Incredible Raw Food Diet Resources

This page is dedicated to the top raw food diet resource websites that I know of. While not all of the sites follow a low fat or Optimal Raw Food Diet approach, I think you’ll benefit from them.

Sites with the stars next to them have my personal recommendation. Some other sites might be really good as well, but if I haven’t spent significant time on them, then I can’t fully recommend them either.

If you know of other good sites in these categories or you have new sites feel free to post them in the comments section of this post. I plan to update this page frequently with new raw food diet resources. This is only just the beginning.

* Roger’s Raw Food Diet Websites: These are my sites. Of course, I think these are top notch. Informational Informational Raw Food Diet Audios and Raw Food Diet Myths debunked. Informational and my ebook: Think and Go Raw Informational Your First 30-Days Raw

My Public Raw Food Diet Forum: It’s read only for the time being. But there’s plenty of valuable information there.

Raw Food Diet Forums:

* Dr. Douglas Graham’s Raw Food Diet forum on Vegsource: I wouldn’t be successfully raw without Doug’s help.

* Tommie’s Raw Food Diet Forum

* Nora Lenz’s Raw School Raw Food Diet Forum: Nora is really knowledgeable and helpful. We don’t agree on every point, but the advice overall is really good from when I used to participate.

The Original Yahoo Raw Food Forum: I used to be a moderator. Just about anything goes. The owner of the group supports Natural Hygiene but many viewpoints regarding the raw food diet are discussed.

Living Nutrition Forums: From my friend Dave Klein the publisher of Living Nutrition Magazine.

Living and Raw Foods Community Support

Raw Food Diet Recipes:
Anne Wigmore’s Raw Food Diet Recipes

There’s a ton of Raw Food Diet recipes here:

Raw Food Diet Restuarants:

This is a great blog to keep you up to date on all of the Raw Vegan Restaurants that are out there. Tells you of new openings and of closings of restaurants across the United States and around the world.

Bonobo’s Restaurant: David Norman’s huge raw food cafe style restaurant in NYC. Huge from a Raw Food Diet restaurant perspective.

Raw Food Diet Singles Sites: Find the raw love of your life or just find raw food diet type of people to make friends with. It’s suprising how many of these sites there are.

Might be raw or interested later with Vegetarian Singles:

Raw Food Diet Meetups:
A great way to meet raw foodists in your local area. This is really powerful stuff. Try starting your own meetup. If you build it, they will come.

Raw Food Diet: Raw Foods

* Great dates: Try a wet pack. Bahri are fantastic. The Date People

Raw Food Diet Blogs:

30-Day Raw Food Diet Trials

Steve Pavlina’s Blog as Related To His 30 Day Raw Trial

In this link below you can hear me giving Steve an hour-long Raw Food Diet consultation.

Chris is another person who’s doing a 30-day raw food diet trial. I think he’s even taking before and after blood tests. Should be quite interesting. He’s one of my newsletter subscribers.

Chris’s 30-Day Raw Food Diet Trial

Here’s Tommie’s Informative Blog: She’s one of my raw food diet students

My friend Druhmil’s cool blog: Not necessarily optimal or low fat raw but quite interesting nonetheless.

Raw Food Diet Testimonial Links:

Note: If you know of other websites I didn’t list with Raw Food Testimonials then please link to them in the comments section of this post. I want this to be a resource with as many raw and live food testimonial links as possible.

My Story: How I Overcame 6.5 Years of Depression, Panic Attacks, etc.

Testimonials From My Coaching Clients and Members

Prostate: My 83 Year Old Grandfather Goes Raw and Heals His Prostate. Working for 5 months already.

Important Note: You can go to this site below and search for loads of Raw Food Diet testimonials. Many diseases are listed, that you may not directly see on this page. This is with a diet that isn’t always 100% raw. Even without going 100% raw, many people have cured the so-called incurable.

Cancer Testimonials

Overcame schizophrenia, depression and Celiac Disease

Articles of people overcoming all sorts of conditions including asthma, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, lupus, breast cancer, migraines, Epstein-Barr, hearing restored, etc.

Multiple sclerosis:

My Success with a low fat raw food diet and a client’s success:

Follow the thread for many testimonials of Dr. Douglass Graham’s Program.

Several testimonials and some from famous raw foodists.

Several Testimonials further down the page.

Matt Goodman overcame MS.

Mathew Grace, also overcame MS.

Weight loss with pictures.

Raw Food Testimonials Message Board: Hundreds of raw food testimonials



Schizophrenia, Depression, Weight Loss

Liver Transplant and off Supposed Lifetime Medications in Six Months:

Grave’s Disease:

General Raw Food Testimonials

This should help inspire some confidence in eating raw.

Many more resources to come soon. Remember to add your favorites to the comments section of this post. If I like them I’ll add them to the main section of this post.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske



Incredible Raw Food Diet Resources — 6 Comments

  1. Nice resource list, Roger! My Raw ‘n Delish recipe is selling like hot cakes. No recipes on the site but the book has 300. Maybe we can do a deal. Nothing sells better in this movement than raw recipe books and only mine and Doug’s are 100% non-toxic.


  2. Hey Roger-

    I don’t know whether some of your sights are just out-dated, but do you still hold weekly support group meetings in NYC? I tried calling the number that was given, but it was said to have been dis- connected.

    Hopefully you still have them, but if you don’t, do you know of any others that are still happening? Because as far as I know, nobody holds support groups anymore. Not free ones anyway. I can’t really afford to pay for much else, I have already spent a small fortune on equiptment and food alone. I’m only an 18 yr old college student, and I still have tuition and rent to pay. I was hoping I could sign up for you online- support ( but I just don’t have the money for it right now either. I know it’s a very small amount to most people, but i’m literally penny pinching.

    If there’s anything you can suggest, PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks and all the best-


  3. Hi Roger,

    Thank you for your great list.
    Maybe you can add my blog
    It’s a great resource for people just starting with raw food, but also for more experienced rawfoodists.
    There are delicious raw recipes on the blog and sections about raw food for diabetes, raw food for weight loss and raw food for kids.
    The blog is updated daily with raw food news, video’s, articles and great recipes.

    Have a fantastic day,

  4. Roger! You’re doing a GREAT WORK!!

    Your site is awesome, so humongous, so loaded with resources, and now you’ve so very graciously and generously opened up your site to bloggers (like myself) who wish to share the life-enhancing knowledge and lifestyle of raw-foodism (and for me, Natural Hygiene!)

    I can’t begin to thank you enough, and thank you again so much for posting my little website/weblog on your site. I will definitely be adding more and more information to my raw food page! Thank you again, dear sir!

    – Deborah 🙂

  5. Hi Roger! This is a fantastic list of resources – thanks for mentioning my blog. I listened to the MP3 phone consultation that you did with Steve Pavlina. Very good content – and really glad to see a high-profile blogger like Steve bringing raw food into mainstream discussion. Thanks for the work you do!


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