Our 9/11 Survey Results

9/11 World Trade Center Exploding

On Sunday 9/11/2011 I ran a survey of my raw food based email lists. In this blog post I’m sharing the results with you.

I wanted to know their opinions on what they believe happened on 9/11/2001. I came up with three multiple choice answers for them to choose from.

2nd Plane About To Hit World Trade Center

Here is the question and the 3 possible responses.

1. What is your opinion on what happened on 9/11/2001 in terms of the attacks on the United States in New York City and Washington?

  • I believe the US Government official story as described in the major television networks, newspapers and the 9/11 Commission. Basically that Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda organized a group of radical Muslim men to hijack commercial airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon etc.
  • I believe that the government’s version of the story doesn’t make complete sense. In short, at this point, I’m not sure what or whom to believe.
  • I believe 9/11 was a conspiracy and an elaborate inside job carried out by people within the United States government.


I also had a comments section if they wanted to leave more details. Here’s a screenshot of the survey results.

Our 9/11 Survey Results with Survey Monkey

Surprisingly almost 80% of my email list did not believe the official government story. And the majority of the respondents 44.4% believed that 9/11 was an inside job and conspiracy perpetrated by people within our own government.

It’s important to know what your peers believe.

A Must See 9/11 Video

I’ve found this video below to be done in a rational and scientific manner. I find it credible and an absolute MUST see.

It’s the opinion of more than 1,500 architects and engineers on why they believe World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed on 9/11.

What I also love about this video is it has NO POLITICAL BIAS. It doesn’t try to lay blame on Republicans or Democrats.

You can see the full survey results including the 160 detailed comments where people filled in their opinions besides answering the actual question.


I think you’ll find reading over the comments quite interesting.

Please let me know what you think about the survey and the video in the comments section of this post.

To the Truth,

Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager

911 - World Trade Center Collapes Into Dust



Our 9/11 Survey Results — 40 Comments

  1. congratulations on trying to get the word out. how anyone could still believe the “official” version of the genocide on 9/11 is beyond belief.

  2. 911 truthers are talking about building 7? I never heard anything about building 7. I thought you were taking about the big towers. Do you think there’s a problem with the explanation of the big tower collapse?

    One thing I heard about the main towers is that the beams were to be covered with asbestos and mineral wool to allow them to survive 4 hours in a fire, but New York banned asbestos when the towers were half finished.

    You said this video isn’t democratic or republican, but I think this would implicitely blame the republicans, since they were in power. I think Ed Asner and Mike Gravel are big lefties.

  3. The fact that 80% of extreeme vegetarians don’t believe the real time evidence of the bombings speaks worlds about the type of people completing the survey. They are all very suseptible to the American Disease of Conspiracy Theories. To believe that the American Government control the media so completely that they could orchestate such a con trick beggers belief. Get real people.

  4. Hi ,thanks for the email re. 911 i am glad that I could participate and the result was close to what I expected and Im elated to know tyhat people are waking up from that old fashioned trust ing in king and country rubbish where they would send their children to be slaughtered for monetary gain for the elite rulers , my prayer is for world peace and it cannot happen untill the fraudulent activities of the mega rich are exposed and those who are responsible for the attrocities (bush administration world bankers, bilderburger group, rothschilds ,etc.) are held accountable, its interesting to see that the tenth aniversary of the disaster is more like a celebration instead of it being further investigated by anyone other than the media ,I have personally studied the incident in detail and believe that there is more than a substantial amount of evidence to convict george bush number one of genocide and a large number of other crimes against humanity as well as all those who assisted him with the perpertration of those crimes , I think that you should at least try to publish your findings and get this message out that people are not stupid and can see through the lies and deceptions.

  5. When will people like Chuck realize that perhaps Eisenhower or Kennedy was the last president that was actually the executive and ran a country. Eisenhower warned us. I don’t think Bush did it per se. I think Bush was told what was going to happen and if he wanted to live that’s the game played. Knock yourself out electing Republican or Democratic or others offering to save you or this country. International Bankers along with a secret cabal are the ones that really run the world. It might be recent or it might be from the last collapse. We are in trouble.

  6. John Lane,

    Did you watch the video I put up on this page?

    Why do you think World Trade Building 7 collapsed on 9/11/2001 even though it wasn’t hit by a plane? It had fires on only a few floors. And those fires were put out before the building actually collapsed.

