“Perpetual Worrying” The Ultimate Solution Discovered

Do you find yourself worrying all of the time?" I have a confession to make, I’m a natural worrier as well. In fact, even this morning I had a slight sensation of worry. That’s what gave me the idea to give you the 2 keys to overcoming worry forever.

The truth is however that I hardly ever worry these days. Why create things I don’t want to happen by worrying about them. You create what you focus on. So if you worry, then you’ll have reason to worry. If you get my drift.

And when I do worry, I know the cause and how to change it very quickly. That’s exactly what I did this morning. And I went from a slight feeling of unease with that worrying sensation in my stomach, to a feeling of incredible joy, peace, power and safety.

Nothing makes life more miserable than needless worry and fear. Worry about paying your bills, worry about what other people think about you. Worry about if someone will go out with you. Or worrying that you might get fired.

Imagined fears about accidents or crimes to be committed against you or your family members. Or how about the largest fear or worry of most people, the fear of public speaking. Fear and worry are all tied in together and there 2 simple things you can do to feel at peace no matter what the outer circumstances in your life.

If you’re experiencing fear or worry that’s a sure sign that you’re not focused on Divine Love. And what is Divine Love, nothing other than our creator or God, the source of this comforting source of love.

You simply can’t experience pure or Divine Love and Fear or Worry at the same time. What’s so great about the feeling of Divine Love is the incredible power in it. It’s a real force and power and when you’re centered in it, there’s no mistaking it’s radiating power and influence.

The great news about fear and worry is that they are instant warning signals that your consciousness is no longer centered in God or Divine Love. There is God and then there’s the absence of God. No right or wrong or evil per se, but God and absence of God or an absence of light.

So if you’re feeling blue, it’s because you don’t see God. If you’re fearful or anxious, God is not in your direct or immediate consciousness.

Fear is the Lack of God:

The key to everlasting joy and a life of constant happiness is to simply center yourself in Divine Love. Below I’m going to share a simple technique you can use to get you to experience the magnificence of Divine Love.

But don’t forget there’s another crucial factor on defeating fear and worry. Sometimes focusing on Divine Love is not enough to defeat fear and worry. Not that its not enough really but your body could be so chemically out of whack that you can’t even feel happy or feel Divine Love.

Do you think alcoholics, or habitual pot smokers can feel Divine Love? It’s likely they’ve damaged their ability to tune into happiness because of resorting to artificial means of creating happiness. They have to get off of these substances and let their bodies heal before they can be happy and feel love without resorting to these drugs.

But they’re not the only ones with problems experiencing happiness for no particular reason. Or what I like to call "Happiness from the cellular level."

The kinds of foods and substances you eat can actually make you worry and be fearful. For me and for many other raw foodists I’ve encountered, eating cooked food makes them fearful.

I suffered from depression and panic attacks for over six years and I didn’t realize at the time it was mostly due to the food I was eating. Over the years of me coaching people to success with the Raw Food Diet and my interaction with hundreds of raw foodists, I’ve known many people to have overcome depression simply by switching to a Raw Food Diet.

Raw fruits and vegetables are happiness foods. They carry some kind of light or happiness inside of them. They are our natural drugs. Want a natural high, then start eating natural foods or raw foods.

Going raw in itself won’t guarantee you a life without worry. But I feel that for many people if not most, it’s a prerequisite for living without worry and fear. Eating cooked food causes many diseases and it certainly causes "dis-ease."

It makes your body uncomfortable and aggravated. My body now tells me instantly that it doesn’t like certain foods. I can tell by how much fear is in my awareness. Therefore, for me, eating raw is a matter of happiness.

If I eat a healthy and natural 100% raw food diet, I can expect that at least my body won’t be fighting my happiness.

So why not start gradually adding more raw fruits and vegetables into your diet and then report back to me in the comments section about whether or not you are starting to feel happier and worry less.

A Technique To Overcome Fear and Worry:

Now getting back to the original concept. The ultimate solution to stop worrying is to live in the awareness of Divine Love or God. When you’re enveloped yourself in that consciousness, nothing can harm you.

You recognize and know that all you see is really God. And therefore by the Law of Attraction, you disarm any harm that could come to yourself.

