Chris’s 30-Day Raw Food Diet Trial

Now mind you, if you have loads of people posting to your blog and or forums, it could actually have a detrimental effect on your ability to stay raw. Why? Because of all of the mixed advice. Advice from people who think they know a lot more than they actually do. I saw that repeatedly on Steve Pavlina’s forum.

He got so much contradictory advice and much of it was plain wrong. If he were to try all of the things people suggested he try then he would have surely failed to stay raw. Luckily he had done a lot of training before going raw. He studied information I provided him and he did the consultation.

So here’s the other part of the success equation. It really helps to have a mentor or raw food coach to guide you to going raw.

Or if you’re goal is better fitness, to have a personal trainer guide you along the way. Don’t to read ten different books on fitness. Too much information can be as bad as too little. Try sticking to one program or one philosophy at a time.

I of course recommend my Lightning Speed Fitness Program for a convenient and time efficient way to get in great shape.

The key with having a blog is to help you become objective about what you’re doing. It also gets you focused daily on success. One of my top raw food diet students started blogging about going raw early on and she’s been 100% raw for over 2 years and 7 months. These days she helps others to succeed with going raw at her blog and forum.

Here’s Tommie’s Informative Blog:

I believe Tommie has posted at least something to her blog almost daily. Lots of new raw foodists are blogging as a way to help them stay focused and to succeed at going raw. Tommie lost about 70 pounds and has plenty of before and after pictures at her blog.

But there’s even more:

One of the psychological principles involved is that when you make yourself publicly accountable it adds an extra layer of motivation for you to succeed. You don’t want to tell the whole world that you’re doing a 30-day raw food diet experiment and then you all of a sudden quit.

I’m not saying you couldn’t quit if for some reason you felt you needed to. But it really helps in the motivation department when you’ve made a public commitment. I know it works for me. Heck if this is your first blog, hardly anyone is going to know about it anyway. Maybe just some family and friends.

Yet if you keep on posting, the search engines and blog search engines like Technorati will find your blog. You could eventually turn this into a moneymaker as well. You could sell raw foods diet related affiliate products and other related health and fitness products or services.

So there you have another reason to blog. There are several free blogs you can set up. An easy one to use is Google’s Blogger at

You can literally start blogging five minutes from now and at no cost whatsoever. Or you can set up an account with That is also free.

Once you get serious, you’ll want to get your own WordPress Blog that is hosted on your own server, not theirs. That gives you the most flexibility and is better for higher search engine rankings.

Now getting back to another crucial point…

You see, blogging by itself is quite powerful for motivational purposes, but in most cases, it won’t be enough to overcome the forces of society, habits and misinformation. That’s why it’s important to get expert support or coaching as well when you first start off trying to go raw.

If you just blog, you’re doing better than most, but you could still have setbacks that could easily be avoided if you had a raw food coach guiding you.

There are so many little things that pop up, that having read a book about it doesn’t always help. You can’t ask a book a question.

Or you may forget what was discussed in the book. But when you can speak to or email a raw food coach or mentor that makes it so much easier.

How are you going to react when you start experiencing some detox? If you were like me, you might immediately (and falsely) blame it on fruit. The negative conditioning runs deep. It really helps to have an experienced coach to get you past all of your old BS nutrition brainwashing.

I struggled for five years trying to succeed on my own with raw foods. It was just me and my raw food books. And books by the way… that all seemed to contradict each other.

Had I continued without support from a raw food mentor, I doubt I would have ever found the right combination of ideas to succeed at going raw. With the right mentor, the right raw foods diet knowledge and with a raw food blog, you’ll make it easy for yourself to stay raw and thrive.

Let Me Link To Your Blog: Get Free Publicity

I encourage you to start your own raw food, health or fitness related blog today. When you set it up, create a post and link back to my blog at Then send me an email with the link to your blog and I’ll include your blog in an upcoming "Show Me Your Blogs" post.

I know a number of you already have blogs and so you can just link back to me with ease. This will be a great way to get extra traffic to your blog. I look forward to seeing all of your raw food blogs and fitness blogs.