    Even though no steel framed building in the history of the world prior to 9/11 ever collapsed due to a fire.

    Are over 1,500 architects and engineers of the same mindset as us supposedly extreme vegans.

    Why on 9/11 were we told in advance that they were going to bring down WT Building # 7? I remember watching it and then seeing it come down as if it was intentionally demolished.

    The official government story is that WT7 came down to due to fires. This contradicts what they said. Even Larry Silverstein claimed on TV that they had to have the building pulled. Something very fishy here.

    There’s plenty of credible evidence that Building 7 was demolished and this needs months of preparation. You’ll see the detailed evidence on the video. Evidence of which no one has been able to debunk.

    That means that the collapse of building 7 was planned long in advance.


  7. I didn’t see DETAILED information. I saw people giving opinions and a distant video of the building collapsing. I would like to see the bottom of the building and the fire(s) so I can see what happened. Also, I’d like to see a closer or blown-up video and maybe slower motion. Also start a bit before the collapse started. Maybe also have some expert point out things during the collapse.

    Again, do you 911ers have a problem with the explanation of the big towers collapsing? The times I heard 911ers I don’t remember them saying building 7 – I thought they were talking about the main towers.

  8. Chuck S,

    The reason for focusing on WT7 is because it is the most obvious deception.

    If it was intentionally detonated then we know this event was planned long in advance.

    There’s plenty of other evidence for the main towers as well.

    It’s just this is powerful evidence of government and media lying in terms of what happened to World Trade Building # 7 on 9/11.

    And this is the opinion of over 1,500 architects and engineers.

    I have a friend who was involved with doing a lot of building demolitions. And she told me that on 9/11 she immediately recognized the buildings were imploded.

    Did you know that one of the World Trade Center Towers collapsed faster than gravity? That’s only possible with a controlled demolition.

  9. the more raw food a person eats
    the more clearly he/she can think
    the more he understands the reality of conspiracies
    (think AMA/FDA suppression of true cures)
    and the less inclined he/she is to “follow the herd”.

  10. Dear Roger. do you see that you ask the question with the is it normal as longest. What we ask we get! You ask the question where you described the official version as truth as longest and most complicatest. So people will rather vote for another question. This is simple. Ask simple question you get simple answers. This you call latent antisemitic or strucural antisemitism, this means. We make some evil group of people the evil goverment the evil jews or whatever. And than we can chase them. This is way latent antisemitsm can be against any one. I suggest you use EASY SIMPLE language. Make simple Questi0ons.

    The second thing. This media formats are made to ENTERTAIN people!!! So it is probably for entertaining. Its like a hollywood movie various scenes are cut together. Do you wanna proof a lie with a lie. A BIAS with a bias. Debunk a myth with a other MYTH. Better follow your heart than going deep into this conspirationtheories and this latent antisemitism. Stop latent antisemitism and this nealry fdascist theories. Ask simple easy qeustion easy understandable. In good proper english and then get good realistic fair answers.

    This is just all very bias. Now you found the WITCH now burn them down. Burn all the woman with red ginger hair. Chase the jews. Do you know that the real withes in new england had eating grains, with a LSD infected mushroom.LSD was discovered by Albert Hoffman.
    So the crop was the withc not any human. Stop hunting the witch. follow you heart look for real deep truth.

    Collect the details! Then make a hypothesis. Sumerize the details and write a good clear paper on this. That people can see your way on thoughts and your resources. If you have real contacts interview them anonymously or with names. Its just make it proper. Make it real! Keep it real! At the moment you answer to a media lie with a media lie! The media lies always cause it the way it is only possible to make news. What is usually happening in hours and days has only time in a minute in a showw in TV. So the best look for real people, real material. all let the withc run. She will be a good people All people have something good. believe in the good and light and love and healing of all people instead of hunting the witches and the ghosts and the jews throught the town or thorugh your reich. or thrpouch your fantasiy world.

  11. nils,

    The reason for the longer question is simple. I had to make it that long to be clear what I was explaining. It wasn’t long for any other reason than that.

    And to make the poll a little more accurate. I had the questions show up randomly.

    That means person A might have seen question 3 first. But person B might have seen question 2 first. And person 3 might have seen the first question listed first.

    If I was intentionally trying to bias the questions, I wouldn’t have randomized the order of the questions.

    The longer question could have just as easily made it seem like it was the correct or the preferred answer.

