News and John Thinks I’m Puritanical

I got a few comments on my last email “Juan Valdez and Mind Control (Part 1)” that I wanted to share with you.

You can read that email on my blog if you missed it:

I’ll be sending part 2 to you later today.

But first I have some issues that I believe are extremely important for you to understand if you haven’t yet experienced the blessings of radiant health.

Here’s the first comment left by someone who unsubscribed from my list due to the Juan Valdez and Mind Control email.

Comments: I think you’ve gone over the top in your rant against coffee. i dont drink it myself, but i do not believe it is as awful for humans as the drama you portray.

Wow, I find it hard to believe a non-coffee drinker would unsubscribe because he was offended about my take on coffee.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t able to include everything in the first email. Part 2 is going to go in-depth on the many surprising dangers of coffee drinking and it’s going to come from at least 5 different sources.

But this just goes to show you how brainwashed people actually are. They have no idea how toxic coffee is. I’d rate it at least as bad for your health if not worse than smoking cigarettes.

Next I have a question / statement about me that came in via email from John.

Roger, have you ever examined how Puritanical you are?

I find this question really funny and also quite revealing about the person who wrote it. Again it shows a HUGE misunderstanding about everything that I’m about.

And it shows the absolute lack of understanding by John and others like him about how incredibly blessed I feel to be able to enjoy the life I now have. And a BIG part of that enjoyment is due to my incredible health.

As for Puritanical. Well I was taught a certain stereotype about Puritans when I went to school. I have no idea if it’s actually true or not so let’s just deal with my interpretation of the stereotype.

To me, Puritanical means someone is denying themselves pleasure in their lives. Restricting themselves for religious reasons and hoping that they’ll find their joy in Heaven after death of the physical body.

But I’m not about that at all.

My goal in life is to have the most amazing, wonderful and pleasurable life possible.

Does a non coffee drinker feel like she’s missing out because she never drinks coffee?

Does a non-smoker feel Puritanical because she doesn’t smoke?

I doubt they really care or think about it. They have no desire to drink coffee or smoke. So does that make them Puritanical?

Does a rabbit feel like he’s missing out because he only eats grass?

Would that rabbit have a better life if he occasionally had some ice cream? Maybe he should have a beer every now and then to loosen himself up and party a little?

You know, I think Mr. Rabbit should eat some chocolate Easter eggs to. He’d love them and it would really round out his experience as a rabbit.

Doesn’t this seem absolutely ridiculous? Yet most people feel that having some ice cream every now and then isn’t hurting them. And having a cup of coffee once per day isn’t the worse thing in the world.

And eating pastry only as a treat on Sunday’s is not going to do anything to their health. If anything they’ll be happier people because they’ve pleased their taste buds.

But there’s something very important I’ve learned in life. Oftentimes pleasing yourself in the short term takes away your overall happiness in the long term AND in the moment.

Sure I used to ADORE Breyer’s Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream and I ate it to excess in my college days. I ate a lot of very unhealthy things to excess in my earlier days.

But these days if I ate that ice cream even just once a week, it would absolutely ruin my natural high that day. I know I’d be feeling miserable as an after effect of all of the poisons in the ice cream.

And it would take a day or two to clean out my body from eating that stuff that some people have the audacity to call food.

If I kept on eating it just once a week it would start to clog my lungs again and it would screw up my athletic performance and the ability to experience the JOY of effortless deep breathing that I now enjoy as a result of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet.

These days I just think ice cream is crap and don’t want it, not one bit.

And why should I eat a cooked food that makes me feel miserable when I have loads of raw foods that I love the flavor of?

Karmyn makes the most amazing sorbets that are better than any ice cream I ever had. You can get those sorbet recipes by the way as a bonus  with Savory Veggie Stews.

I’m not denying myself pleasure by being as healthy and happy as I can be.

On the contrary, I’m expanding my pleasure and joy of life exponentially.

To me, in comparison, the people who don’t exercise and who don’t take care of their health and who go out to all of these fancy cooked food restaurants are living Puritanical lives. They’re not getting half the enjoyment out of life that I do.

But they don’t even know that they’re missing out because they have no idea what true health really feels like. I feel so sorry for the majority of people suffering out there and unknowingly poisoning and uglifying themselves in the name of society and culture.

Heck, I’m excited and absolutely thrilled to be alive just about all of the time. My health and energy levels are incredible. I LOVE what I do for a living.