So how do you get this feeling for yourself?

Simply take a day where all you see and all you feel is filtered through the lens of LOVE. Treat everyone with LOVE and expect everyone to treat you with love and respect. Even if they don’t do so immediately, in your imagination you simply reframe any encounter and know that they love you regardless of what they say.

You’re always in control of how you respond to a situation. If someone treats you with unkindness, you don’t have to respond with unkindness. You can respond with love.

That is how you create your universe, by how you react to what you see. Actually, you don’t want to react, instead create what you want to happen. Expect love and happiness at all times and that is what you’ll start to get.

The funny thing is that when you get into this state the people around you change. They can subconsciously feel your new state of consciousness and they’ll reflect it back to you. This is the Law of Attraction being demonstrated.

If you’re constantly getting into fights and arguments, all you have to do is look to your own thoughts. You are bringing this out of other people by your own sense of worry and disharmony.

So take a day or 24 hour period of disciplining your thoughts. Live in the concept of Love. Even if you don’t think you really understand what LOVE is, it doesn’t matter. Act in a goodly way to everyone. Forgive all sins. Forgive all friends and foes for behind them all is nothing more than the Creator.

All of your thoughts must be pure as snow. It’s not just your actions but your thoughts as well. It might be difficult to do at first. But just because you had a few negative thoughts, don’t give up. Continue doing your best to purify your consciousness on this special day.

Eventually you’ll get to the point of thinking this way naturally. It will be a habit and that is an amazing habit to have. It will change and improve every aspect of your life.

We’re all really the same being at the source, just divided into billions and trillions of individual units of consciousness. God is in everyone and everything. So if you want God to come out and be plainly visible, you must simply IMAGINE it so.

God is in your IMAGINATION the center of spiritual creation.

So in conclusion, you can stop worrying by using your imagination and centering it on positive, happy and loving thoughts. It’s another way of saying that you are centering yourself in the consciousness of God.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

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“Perpetual Worrying” The Ultimate Solution Discovered — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Roger:

    A truly great post! Nothing new for me here but you expressed it so well that I think I could pass it on easily to my wife – a paranoid worrier. Our communication on the subject usually descends to the simple “Worry is a prayer for something bad to happen”.

    Getting back to Love, it reminds me of a kung-fu self defence class where the instructor told us something like “even at the point of death you must still love your attacker”.

    As I stared into my partner’s eyes I said “I love you Mike!” as he squeezed the arteries to my brain. (We were ‘experiencing’). When I woke up a few seconds later after a very long dream my first thought was… “How embarassing, I must have dozed off during the class!”

    Thanks Roger, I’ll try another little talk with my wife. But no squeezing!

  2. what is ideal to order in a restaurant when youa re with friends and family? Even the raw restaurants are not that healthy (not that anyone other than my husband will go) and I used to be very social when it came to friends and family. I always ate what I wanted and never “deprived myself” Now, I will be facing (only 2 months raw) some tempting situations! What do you suggest?
    victoria arnstein

  3. Roger addresses your concerns in a few of his recently posted articles, such as the one titled something like: “I’m going to eat at a steak house tonight”…some other articles are listed to the right of this page. If you don’t mind my personal input, it’s below:

    This may sound silly and a bit gross, but when you want to show others you appreciate their food at a social gathering, try chewing small bites of the food in front of them, express your face of delightful approval, hold back from swallowing, and quickly excuse yourself to where you can descreetly spit the food out into a napkin unnoticed.
    If hunger is your issue, come prepared like Roger says in one of his articles. Eat a banana before showing up, bring a raw food dish to share, and enjoy the few raw food items that may be served. If anyone asks and you don’t feel like going into the whole raw food talk, offer them the reason that you don’t feel like eating anything “heavy” at the time.

  4. Thanks for the great advice Tiffany. I appreciate it.

    I think for some people though, chewing and spitting out the food might be too much temptation.

    Once you get used to eating raw, you can go out and eat just about anywhere if you take the right precautions.


  5. I really like this post. A lot of people close to me worry about 80% of the time. That’s a lot of life taken up! I am struggling through food issues now myself, and I am going to try and go back to raw eating. Thanks.

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