I’m sure you’ll see how helpful a raw food blog can be to motivate you to raw food diet success. Also imagine all of the raw food testimonials out there created by all of the new raw food blogs out there. This will really help spread the good word about going raw.

You’re not just helping yourself when you blog, but all of the people you inspire to improve their health. Remember, you can blog about anything you’re trying to improve in your life.

And if you’re really shy, you can make your blog invisible to the general public. There’s a lot of benefit to blogging even if no one else knows about it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. Remember, setting up a free blog can be done in five minutes. Posting is as simple as sending an email. Once you have your blog set up, just link to my blog and contact me via my helpdesk, and I’ll link back to your blog.

Roger’s Customer Support Helpdesk:

P.P.S. Getting through the maze of misinformation is a great reason to have a raw food diet coach. The cheapest way for me to give you coaching is through a membership at


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  1. I have no idea to make a blog, but I had logged onto some and made great suggestions to people over the years. I have been 100% raw for over 2 weeks and still going strong…, I even tell everyone 9even the cashier in a superrette) about going raw and the benefits!I stareted it a month and a half ago with such vigor and enthusiasm, but then it faded when i went to DisneyWorld with 3 kids, while I kept the diet, I also felt deprived, like I was wasting a vacation and detoxicing and getting cranky with the kids. I finally decided to break it while on the dis cruise …the last 3 days of the ten day trip.My husband was so angry with me(as he was on it too) that he refused to dine with us and didn’t talk to me the whole time. Mind you, I only ate bread and butter, b/c to me the food sucked. One bite here, one bite there and yuck! i was missin’ nothing! I got back on right away and longed for freash produce like crazy and here I am still going strong with my husband. I need to stay away from nuts and dates so i could lose more weight. I am not gainingbut I am staying the same and I am running a marathon in less than 2 weeks and I need to get this weight down. I tried a cool new restaurant on 145th street called Raw Soul. heavy duty food, especially when you are used to eating salad and one avacado a day (oh, lots of fruit (yummy) My husband is a successful triathelete as well as marathoner and avid mountainier and hehas been vegan for years until I got him (the extremest) to go 100 raw and he said "There was always something missing, now he gets it….you need to go raw, that was the missing link". I fully agree. I got David wolfe’s book through my mom, b/c she has knows a woman in her building in NYC who’s son is good friends with David W. So I read it and it made so much snece. That was years ago and my husband did it for a short while. Is one avacado a day too much fat in one day if i want to lose weight? I had gone on only fruits and veggies so amny times and lost a lb a day only to put it right back on the sec I took a bite of aomething that wasn’t…what is the deal with that. Hey, I love red meat, but I am pretty sure, I won’t ever have it again! Here’s to hoping i kick the cooked food addiction for good! Cooking still exists in my house with the kids, but it is happening less and less and I am incorporating some yummy alternatives lately! thanks again for the awsome and inspiring emails! You rock! Maybe you and your Raw vegan girlfriend and me and my husband could get together some time…he is from Jersey too and you don’t meet many couples who are vegan raw! I would love to know your thoughts on wine, since I used to have it just about every night and now once every 2 weeks acording to an occassion. I mean there is a raw restaurand that is called "Raw Food and Wine". Please llet me know. P.S.  Thanks Victoria Arnstein

  2. Wo,I as really tired and I am distracted by my 6 year old every 3 minutes and I have made so many spelling errors! Sorry, I know it could be annoying to read with bad errors!

    Anyone please feel free to add a comment!
    I am open to great suggestions!
    Victoria Arnstein

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  4. I am the absolute babe-in-arms when it comes to starting a blog(ANY BLOG) on raw food and my journey to it. so PLEASE will some kind and patient person show me step by step how to do it? Very many thanks

  5. I’ve been blogging for awhile, and am only now starting to really get into wanting to blog about IMPORTANT things, such as health, natural hygiene, laws of life, fasting, and of course, the RAW FOOD diet!!

    So you can count me in on one of the people who want to blog about raw food! :))

  6. Seems like good karma that I ran into your blog today, you see my rawfoodism blog is just about 4 posts old. I’d migrated from blogspot to wordpress recently. Will certainly contact you when I’m more steady on my feet, as a blogger that is.

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