There are very few people on the planet as privileged as I am. You could offer me a billion dollars if I’d just switch to cooked food but I’d never do it.

Not only because it would make me unhealthy but because it would take away my greatest joys in life. Money is nothing without radiant health and happiness.

I’m constantly learning something new. I have lots of phree time to exercise and get out in nature. I’m at least 20 years younger biologically than the people who are still eating cooked food, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and are my age.

Who’s the Puritanical one?

I love my life and never feel restricted by my health choices. It’s all pleasure for me and I wish more people could see that. But they don’t understand how liberating real health and vitality actually is.

My taste buds are extremely happy.  And my body, mind and emotions are literally overflowing with JOY.

If that makes me Puritanical then maybe that’s a good thing.

Plus the food I eat just tastes amazing — to see why. I get to eat my favorite foods day in and day out.

There’s just no comparison of my life to my cooked food eating days.

Heck, I went 100% raw because I had depression for 6.5 years. Just beating the depression is worth it, but it’s really so much more than that.

If people could feel how I feel, they’d go 100% raw cold turkey and never look back.

In any case, I’m not trying to pick on you John, there are many other people who think the same thing and believe I’m using super strong willpower to force myself to live my life in a healthy and peak living manner.

But in truth, my secrit is JOY of LIVING.

The healthier you become, the greater JOY you can experience and the more things you can do with your heavenly temple for the Soul, the human body.

And just so you wouldn’t think all of the feedback I got was negative. Below is an email on a more positive note.

A very good article on how people are being brainwashed to pay high prices to poison their bodies and think they are cool doing so.

Good to see someone counteracting that brainwashing.

Thanx again.


Thanks for sharing your opinion with me Buster and I’m very glad to be of service in this regard. It’s my life mission and that’s why I have such a high level of passion.

And finally there was a nice person Liza commenting on my spelling in the last email.

*pfree, not “phree.” otherwise, all good.

I had to change the spelling of her correction by putting a p in front of it.

Truth is, I know how to spell that word correctly (phree) and probably have since I was 6 or 7 years old, but if I use it and many other words in a mass broadcast email the email might not get delivered to a big portion of my list.

Phree and some other words I misspell can trigger some of the various splam (sp) filters and get my email sent to the bulk or splam folder.

I could just change words but that annoys me that I have to do that. Therefore I just change the spelling and have fun with it.

That doesn’t sound very Puritanical to me. Someone misspelling on purpose.

Again, I could be way off on what it means to be a Puritan. I’m just going by the stereotype that I’ve been taught.

And this brings up a final very important point.

When you label someone as a Puritan this is also a tool of control of the masses. It’s easy just to create a label and ridicule people by calling them by that label.

This has happened recently with the so called “Birthers” which the mainstream media has made into a derogatory term.

These are people who have legitimate questions about whether or not President Obama is actually a natural born American citizen. And you know what, I also have questions about his right to be president considering his latest showing of his so called birth certificate has been proven to be a blatant forgery.

Just look up all of the videos on it on Youtube and after seeing the analysis by experts if you don’t also believe it to be a forgery.

Why should I be ridiculed and called a birther if I have legitimate questions and reasons for my beliefs? This coming up with derogatory labels is a powerful mind control trick used to keep the sheople in their place and keep them from speaking out.

If you don’t have the truth on your side, you can instead ridicule people into submission.

What’s happened to this once great nation of liberty?

We’re falling apart and turning into a lawless, bankrupt, police state run by criminals. And I’m not just talking about the Democrats because most Republicans are to blame for this mess as well.

Both parties are really just furthering the Globalist agenda.

Open your eyes folks. We are living in dark times here in the United States and something has got to give. The Constitution is being trampled on and so are our freedoms.

I hope this email has helped you in some way and please feel phree to forward it to your friends.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom,

Roger Haeske
The Youth Restorer

P.S. Some people ridicule me (try to use peer pressure) for my weird spellings in emails. Some English professor types even unsubscribe because they can’t stand my spelling or grammar for that matter.

Let’s just say I do have a spell check but maybe there are reasons they don’t know of as to why I spell the way I do. 🙂

Now don’t you dern forgit to check out this phree Instant Energy Exercise…

I can assure you that you’ll be in the “IN” crowd when you do it. And it tastes a lot better than coffee and without the negative side effects. 😉



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