The Low Self-Esteem Illusion… A Simple Cure

Do you have a hard time attracting women because you feel you have nothing to offer them?

Is your self-worth tied into how much money you earn or how pretty you look? 

Are you a worthless piece of trash if you don’t get on the honor role in high school or college?

Are you a bad person if you got fired or have a hard time keeping a job?

Are you an immoral person if you enjoy sex and have it with many men? Does that belief make you feel less worthy about yourself? Why does the word "whore" have a negative connotation? Why is it OK for men to have sex with lots of different women but not for women to do the same?

Do you feel bad about yourself because you’re addicted to drugs and can’t seem to break free? Do you feel like a worthless piece of crap?

Are you fat and lazy, and does this make you less worthy in the eyes of God and your higher self?

Are you a failure because you’ve been struggling to go on a 100% raw food diet for five or more years?

At what point do you just give up and say it’s not worth trying anymore? I’m no good and never will be any good. I’ll grab what little and hollow joy I can from life. Even if that means stuffing myself with chips and ice cream. At least that makes me feel good.
Had I had such discouraging beliefs about myself I doubt I would have ever made it to successfully being 100% raw.

I just new I hadn’t figured out the right way yet. I kept on reading new books and trying new ways. I never labeled myself as a loser because I knew better at this point in my life. I just figured that my mistakes where showing me all of the unsuccessful ways of going raw. If I kept on trying I’d eventually succeed.

Luckily I shortened the learning curve by getting a raw food mentor. You shouldn’t recreate the wheel when someone’s already done it for you.

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(Story Continues)

Failure Equals Success:

Imagine if Thomas Edison had given up his experiment for creating the light bulb after 50 tries. What if he started calling himself a loser and started feeling horribly about himself. He had to fail 10,000 times before he discovered the secret of the incandescent light bulb.

One of the marks of a truly successful person is one who knows that to get better you have to fail. How could you ever learn a language for instance without making thousands of mistakes. You have to be willing to make all sorts of mistakes to learn a new language.

This Realization Changed Everything For Me:

I remember many years ago a realization I had. For years I was always trying to justify my happiness and self-esteem. There always seemed to be something I had to do in order to be happy or to be a worthwhile person.

But then it hit me, the idea just came to me. I completely worthy in every moment. It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do, for I’m a Divine being and that is enough.

What a relief that discovery was. And it wasn’t just a mental realization, there was something more than that to it. I could see the reality of it on a spiritual level.

So many of us have loads of negative conditioning from our parents, society and even religion. There’s always someone outside of ourselves trying to set the standards of what is right and wrong.

Why not set our own standards? Why not follow your heart instead?

Don’t judge yourself, love yourself.

You are not your past, you are a Divine Soul, a perfect atom in the body of God.

If you want high self-esteem all you have to do is to love yourself. And when you can love yourself at all times, only then will you be able to love others.

This ability to see the Divine in yourself and others will open up the mighty floodgates of unlimited potential and happiness energy to flow through you. Once you have this energy others will feel it and be attracted to it.

At this point you’ll have switched from self-esteem to God-Esteem. God esteem is living in the presence or consciousness of God. You live in the presence of inspiration, incredible power and love.

No longer do you judge yourself as lower or higher than anyone else. For you see reality and you see that you are actually living in the kingdom of heaven already.

God is not vengeful. God is not full of anger.
God is full of love and compassion.

Do you think God could have created something that was imperfect? You are perfect already, all you have to do is realize it, realize who and what you really are and then you can’t be cut off from this high sense of self-esteem I call God-Esteem.

Now let’s quickly examine the concept of self-esteem and how you actually create it.

Keep this principle in mind. There is no past and no future, in reality all that exists is the present moment.

The reason why most people have low self-esteem is because they base their self-worth around past events and beliefs created about themselves revolving around those past events.

For instance: Maybe all you do is look at yourself as having always been the last person picked for a team in gym class and you tell yourself you hate exercise and sports. You tell yourself you are no good at it because of some past event.

For me it was just the opposite, I was really good in sports and was usually picked near the top for anything sports related. Maybe because of this I believed myself to be good in sports and that also might have driven me to enjoy sports.

