Introducing The Angel Who Changed My Life 4-Days Ago

I’ve been keeping a BIG secret for a long time now. I wanted to keep this under the radar as much as possible.

But my and our joy is so great I just had to share it with you.

Four days ago my loving partner Karmyn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Today she is 4-days old.

I’ve always wanted a girl… but this one is special (don’t all fathers say that?) as you’ll see in all of the synchronicities and events associated with her birth.

I’ll probably share more about that in the coming days.

And as you’ll learn in the video… the number 4 has been coming up synchronously over and over again this year and especially the last two days since bringing her home from the hospital.

You may even remember that I sent emails out in April about synchronicities we were having with the number 4. For instance our son Andrew turned 4 years old this year and I turned 44 in June.

And it turns out this video was 4:22 seconds in length when we shot it (came out to 4:23 on Youtube) and that this is actually my 44th Youtube video.

Trust me, I did not plan that. It’s also the first video I’ve uploaded since my 44th birthday.

With her coming the synchronicities have kicked into major overdrive.

Even with what I discuss in the video it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of amazing synchronicities.

Please enjoy the video and you’ll learn our baby’s name and why we named her that way.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the newest member of the Haeske family. We are extremely excited. Her energy is incredible and the house has been transformed to one of pure LOVE and JOY.


Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager



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    Pam 🙂

  2. I’m a new reader on your website – I too would like to add my congratulations – thank you for sharing your happiness! Sue

  3. Roger and family:
    Congratulations! Children are a gift from God. I pray you will bring them up in the nurture and knowledge of their Creator. Perhaps this is the year that you should read thru the FOUR GOSPELS for His wisdom. God bless you all.
    Dr. Jim

  4. Rainbow already has her Daddy wrapped around one tiny finger. Your wife is beautiful, too. Your little boy is adorable. Lovely family. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations to you all what a Beautiful baby and a Beautiful Andrew. Andrew is so Awesome, send him my love and let him know that he is very special.

    Speaking of the number 4…here is my birthday 4-28-44

    Love to u all and many many blessings of love, joy and abundance and heavenly protection and great health 4u all,


  6. PRECIOUS! You are beautiful family. Congratulations on your new little girl. She’s beautiful. And your son is an angel with her! What a blessing. I wish you all the very best!!!!

  7. Congrats!!!

    You all are so warm with Love … so beautiful!!!

    May God keep you all and this little Rainbow-Love in His Graceful Love and Care.

    Wishing you more blessings,

    Raising my glass to The Grace Of God …

  8. Carmen, you done good!!!
    Even through a rough pregnancy and delivery, you made it and are on the other side now! You amazing wonderful woman you. And now you have your beautiful daughter with your beautiful son and husband. Roger, treat your wife like the Princess she is. And, it’s so true, the 4 Gospels and Acts will complete your lives unbelievably. Then you’ll really have the true Super Being living within you.

    God Bless You!

  9. Congratulations Karmyn, Roger and Andrew.
    I understand your joy. Many blessings to you all. Your readers are your family.


  10. Wow just precious! Thoroughly enjoyed that thanks. Your whole family looks so healthy, it’s great! Many blessings to you all x

  11. Roger (and Karmyn),

    Congratulations to both of you (and I haven’t seen a picture of Andrew for a while; he is growing up nicely, too!). A little girl will change your life for the better.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more about her in the days to come.


  12. Congratulations on the birth of your lovely daughter
    Rainbow! You have been blessed with such a wonderful

    I share your joy!

    I would very much appreciate your sharing pictures
    and info about Rainbow and Andrew.

    May the Blessings Be!


  13. Tauy,

    Want to know 2 absolutely amazing things related to the number 4?

    1. Shortly after getting home from the picking up Karmyn and Rainbow from the hospital I got an email from you. In that email you mentioned how you liked number 4 and it was in reference to an email I sent in April which spoke about the number 4 synchronicities happening in our lives already at that time.

    To have you reply to that email several months later and on the night we brought home Rainbow was absolutely incredible.

    At the time you did not know that Karmyn just had a baby or the significance of the number 4 associated with Rainbow.

    I had not yet emailed my list about the birth of our daughter.

    Your email to me about the number 4 was the last major synchronicity of the day. And there were many more synchronicities that day that I’ve not yet publicly mentioned.

    Many of those synchronicities were associated with the number 4.

    2. While approving your blog comment in my WordPress Control Panel I could not believe what I saw. You made this comment at 4:44 am.

    In fact, anyone can look at your comment and see the 4:44 am time stamp.

    That just blows my mind.

    And I still can’t get over that this video with Rainbow and the family is currently my 44th video ever posted on Youtube.

    If you check the video before I add another one you’ll see it’s the 44th.

    Here’s the link to it:

    Not only does that reinforce the synchronicity with the number 4, it’s also the first video I’ve posted to Youtube since turning 44 in June.

    I didn’t even know I had so many videos on Youtube. I can tell you I had no plan at all for this to be my 44th video.

    It just happened.



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