Juan Valdez and Mind Control (Part 1)

Back when I was a wee little tyke, I used to watch me plenty of TV for 8 hours or more many a day.

And on the TV I saw LOTS of commercials. One famous character from them there commercials was Juan Valdez who was the character created to promote Colombian coffee as the best coffee in the world.

Then there was Mrs. Olsen of Folgers fame. I actually liked her commercials.

I just went back and watched one of them on Youtube. Made you feel all good inside about coffee.

The fact of the matter that everywhere you look, society, media and culture in one way or another glorify coffee.

Yet in truth it tastes like CRAP to someone drinking it the first time.

Many people subconsciously think that by drinking coffee it makes them cool. Think about it… didn’t that feeling ever come up for you? Especially with Starbucks?

And coffee is a DRUG yet it’s made to seem like this wonderful tasting drink and that makes you wholesome, normal and maybe even COOL. Heck some smart marketer even invented the idea of a “coffee break.” The British have their “tea time”.

What an incredible selling tool. Everyone takes coffee breaks at work and because of the what it’s called, most people actually drink coffee or tea during those work breaks.

We have a whole nation of people suffering coffee addiction and most of them have no idea how it’s destroying them. And the one’s who do know are often stuck in a vicious cycle and don’t know how to get out.

Imagine if these commercials where honest about what coffee really was and how it destroys health. Seems to me the FDA should be shutting down some coffee companies instead of doing armed SWAT raids on vitamin and supplement manufacturers who actually didn’t break any laws.

Do you see how society is being brainwashed to accept coffee as a wonderful thing and as joyous part of “normal” life? It’s built into the culture.

Were these loving people who built this into our culture or did they have many dark negative reasons for turning us into coffee addicts?

They even come up with all sorts of bogus studies touting the health benefits of coffee. I wonder who sponsored all of those studies? It’s easy to lie with statistics you know.

I can’t tell you how many times this “coffee is great” idea is implanted on TV shows and popular culture.

Or how many authors I read about who won’t do any writing until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. These ignorant fools are glorifying their own destruction.

They brag about their coffee drinking as if it’s a good thing. They perpetuate this culture of destruction and death.

This is a world gone mad.

We’re living in a gnarly Cooked World Order.

And so children see all of this behavior from their parents drinking coffee, to seeing Juan Valdez and Mrs. Olson and seeing the promotion of coffee everywhere as culturally normal. Who knows what kinds of coffee commercials they have these days.

Presently it’s the trendy thing to do to go to Starbucks and waste $6.00 on a latte or some other fancy shmancy coffee that puts you in the “IN” crowd. I read about one guy who would drink about 4 cups of coffee per day at a place similar to Starbucks and that it was costing him an extra $13,000 a year.

I’ve never even spent $13,000 on a car no less on coffee in one year.

This flabbergasts me.

Imagine the power of television to control the herd mind of the weak and uninformed.

There could very easily be a Fonzy like TV character who wore a leather jacket and was the coolest guy in town. All he had to do was whip himself on the head with his magic whip and poof a beautiful girl would instantly walk right up to him and grab his arm and he had his date for the evening.

Then he whips himself on his is derriere and now he’d instantly have a second beautiful girl in his other arm.

Now if he wanted to make the jukebox player play music for phree, he’d whip himself on his bare chest with this little magic whip and bam “Rock Around the Clock” starts playing magically.

Before you know it this is the most popular show on television and someone starts selling these magic little whips. They even sell smaller whips for toddlers. And all of the teanage boys start buying them, just hoping that whipping themselves in the head and other body parts will bring them the most beautiful girl in school.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe you could have been convinced to whip yourself and actually cut your face and leave scars?

I mean if everyone is doing it, even if it’s a little painful, it must be the right thing to do.

Doesn’t that seem right and natural?

Maybe it just shows that you’re a REAL man or woman. Someone tough enough to deserve the best looking sexual partner. And so you whip yourself even harder than the others to get the ultimate prize.

You even show off your whip marks on all of the different parts of your body. Kind of reminds me of ugly tattoos.

Don’t laugh, there are cultures where people mutilate their faces and scars on the face are considered a good thing and appealing to the opposite sex.

What if from early childhood you saw your mother, father, grand parents, cousins and friends whipping themselves on the head and other body parts from time to time and then smiling?

What if you had whipping breaks at work?

