Mass Control T.V. conspiracy could get you killed…

The Survivor Fans met at tribal council to decide which one of them was to be voted off the hit reality television show Survivor. Each tribe member had a one in eight chance of being voted off and not being able to win the million dollar first prize.

This was the moment of truth, testing the intelligence of the group. Would they make a decision that helped them beat the other team or would they vote in way that ended up sabotaging the chances for anyone in the group?

In reality, the decision was made well before the time of tribal council. Though some votes could be swayed by logical reasoning at tribal council. Survivor is a game of alliances and is an example of a true democracy in action.

The lesson you learn here might open your eyes to something you never before considered. And knowing this could save your life.

I’m a fan of the T.V. show Survivor. I started watching from the beginning, though I haven’t seen every show or every season. But I must admit there are certain aspects of the show that I really don’t like.

One of the main drawbacks of the show is that the best person often does not win.

Now let me give you a bit more background on this particular tribal council vote and why it’s important in your life.

Survivor is a political game of strong alliances and being able to switch alliances so that you don’t get voted off. Another way of saying it is that the largest group always wins.

And that’s what I don’t like about the show. It’s not necessarily the smartest or most capable male or female winning the show. Often times one of the weakest persons ends up winning.

It’s much less a show about survival and much more a show about how to gain power in a democratic system. I would prefer if it were about survival and athletic skills and not who could gather the largest group.

The reason this is a problem is that there are always more weaker people than stronger ones on the show and in life. In this democratic system, there’s often an incentive to get rid of people because they are strong, even if in the early part of the game you could risk losing by making your group too weak.

That’s exactly what happened last Thursday night. The tribe of Fans of Survivor decided to vote off one of their strongest players because he might be a threat later in the game. Yet they kept on Chet who was barely functioning.

He didn’t do any work, gather any food, had barley any energy and he was a liability in reward and immunity competitions and yet he managed to survive tribal council and instead they voted off Mikey B.

These so-called Survivor Fans shot themselves in the foot. Their tribe was already very weak. They lost most of the reward challenges and had much less food and other stuff that could help them win than the Survivor Favorites tribe.

Yet the group makes the decision to get rid of one of their strongest players. This will only cause them to keep on losing immunity challenges and to have their whole group picked off one by one because the tyrannical group decision making.

They made this vote so that when the tribes merged they wouldn’t have to compete against a much stronger person. Only problem being they’ll likely never make it that far because they’re now much too weak to compete against the Survivor Favorites.

On a side note, in a previous tribal council vote, the Survivor Favorites also followed mob rule and ended up voting off a really good competitor and it was only because one person Cirie wanted to vote him off. But Cirie was the swing vote and they had to follow her lead or risk being voted off themselves.

Cirie is a perfect example of someone who made it very far in Survivor and did nothing to warrant that but being weak. It’s so funny how she’s so proud of how far she made it. It certainly wasn’t because of her survival or athletic skills. It was mostly because she wasn’t perceived as a threat to anyone.

This is how a pure democracy works. Regardless of right or wrong the largest group wins. Regardless of whether or not something helps the country and or the economy, the largest voting block always wins. Regardless of morality, the largest group wins. A democracy can legally justify murder and robbery.

Why Politicians Promise To Give You So Much:

Think about this from the perspective of a politician who’s only interested in trying to gain power. Wouldn’t it be in her best interest to serve the largest groups of people?

Who are the largest groups? It’s certainly not the wealthy people, they’re only 5 to 10% of the population. So any wise political candidate will not "openly" support the rich.

In fact, the political group that promises to give away the most gifts to the largest group is usually the party that will win. This is stuff like welfare programs, food stamps and all sorts of special interest programs that give away money.

These programs forcibly take money away from one person and give it to another. If I robbed my neighbor and gave that money to the bum on the street wouldn’t I still be arrested? But that is what the government has the power to do.

They can take from one and give to another. They have the legal power to steal.

The politicians know that most people are not educated or very interested in politics and economics. These uneducated people just want more gifts or entitlement programs. And so the few (the greedy politicians) know this.

These few can influence the ignorant many and purchase their votes through taxpayer giveaways. Many of these poor want something for nothing. The politicians don’t care if they ruin the economy and the country by their policies. They don’t care if millions of people starve due to a depression. All they care about is their own power.

Some poor people believe they’re entitled to housing, health care and to food. That they shouldn’t have to work or contribute. Why not let someone else do it for them?