    I’m not a polling expert, nor do I claim this is a scientific poll.

    I think the people on my list are smart enough to be able to read what I said and say where they stand without being fooled.

    Heck I’d suspect you just need a 6th grade education to easily understand the very simple questions.

    Pretty simple stuff.

    Now where do you get all of this anti-Semitic nonsense?

    I never mentioned anything at all about Jews in the post or anywhere in the blog comments. And just so you know, I was born Jewish.

    I certainly don’t have anything against Jews or any other religious group for that matter.


  12. Before 9/11, everyone thought, the war war somewhere out there. Withthe advent of the 21st certury, war tactics have changed. 9/11 was an example of what modern warfare looks like. One can be attacked in ones own country with one’s own planes.

    George Bush did a great job. He did not want to be a war time president, but that is the hand he was dealt. What he really did was, take the war elsewhere,off of domestic soil. So the American citizens could feel safe.

  13. thanks. you get what you ask for.
    latent anti semitic 9/11 …u can google them..it will be confusing and sad

    for me ure questions re complicated and strange english.

  14. Have you had your eyes closed or what there is scientific proof of the controlled demolition let aloan all of the other evidence of the globalists plans for a New world order.
    They are evil murderers
    Watch Alex Jones live/ or on youtube/or Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com For only evidence and proof!! from many of the most credible witnesses possible

  15. You are right but you forget that the “Globalist’s” “Bankers” are in total control of the government!
    All presidents/governments are simply puppits and scapegoats!

  16. Roger,
    Its all very sad that people believe the government orchestrated this. I was in NYC near the WTC that morning and lived through this. 1 person I know was killed in the plane, and multiple people from my area in NJ were killed in the WTC that day.
    I have also had the opportunity to travel to Pakistan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. The Muslims I meet brag about how their hero’s brought down the Twin Towers and they laugh that any reports where they blame the US government are mere propaganda. They are extremely proud that they struck America on its own soil.
    I’m an independent so I don’t take sides here.
    I signed onto you website for tips on eating healthy but now I can only see you as a narrow minded, poorly educated, ignorant patsy. Conspiracy theorists almost always have mental issues or lack enough basic intelligence to think through all the details and reach an educated informed decision.
    The same applies to people that believe in god, he is their imaginary friend, despite a total lack of evidence they still buy into the fairytale. For people like you, conspiracy theories become your religion.
    You should stick to what you know well and that’s eating healthy. Be a better person than that, don’t be fooled by people that can’t think for themselves. Please also don’t believe that all engineers, architects and chemists etc are all very well educated or mentally competent to do anything other than what they are trained to do on a daily basis. Do not confuse real intelligence with pseudo intellect. Self proclaimed experts have no true value or credibility.

  17. Ty,

    Why is it that the people who support the government story never argue any facts of merit?

    Instead your silly arguments are that “Conspiracy theorists almost always have mental issues or lack enough basic intelligence to think through all the details and reach an educated informed decision.”

    How did you make such a general conclusion about a massive group of people?

    You also say I’m a “narrow minded, poorly educated, ignorant patsy.”

    Please stick to some facts that have some value or meaning in your argument.

    I’ve presented facts, you’ve simply gone into name calling. That’s all the people who believe in the government story can do because the facts add up to one thing.

    9/11 was an inside job.

    Just because some Muslims in different parts of the world are happy this happened to us, does not mean that OBL and company actually pulled this off.

    In fact, some of the hijackers are known to be still alive today in their countries. There are literally hundreds of lies in the government story that anyone who’s actually seeking the truth can find.

    By the way this quote of yours just takes the cake.

    “Please also don’t believe that all engineers, architects and chemists etc are all very well educated or mentally competent to do anything other than what they are trained to do on a daily basis.”

    Did you actually watch the video? Did you see they had demolition experts?

    Do you think maybe architects and engineers might have a better understanding of buildings and what it takes to knock them down then average folks?

    My father is an extremely smart engineer as well. Is at the top of his field in terms of salary. And has training in multiple areas of engineering. He also believes 9/11 was an inside job.

    To not understand that the people no longer control their own governments is to be living with your head in the sand.

    To not understand for instance that our government is now “intentionally destroying the dollar” and the economy is to be asleep at the wheel.

    The major events in the world are not accidental.

