Stop Doing This… To Skyrocket Muscle & Fitness Gains

If you’ve been exercising a lot of different body parts every single day… then you’ve got to STOP and try this instead.

To get stronger faster with bodyweight exercises you should focus on specific body parts or specific exercise categories daily.

This allows for much greater focus and growth on a specific area. And for greater recovery time.

Ever since I’ve started doing this I effortlessly put on 2 pounds or more of muscle. In other words I haven’t worked out any harder than in the past yet I’m putting on more muscle rapidly.

For instance yesterday I focused mainly on my abdominals and core.

But I still did one set of my push-up blaster routine which focuses more on my upper body (though it also works the ab and core). Which took me precisely 2 minutes and 45 seconds to do.

But the main focus of the day was on my abs. I did 6 different kinds of ab exercises from my upcoming Gorilla Abs program. But in truth I focused on just doing 2 exercises as mini-workouts whenever I had a spare moment throughout the day.

And I made sure to note how many of each exercise I did in my workout journal. This is crucial so you can shoot for better results as you get stronger.

Each of the sets of exercises took me less than 30 seconds to do. All told I did 11 sets combined of these two exercises.

I also did one Mini-Workout for about 90 seconds focusing on my legs with the Lightning Speed Exercise.

The whole routine spread throughout the day took me less than 13 minutes to do.

Today I’ll be focusing mostly on chin-ups and pull-ups. And I’ll be using my Muscle Blaster X protocol as taught in the Push-up Blaster in order to make the most rapid progress possible.

But I’ll still do some other exercises as well.

Do you have a spare 13-minutes per day?

If so you can fit in a fantastic workout in that time. But if you haven’t exercised in a while I’d just shoot for doing a 1-minute workout and writing it down in an exercise journal.

The next day try to extend it to 90-seconds or doing two or three sets of exercises. Before you know it you’ll be doing your own 13 minute workouts or longer and loving the positive changes in your body.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager

BTW – All of the exercises in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program can be done in mini exercise breaks. Time to give up those life draining coffee breaks and start taking life-energizing exercise breaks. They’ll give you extra energy and not rob you of vital nerve-force reserves like coffee does.

Check out the speedy Lightning Speed Fitness Program today.

P.S. What is the fastest way to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row? All in less than 7 minutes a day.


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