So in a true democracy you get the sneaky few, influencing the ignorant masses through their control of the mass media. Yes our mass media is controlled by a few companies and they definitely have an anti freedom agenda in the news.

What if the largest group of people were Muslims and they voted in to abolish the Constitution and instead have Sharia Law? Under the strict Sharia Law you can get your hand chopped off for stealing. But it’s much worse than that.

But something even worse could happen in a true democracy. What if for instance the Catholics became the majority and what if they decided to kill all of the Muslims, Jews and other Christians?

Under a true democracy this would be possible and perfectly legal. It’s for reasons like this and many others that our founding fathers did not create the United States as a democracy. No where is the term even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

Technically the United States is a Constitutional Republic with the protections guaranteed to all groups even if they are in the minority, through the Constitution and the bill of rights.

Yet why is it that all throughout public school, the television news, radio, politics and popular culture they always refer to the United States as a democracy.

Why are we always trying to spread democracy around the world as if it’s a good thing? It’s because the sneaky few don’t like the Constitution of the United States. It doesn’t serve their purposes of creating an eventual unified world government.

If we followed the Constitution there could be no such instrument as the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve was the cause of the Great Depression in the United States and around the world. Even the current Federal Reserve chairman now admits that.

There could be no such thing even as an income tax. Our country no longer complies with our Constitution.

We are forever more marching towards becoming a true democracy. Where the ignorant mob can imprison the virtuous and the strongest producers in society. Where the only thing that matters is what the largest group of people thinks.

Democracy is not something I want. I want freedom and our Constitution if followed gives us the greatest freedoms imaginable for a country. I’m quite sure we’d all be three hundred percent more prosperous and happy here in the U.S. if we simply followed our Constitution.

So if you ever get the chance to vote on whether or not you think this country or any country should be a democracy… make sure to vote no. Consciously knowing the tyranny of democracy could save your life some day.

Please forward this article to all of your friends. It’s time we stopped being brainwashed by the government media complex. Any time now that you hear someone touting the virtues of Democracy you can wonder if he or she even understands the implications of a true democracy.

And you might wonder at what point in our history did we go from being a Republic to a Democracy.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. Here’s a recent post I made that has an article from noted economist Walter E Williams on the problems with a democracy and what our founding fathers actually had to say about democracys.




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  1. Right on! Roger! Never did like Survivor. Now you’ve just given me another reason not to watch. Thanks for enlightening me about true democracy as well. Guess it’s not something I want either.

  2. I agree with the general point you made in your revealing article about “Survivor” relating to our ‘democratic’ political system, HOWEVER, I hope it was just a mistake that you wrote “her” instead of “his or her” in my quoting of you below:

    “Think about this from the perspective of a politician who’s only interested in trying to gain power. Wouldn’t it be in her best interest to serve the largest groups of people?”

    I’m not a feminist, but the first thing I thought when I read your seemingly outright statement, was that you were bashing Hillary Clinton because of “her” being a ‘democrat’ and running for the political office of President of the United States.
    I enjoy reading your views and reflections on our society as a whole in relation to empowering ourselves as individuals. By educating us on how to avoid harmful situations taunting us from within our society, such as poor lifestyle choices, you do your job thankfully well.
    Please clear up any confusion I, and/or your other readers may have had regarding your personal political views and choices. Nobody now really knows if Barack Obama or John McCain themselves are the ones who would end up threatening our overall political well-being if chosen for the presidency.

  3. Tiffany,

    That’s so funny that you assumed I was talking about Hillary Clinton. She never even crossed my mind. I simply sometimes use he or she interchangebly. It had zero to do with Hillary. I don’t waste my time thinking about her.

    As for my political views they’ve been made very well known to anyone who’s a regular reader of my blog. I support Ron Paul for president.

    Unfortunately all of the other candidates have been bought and are controlled by the Globalists powers that are really running this country behind the scenes. All of the other candidates, Hillary, Obama and McCain will just lead us into greater slavery. The great majority of Americans have been hoodwinked.

    Don’t be fooled by their clever promises. The main stream media is lying to us all of the time, unfortunately most people have not come to realize this and don’t understand that the media is controlled by the Globalists who want to destroy the United States and our Constitution.

    What a sorry state of affairs we are in. I just hope some day more of us will open our eyes and figure out what is really going on.