    If you think we’re so ignorant all you have to do is read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

    That book has a load of references and is very well thought out. It’s a completely rational and logical piece detailing the mechanisms of controlling the major governments of the world by the people who call themselves globalists and who are doing their best to usher in a New World Order. These are the same people who control the major media outlets in the United States.

    For a number of years I also believed the official government story. I was duped like many other people.

    Then one day I finally decided to take a look at the other side.

    Maybe for those first five years or so I was a smart, rational and logical person. But overnight overnight I became a narrow minded, poorly educated, ignorant patsy?

    I’m just glad to see so many on my email lists are awake to what is going on.


  18. Knowledge = Power…Do your research people… We people are so judgmental. 911 was an inside job!!! Evil work..ruined the love and compassion we had with other people. It is getting worse…A lot of people don’t know the real truth because they don’t take the time to research. And they judge others. Brainwashed by media..Biggest mistake of people 1-not enough knowledge 2- Being judgmental… The sad part is most of the muslims still think it was being done muslims because they don’t research also. Everything was planned and it was a success for evils. Great job…Good people will win at the end…(afterlife)…

  19. Thanks for many of your wonderful insights. I have great sympathy for all who have such catastrophic losses. I’ve never been to NYC. but I have to wonder if the buildings were not taken down would there have been significantly more collateral damage from a domino effect? Who would like to admit to giving an order of this magnitude?

  20. Chef Mindy,

    The link works for me.

    BUT – I had to fiddle with my Internet Browser (Firefox) to make it work. Seems like it doesn’t trust the security certificate for this site.

    However, I can assure you it’s safe to visit.

    I think you’ll find it worthwhile to see the comments and various points of view. Including some resources people suggested checking out.

  21. Mindy,

    To see the survey results just go back to that page and then make sure to click “Show Replies” which is a small blue link under the text “Your Comments (Optional).”

    Then after that you can set it to show more than 10 replies at a time. You’ll see that option on the bottom right hand side of the last visible comment.

    You can set it to view up to 250 responses per page. That would mean being able to have all of the responses on one page.



  22. If you took a spade to the wtc and dug up some dirt from there and had it analysed the chances are that there would be still be traces of thermite which is what was found after the collapse but wasnt given any media coverage along with a mountain of other conclusive evidence which was never investigated and tested by the due processes of the law which is a crime on its own of which the bush admin should have had to answer to but this type of sinister corruption goes deeper that ground zero!.
    for those who dont know what thermite is just google “in plane sight” and you will see that it is a demolition explosive which melts steel instantaineously when detonated and was the technology used by the company who cleared the site of debri and guess who owned such a company a close relation to GWB and it just so happened that the steel girders happened to be reduced to the size which could fit on to low loders for easy removal ,now if those twin towers were the product of only planes hitting them and fire errupting ,id like to know who was in there with the oxy torch cutting all of the collums whithin the buildings just before it fell to the ground .
    And further more if that incident was a murder of a prominent govt official like GWB then the whole area around would have been cordened off and the area combed for any evidence leading to the identity of the killers ,and nothing would be removed untill all of the evidence requiresd had been collected ,but the wtc thing was more serious than that and I was personally astonished to see the area cleaned up so quickly after the fact and all evidence disposed of ,this reeks of foul play from the highest levels of govt and media theres no question in my mind as to who were the perpertrators and the ring leaders and dont be fooled that gwb wasnt in on it they practiced it for two yrs before it happened and remember gb senior is right in there with the banking cartels who orcestrate these events .
    You know conspiricy is a crime and im sure it is still a hanging offence and these high profile murderes are making a joke of it whichever way they can while they continue to conspire together against the good people of their countries who feed and keep them with their slave wages to do whatever it takes to promote and prosper their empire founded on lies ,deception murder and genocide ,wake up good people and do your due dilligence ,dont trust the media ,just examine the facts and keep pushing for a full investigation.
    at the end of the day in a court of law the people in the form of a jury decide the truth and the outcome and not the elected cronies who use and abuse their office and position of trust for personal financial gain and power.
    pray for world peace and cease to send your children off to war and sacrificing them to the god of war ,its all a game to them and they couldnt care less about you or your dismembered families they are heartless and cruel ,and all wars are designed to make lots of money for those who pedal armaments along with those who prosper from the plundered nations and people worldwide its like a rampant cancer out of control and can only stop if we choose to reject war and all forms of violence and agression in our lives ,war is the devils hobby horse and it thrives because we as aglobal comunity condone it ,execpt it and support it with our hard earned wages ,in fact I believe that all those who dont want to support war should demand for that portion of their taxes to be discounted and put to some good use ,if we stop fuelling the fire it will eventually go out.
    The greatest prophet who ever walked this earth said that we can have heaven on earth if we so choose it .
    choose peace and love in place of violence and warfare and watch the miricles begin.

