Why Perfect the Body?

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“Why Perfect the Body?”

Have you ever really thought about why it’s crucial to perfect your

It’s not just about boosting your ego because you have a gorgeous
looking body. It’s not just about being stronger than the next guy
or gal.

It goes WAY deeper than that.

OK, so first off, what do I mean by perfecting the body?

** DEFINITION – Perfecting the Body **

The process of creating a fit, strong, healthy and glowing body
that has lots of reserve energy and endurance for physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual tasks.

Did you know for instance that you can actually increase your
ability to learn by exercising before a test or study period?

Did you know that it’s now been proven that certain kinds of
exercises grow new brain cells?

Did you know that students who exercise daily have been proven to
get better grades?

In general who’s self-esteem is going to be better, the person
who’s overweight by 50 pounds and can’t even walk up a flight up
stairs or a moderately fit (and definitely slim) person who can go
up many flights of stairs and walk for hours.

I remember this one time we all went out for a very long walk.
Everyone except the husband of our friend who was visiting. He
could never do the kind of walk we did because he was at least 50
pounds overweight and lacked energy. His health was falling apart.

Yet early in his life he was super fit. But he gave it up and felt
it was too much work.

Personally I think he’s got his priorities all wrong.

How can life and nature be truly enjoyed in a fat and sickly body?

How can life be enjoyed when your destroying your happiness by
constantly ingesting junk foods?

In my case, I wasn’t able to be happy even eating so called health
food. I had depression for over 6 years due to eating cooked food.

Cooked food was prematurely aging me while at the same time
robbing me of the JOY naturally contained in raw fruits and

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How can you enjoy life when you can’t even handle your emotions and
the only way to deal with stress is to eat a big bowl of ice cream
or to drink alcohol or take drugs?

This is not dealing with reality, it’s hiding from it.

How can you enjoy life when you look in the mirror and are ashamed
of what you see?

While I feel it’s always good not to judge yourself and feel

I mean… COME ON.

Stop playing some New Age game of forgiveness with yourself.

A HUGE problem with many people is believing it’s OK to be
overweight or to have a few extra pounds as they like to put it.

These people are SOoo missing the point.

Of course, never think of yourself negatively. But stop accepting a
second class life. Go for the most JOY you can by having the best
body you can. I’ll give you way more reasons to below.

If you want to have the most enjoyable life possible you simply
must perfect your body in any way you can.

And it goes way beyond even what I’m stated so far.

You’re much more likely to be successful in whatever you choose to
accomplish if you have a fit, healthy and energetic body.

The people I meet with strong bodies also have strong minds and
just radiate oodles of CONFIDENCE.

How can you have confidence when you walk slower than an old
turtle? I see so many older people barely able to walk due to
needless arthritis and of course the heavier you are the harder it
is to walk.

And then it even goes way beyond this in why you should perfect
your body.

It’s a spiritual thing too.

For too long have people with spiritual goals neglected the body as
if it were unimportant. As if only the spiritual or Soul is

But your body is WAY more than a temple.

It’s a gateway to higher spiritual dimen.

Through it you can access these energetic portals and at the same
time a higher joy, wisdom and personal power.

My friend Rama for instance teaches body activation exercises. He’s
all about the importance of the body from a spiritual perspective.

And he’s just like me in terms of eating raw and loving exercise.

And he’s always telling me how strong my body is and how important
that is in bringing LIGHT and JOY into this world. And he’s not
just talking physical strength. But a strength to tune into vast
oceans of magnetic power and JOY.

A JOY so strong that others can feel it. They don’t know why but
they just feel good around you.

The body is indeed a magnificent tool with many energetic centers
that most westerners are either unaware of or don’t know how to

Yes perfecting the body leads to perfecting your life.

The stronger the body, the stronger the LOVE you can feel and the
better the LOVE you can GIVE.

Perfecting the body goes far beyond satisfying your ego and
attracting a mate.

Perfecting the body is about perfecting your life.

And perfecting your life is what life is all about. It’s about
getting the most joy and satisfaction out of life you can.

Life is never about suffering.

While it’s a useful experience for many it’s also just a choice.

Never feel you’re gaining greatness in God’s eye by suffering

Go for the JOY and spread that happiness around to everyone in your
life and beyond.

That’s the best way to serve the higher cause.

And one sure road to that JOY is in perfecting your physical body.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager

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Wishing Everybody Joyful and Productive Workouts,

Vlada Divine


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  1. Your suggestions for doing mini workouts throughout the day make not doing some daily exercise inexcusable! Who doesn’t have a minute or two of their day for doing some pushups or deep knee bends, or run in place?

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