    This documentary is a great place to start in learning what’s really going. Not the lies we are being fed in the mainstream media.

    Freedom to Fascism

    If that turns you on then you should read "The Creature From Jekyll Island." And you’ll never be the same again. You’ll then know the illusion that is being weaved to entrap all of us freedom loving Americans and the rest of the world as well.

    Or check out my highly detailed post called What Is The Real Matrix?


  4. Roger this is a response a few days late,but I wanted to comment on the idea of Democracy.I like your explanation of the majority rules view of Democracy.It makes you think of just what or what policy could rule in a pure democratic state.I agree with this view but when Democracy comes to mind I thin and probably most people think of the idea of everyone of voting age having a voice in the political process.Naive view but true view of most people.I’m aware of the Founding Fathers and their idea of a Republic and agree to a degree,see a Republic is nothing more than a Aristocratic state.Rule by the few.Those few back then were the landowners and well bred.Today that would tranlate into about the same.No problem if you are one of this group.But what if you are not?Then where is your participation in the process.Democracy is flawed but so is Repulicanism(Rule by the few).The best system would have to be one with little government.One that would protect the citizens only via a court /military/police system only.Beyond that people are on their to live as they please.Thank for the article it got me to thinking.

  5. Charles,

    What you don’t realize is what you describe towards the end is how the United States was in the early days. That was the whole idea.

    To have a very limited role for government since most of our founding fathers knew the corrupt nature of government.

    And what was the protection for people in the minority?

    The Bill of Rights and the ability to easily move to another state if one was too represive. In the earlier years of our country, each state was more like it’s own country. Many printed their own currency and had their own militias.

    Competition is good for business and it’s good in terms of being governed. But the smart business people know that competition is bad for their business. They prefer to create cartels which are monopolies.

    They also think that way when it comes toward government. That is why the countries of Europe went to the European Union and that is why we are being forced to merge with Canada and Mexico in the upcoming North American Union.

    The official version of the above is But don’t be fooled, this is not for our protection but for the enrichment of the bankers and the creation of a no competition world government.

    In a true democracy a Bill of Rights can easily be voted down by just a simple majority. The Bill of Rights was designed to protect us from our Government and even from the aristocracy.

    Of course our government no longer follows the Constitution. It’s still there, it just doesn’t get enforced most of the time.

    An example of which is that only the Congress has the right to coin money and it must be in the form of Gold and Silver. This is still in the constitution and yet our money is only backed by valueless paper.

    The problem in any system is that a small group of people “the elite” can dramatically influence the majority of people.

    For instance most of the major media in the United States is owned by just a few corporations. And it turns out they all really work together behind the scenes.

    If you believe you have a free media, you are mistaken. This is a fact by the way, not something I’m just saying. There are editors on these newspapers and TV stations that don’t allow certain information to be discussed.

    They make you believe what they want you to believe. For instance, they want you to believe that the Federal Reserve Bank is working in the interests of the people of the United States and the world.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that the Federal Reserve actually caused the Great Depression that not only affected the United States but the whole world?

    The current Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke actually admits it was a mistake in our monetary policy which caused the Great Depression.

    You can read his admission here:

    But what he doesn’t admit or maybe realize, is that the people behind the Federal Reserve created the Great Depression on purpose.

    Just as now they are purposely devaluing our currency and destroying our economy for their own purposes. Once our economy is ruined we’ll be more willing to submit to a new currency the Amero that will save us from our economic collapse. Watch and see as this comes in the next ten years or so.

    If you want to really understand what is going on behind the scenes just read this shocking book.

    “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by G Edward Griffin. You’ll never be the same again after reading it. That book reveals “The Matrix” we’ve been living in.

    I have a previous post regarding issues like this that goes into much greater detail.

    What Is The Real Matrix?

    In Freedom, Roger

  6. The smaller the government the more liberty; it is that simple. The U.S. Constitution is the delineation of the powers of the central government. The central government role is to defend against foreign invasion and regulate interstate trade. That is it.
    Most Americans are completely ignorant of the philosophical and legal underpinings of this country. The nation-states have their separate state constitutions that supercede the U.S. Constitution. The law of the land is actually the declaration of independence, not the constitution. The principals originate in english common-law; fundamental to english common law is the right to trial by jury. The jury is the highest authority, higher than a judge or any written law. There is a concept called jury nullification where a jury can rule against the law, if they deem it is unethical or immoral.

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