  23. Roger, Thanks and God Bless you for standing up for the truth.Anyone with a open mind and who examines the facts
    can see that the government is covering up what really happened on 9/11.

  24. Chuck S.

    Unfortunately that article seems to focus on partial aspect of the thermite story.

    There are a number of researchers who actually found thermite in soil samples from 9/11. There’s a whole lot more to the thermite story.

    Plus how does one explain temperatures at Ground Zero a month later higher than jet fuel can burn. I remember constantly getting updates as to how hot it was in the news.

    And by the way, jet fuel supposedly can’t get hot enough to burn steel. So there must be some other force that brought the three WT buildings down on 9/11.

    And there’s just loads more evidence. I’m just bringing to a light a few things I remember from the many documentaries I’ve watched.


  25. So interesting reading all the comments people added to their survey responses…I appreciated them all.

    Interesting too, that the number 4 appears again for you, Roger – as in the 44.4% of responders who elected the ‘inside job’ option.

    Thanks so much again, for taking the time and having the interest to bring this most-important-question-of-our-era to all of us on your list…

  26. One thing that has allways amazed me about the whole WTC thing is the fact that those who were in office at the time and were publically acused of all of the atrocities that took place did not respond with threats of legal action , in fact there are many who believe that it was an inside job and publicise those alternative versions of the story everyday theres dvds loaded with acusations ,why arent these people righteously defending themselves if the conspiricy stories are lies , they have all the money they need to proceed with confidence to prove their innocence and persue those who are laying false claims and damaging their profile.
    Is it just me or are there others out there who twigged on the same thing and maybe think that it is unusuall for someone who has been accused of somthing , to not respond with at least threats of legal action and /or prosecution ????????????????

  27. Hi,

    If our government is so certain they have nothing to hide, then why don’t they honor the people’s request for some independent inquiries into 911?

    Surely all the people who lost loved one’s in 911 deserved more than the half-assed inquiry that was made and offered to the American people?

    If the government has nothing to hide, an independent inquiry would only prove their innocence, right?

    Yet they refuse.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Our governments action say “cover up”.

    OK, When did being a dissident become a mental conditional? (Crazy Conspiracy Theorist) lol

    Our constitution encourages people to speak out against their government, not just sit back with blind allegiance.

    Dissidence is the highest form of patriotism.

    That is also why we were granted freedom of speech.

    If people are going to pick sides, why not pick the founding fathers side?

    We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves, follow the constitution, and stop letting the government take away our rights.

    You keep your rights by exercising them (like expressing dissidence). Not by mindlessly waving a US flag in blind allegiance.

    Our government must be held accountable to it’s people.

    If we let our government ignore the constitution then everyone who has died to protect it, died in vain.

    They (our government) used communism in the 50’s/60’s and now they use terrorism to over step their boundaries, violate our rights and threaten our freedoms.

    Stop looking to the middle east for the problem, and start paying closer attention to what is going on in our own government.

    Truth, Justice, and Liberty for all


  28. Please tell me just HOW they managed to find passports of the hijakers in pristine condition when the plane went up in a fireball? That alone is just laughable and an insult to people’s intelligence. Not to mention that professional airline pilots say there’s no way they could fly those planes the way they were as such incredible skill had to be involved, and we’re to believe that these hijackers had manuals and a bit of training…. jeez, we could go on and on with credible proof, (but it will only fall on deaf ears). But no, these people seem to want to stay in their safe little world where they trust their government are going to do the best for the people. Come on.

  29. Roger,
    Thanks for your work on this topic. Are you familiar with the work of David Ray Griffin? He has written a number of books on 9/11, including “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory”.
    Also, I wanted to mention that there are many other smoking guns besides WTC7. David Ray Griffin raises many of these in his books.

  30. Thanks for the heads up on “David Ray Griffin” Stan. And yes there are MANY other smoking guns regarding 9/11.

    This is why it’s so hard for me to believe that so many people still believe the official government story.

    A sincere inquiry into the truth with other than mainstream media sources can only come to one conclusion. That the official government story is a lie.


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