What if whipping yourself on the face was something you saw done every day by the teacher in school and you saw it daily on different television shows?

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, that whipping yourself on various body parts was the cool, wholesome and healthy thing to do?

* End of Part 1 *

This is getting long…

Therefore, I’ll finish the rest of the “Juan Valdez and Mind Control” story and it’s subtle yet devastating implications in part 2 tomorrow. You may be shocked to see how this is used against you, your family and friends.

It goes WAY beyond foods, drinks and drugs they’re trying to sell you as healthy and normal. They use this hidden peer pressure brainwashing to control society and gain power on every conceivable level.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Energy and Freedom,

Roger Haeske The 43-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. Some people ridicule me (try to use peer pressure) for my weird spellings. Some English professor types even unsubscribe because they can’t stand my spelling or grammar for that matter.

Let’s just say I do have a spell check but maybe there are reasons they don’t know of as to why I spell the way I do. 🙂

Now don’t you dern forgit to check out this phree Instant Energy Exercise…


I can assure you that you’ll be in the “IN” crowd when you do it. And it tastes a lot better than coffee. 😉


Juan Valdez and Mind Control (Part 1) — 7 Comments

  1. 55 years ago, when I became a vegetarian, I read a health prophet who claimed coffee being very bad. I believed him, but now I read everywhere that it is great for the health. I wish you had given more proof of how bad it is.
    You write over and over again how bad it is, but I cannot see any real proof. I am still against coffee, and would be very happy to have this proof!

  2. I agree with you on how coffee has been promoted. But you did not say much as to how it is bad for the body. No medical studies quoted.

  3. Birgit and Rikki,

    It’s hard to believe we even need studies to understand how bad coffee is. Any long term raw foodist could tell you this just by smelling coffee. It’s just so unnatural.

    But in the next email I’ll reveal just how bad it is and from at least 5 different sources.

    Only have so much space as the emails have already been running long.

    Actually, I’ll make another comment with just some stuff a friend of mine sent me. Don’t worry I have way more than that coming.


  4. This is a slightly edited email I received from my friend on the topic to keep personal things, personal.

    Coffee is so intrinsic to our culture, “coffee breaks” “Let’s meet for coffee!” etc. I can understand your critic who feels the carpet is being pulled out from under him. The most ironic thing is that K’s husband H. sells coffee on the commodities exchange and makes lots of money. Coffee prices have soared.

    I gave a dvd about the dangers of caffeine to a friend and longtime colleague at the (blank) who’s suffering from osteoporosis, and his wife is not doing much better. They constantly drink black coffee. He has lost considerable height and can no longer perform certain roles he did well for years. When I was alone at my locker, he approached me in anger and demanded that I butt out of his business. He gave me back the DVD, and told me there was literature substantiating the benefits of coffee (research paid for by the industry, no doubt), and that coffee wasn’t all evil as the DVD purported. His look was so intense that it took my breath away. I had no time to tell him, “But what about the results you have from it?”

    Although we have green tea and the roasted black tea, coffee is always roasted and is black because it is burned. It contains the deadly plastic acrylamide as do all burned food surfaces such as chips, pretzels, pizzas, cookies, etc. Have you seen acrylamide.com ?

    The caffeine forces the adrenal glands to raise the blood pressure, and after two hours the victim crashes. It’s also so acid forming that it leaches bone mass so that the blood can remain alkaline in our defense. It also causes bags to form under the eyes because it is so rough on the adrenal glands. I have a wonderful article about all this in Italian, but at the moment, no time to translate it. Nevertheless, I’m thrilled you’re taking this initiative, but if there’s consternation, it’s because you’re shaking the very pillars of commonly held beliefs and widely almost universally held cultural practices. Coffee came from South America and was generally unknown in Europe until Bach’s time in the early 18th Century. Bach wrote his Kaffe Cantata to warn against the dangers of coffee houses that were opening in German cities.

    Must get back to today’s immediate demands.

    I’m writing this to applaud your great work to uplift humanity. And Happy Birthday!

  5. Roger,
    Thanks so much for raising this important topic. I’m glad you have the courage to post these articles and deal with the inevitable critics.
    My own personal experience after being a coffee drinker in my youth is that I now consider caffeine to be a type of poison, and I avoid it at all costs.

  6. yeabuddy,it’s the stupid-partner of Kool nicotine-injection-system.in a few generation it simply WILL not be believed in retrospect

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