“Fountain Of Youth Discovered” By Man Aged 40… Cured Arthritis, Depression, Panic Attacks and Reversed Aging Overnight

I was having the time of my life. It was the winter of 1990 and I’d soon be graduating college. I was having the absolute best year of my life. Little did I know that a few months later it would turn into the worst year of my life.

The pressures of dealing with the real world were too much for me. The end of college meant the end of my fantasy life. I didn’t have to face the harsh reality of survival, but I knew that was coming and it scared me. For the next six and a half years, I struggled with depression and panic attacks and nothing I tried helped me.

Life was a living hell. I could barely hold menial jobs, got fired a couple of times and even had a hard time relating and being with my friends. Life was miserable but I kept on looking for a solution. To add to the pain at 27 I started getting arthritis.

I was too young to feel this old. I worked out regularly, but that didn’t matter. My life was in shambles. There had to be a solution, a way out of hell.

Then one day after six and a half  years of darkness, I discovered my personal "Fountain of Youth." In less than 24 hours, I went from being depressed to experiencing a natural high. Instantly, I had no more panic attacks and no more arthritis.

Eleven years later at 40 years of age (almost 41) I still don’t have arthritis and I look more like I’m 20 than 40. I can do anything I was able to do as a teenager. Life is a miracle for me now.

I feel sorry for other people my age and even younger who are getting old, fat and ugly looking for no good reason. I have more energy and enthusiasm than a 7-year-old child does.

And I don’t take any drugs or do anything artificial whatsoever to maintain this perpetually young and disease-proof body.

What’s the incredible secret? There are a number of secrets actually, but the first, most profound one that changed my life involved the kinds of foods I was eating. I’d been poisoning myself and didn’t know it.

"The key was to eat foods natural to humans and as found in nature."

Most people think humans are omnivores. Just because we can eat any kind of food, doesn’t mean they are all healthy for us. The natural diet for our primate ancestry is "raw" fruits, vegetables and limited quantities of fatty foods like nuts, seeds and avocados.

As soon as I started eating just 50% of my diet from raw foods, my depression went away that very same day.

Later on I discovered that as I increased the percentage of raw food in my diet, I felt even happier and started gaining a long list of life changing benefits. The Raw Food Diet is the key to perpetual youth, high energy levels, super happiness and disease free living.

Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to take your life to the highest levels you have to eat a raw food diet. Otherwise you’re simply short changing your full potential and opening up yoursel to needless pain and diseases.

I have an easy way to go raw and help you be the most you can be. Come on down to HowToGoRaw.com and get the coaching, quick and easy recipes and the community you need to make going raw a snap.



“Fountain Of Youth Discovered” By Man Aged 40… Cured Arthritis, Depression, Panic Attacks and Reversed Aging Overnight — 8 Comments

  1. Good, simple, effective testimony. I thought it shouldn’t go without comment. How relieved the whole world would be, if they could all grasp the simplicity of it all (those that can eat at all. The more of these simple testimonies that can get around, the more there will be who will take hold and try the Living Way. And I have found that Living Foods, in contrast with ‘raw’ foods, that the majority of rawists are eating, is FAR superior to the high quantities of dried, dehydrated, et c., foods the rawists are eating. We should be eating not just 80% ‘raw’, as some suppose, but at least 80% Live.

  2. To just throw a comment in that you cured depression and anxiety by food choices is not really helpful to those who suffer from the real and devastating effects of the illness

  3. Russell,

    Why would that not be helpful? I had incapacitating depression for 6.5 years and by switching to a Raw Food Diet I got rid of that depression in one day.

    And I know many other people who’ve healed their depression and other mental illnesses by going raw.

    Are you somehow trying to invalidate my experience? This really works and I’m not the only one it has helped. Eat nothing but raw fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds and most people will find a quick resolution to the chemical imbalance that often causes depression.

    You can’t poison yourself out of depression. And cooked food is a slow poison.


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  5. I believe that eating a 95% raw diet has caused me to become dreadfully bloated. What can i do about that? Should I stop the diet?

  6. I can attest to this as well. I have suffered from depression for over a decade and since going raw, I have NEVER felt this upbeat – ever in my life. Even from childhood! I am not 100% raw, but I am about 80%. I am not a perfectionist anymore and that helps me be more successful at this! Give yourself time, it is a process that take time and you will become more and mroe raw over time simply because you will WANT to. Find recipes that look good to you – it takes some experimentation (some of them fail!) but you’ll find the recipes you like best and you’ll get better and better at “being raw.” I used to get so frustrated and have bursts of anger – but now, even when something frustrating happens, it’s as if I CAN’T get angry! When your body is getting the nutrients it needs, your brain can’t help but be affected as well. It makes perfect sense – people who have depression are given drugs to SWALLOW by the Pharma drug cartel, so why is it a surprise to people that the FOOD that you SWALLOW can be medicine?? But there’s only one way to know if it’s true for yourself and that is to try raw for yourself for 3 days – you don’t even have to be 100% – try starting with 50%. See for yourself.

  7. I started a raw food diet about 3 months ago. I have lost 33 pounds, my blood pressure has dropped and I look younger! People I know come up to me and ask what I am using on my face because it is glowing. I am pretty sure the glow is from the food i am eating. By no means am I a vegan promotor, however, I have to say I feel and look great. Tons of energy. I am sure all these effects are due to the wholesome ingredients in the food.

  8. Hi, I am 95 percent raw. I have actually noticed my eyelashes growing. I am eating buckwheat groats that are raw and sprouted and organic wild rice that is raw, soaked etc…
    I also eat raw free range egg yolks and throw out the egg white or cook it in water because it interfers with biotin absorption. I eat cold smoked sockeye salmon, raw sushi grade tuna and tons and tons of raw kale either in salads, as is, or kale smoothies.
    I have heard that cooking tomatoes and carrots lightly, helps to bring out the nutrients. Other than cooking occasionally organic beans, I try to sprout my beans and eat them raw. The extra five percent of cooked food, gets me to where I don’t have to feel denied about never eating cooked food again. I feel incredible and my back pain has improved dramatically and my hip injury.

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