There were however plenty of areas in which I had very low self-esteem. And as long as I had that belief that I wasn’t worthy of something, then I was never able to succeed in that area of my life.

You go as far in life as your beliefs allow you. And self-esteem is nothing more than a belief which can be changed at any moment.

What is happening when you feel bad about yourself? What you are doing is viewing a memory and recreating the reality of the memory in the present moment. You’re taking the past in recreating it needlessly in the present.

There’s a much better way. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made, no matter how low you’ve gone in life, no matter how "evil" you’ve been, you are a perfect being with infinite potential and love.

Why? Because God only cares about the present moment. That means all sins (if there are any) are forgiven and forgotten instantly from the spiritual realms. God didn’t create any imperfections.

Do you really believe that God doesn’t love you completely and fully? Is God really the angry and vengeful God or is God full of unconditional love?

You see it’s your beliefs about what is right and wrong and about God that gave you low self-esteem in the first place. These false beliefs or belief traps have created your artificially low sense of self. And you can only achieve in life what you believe is possible.

Your potential is 100% controlled by your beliefs. But if the whole foundation or structure of your beliefs are false, then maybe there is a much greater you waiting to be uncovered. Someone you never thought was there. Someone who wasn’t afraid to go after big goals and dream big dreams.

Please stop feeling guilty. Stop recreating the past by looking at memories and then feeling bad about them.

Instead: Focus on what you want

Start looking at what you want in life. Focus on what you want and then ask God, how you can get it. Ask and you shall receive. It’s not just a biblical saying, it really works and is the basis of what I call Magic Questions.

Therefore, the quick solution to low self-esteem is to live in the presence of Unconditional Love or God. Live in God and then you don’t even have to worry about self-esteem. Because you’ll automatically be filled with love and potential.

This love will allow you to achieve new highs and a wonderful life. You are a creation of pure love.

The Incredible Power of Giving:

One way to experience this love when you are feeling down is to simply find a way to give of yourself. Find people to give presents to. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t Christmas or a birthday.

Give a present or do something nice for someone. Your sense of spiritual worth will expand and increase infinitely the more you are able to give of yourself.

You can even just say a nice thing or pick a flower and give it to someone. You can send someone love or smile at everyone you see. Or you can give money. There’s nothing like giving unconditionally to make you feel good about yourself.

The point is to ramp up your energy to a higher level a God level. And you do so by acting out of love. This increases the flow of energy through you and you’ll open up to brand new possibilities.

You have infinite potential. You are great. Don’t listen to what anyone else has said about you that was negative. You are powerful, you are an unlimited and Divine creation.

Focus on what you want, not on the past. Unless something in the past is what you want and you want to recreate it in some fashion.

I hope this gives you some ideas and some hope. We all feel down sometimes, the key is to remember who and what we really are and to live within our Divine sense of self. Once you do that you have no fears because love overpowers everything.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske



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  1. Beautiful Roger! Your posts are getting better all the time(not that they were ever bad of course). This one and a few other recent ones have been so uplifting and so right on the money. Speaking of giving…this is a great gift from you Roger… and there was nothing to buy at the end, just hope and happiness and love. Thanks Roger… keep it up!… and while I’m at it, not sure who to contact about this but my Super Special Magic Newsletter I purchased last year is stuck on a computer that may or may not be fried but I am unable to access anything on it… just wondering if I could get another link to that. Bill C. on the Beautiful Oregon Coast

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  3. Blessings from the almighty Lord.

    I truly thank you for that brief written about self esteem, it really encourage me to go on and don`t loose my self vision in God.

    Since you`ve been a person who struggled to get a high self esteem and because of the many of testimonies and advices you always are given through your e-mails. I want to ask you if you can send me the simplest and healtiest way to eat. I`ve tried everything to accomplish my goal, even I know I have conquer part of it, there`s still a huge space I sometimes see I can never get throught. I`ve been having eating disorders, for so long that even I push myself to get better my mind does not follow my desires. Any advice I will truly be grafetul.

  4. wow!!! thanks so much for your article. Lately, I haven’t been intimate with friends or family and feel lonely; plus, I’ve been beating myself up for not eating consciously, living consciously. your article was definitely an inspiration and lined up with a lot of my personal beliefs about spirituality. ~may you be happy, may you live in safety, may you have peace always

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