Memorial Day Weekend… $10 Special!

Do you want a quick, easy and inexpensive way to build upper body strength and muscle?

Then I think you’ll be interested in my brand new system called the Push-Up Blaster Training Program. If you want to build your upper body quickly, then doing pushups is the way to go.

This special will last through Tuesday, May 29th. This way the people who don’t have weekend Internet access can still get a chance to pick up the Push-Up Blaster. After this Tuesday, the price goes back up to the normal $20.

With Push-Up Blaster you’ll learn the fastest way to be able to do 100 Push-ups in a row. You’ll tone up your body quickly and look great at the beach. This program is great for men and especially important for women as well.

I struggled for many years trying to discover a formula for fast progress with pushups. For the effort I put in, I saw little improvement in the number of pushups I was able to do in a row. Then one day while watching Jack La Lanne being interviewed on his 90th birthday a breakthrough idea hit me… like a ton of bricks.

I finally realized what I needed to do differently to make rapid improvements with doing pushups. I call this breakthrough… Muscle Blaster X. It’s the secret exercise for fast pushup progress that I never heard about from all of the bodyweight fitness and pushup experts.

And trust me, I was searching for an answer. I asked all the people I knew who could do at least 100 pushups in a row to reveal their techniques to me. Some of the ideas were good and some of them I’ve included in the program, but it wasn’t until I came up with my own Muscle Blaster X exercise that I finally started making regular and quick progress on my pushups.

Most Women Really Need This Program

This program is especially important for women. So many women neglect their upper body strength. They don’t want to appear muscular. Well you won’t look overly muscular, you’ll just look great. You’ll looked toned and healthy. And you’ll have real world strength to handle those formerly difficult lifting activities and being able to fight off men. 🙂

Why choose to be weak, when you can be strong?

It’s generally much harder for women to put on big looking muscles at the same rate that men do. But you can increase your strength and muscle tone quite a bit. Unless of course, you decide to take steroids and other drugs which I certainly don’t recommend then you’ll put on muscle like crazy.

The other problem is that many women feel they aren’t good at pushups, so they just don’t do them. Well now there is a system for you to make quick improvements in your pushups. No matter what level you start at, you can improve rapidly. Even if you can’t do one standard pushup, it doesn’t matter.

I had my friend Laurie E. beta test the program for me and she experienced a 1,400% improvement in her pushups. At first she struggled to do even 1 full pushup and it always hurt her lower back.

But that changed in a matter of a week or so of doing the program. You can read more about her story at the Push-Up Blaster website.

Remember the special $10 price lasts through this Tuesday. After that it goes back up to the normal $20.00 price.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. This program is a perfect compliment to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. Nothing is repeated.

P.P.S. I also suggest you get the Lightning Speed Fitness Program to show you how to increase or decrease the difficulty of doing pushups or any other kind of bodyweight exercise. It’s like having a plate rack for your body. There are extremely easy ways to do pushups and very difficult ways that would strain the strongest man or woman. This means that virtually anyone can gain real world, upper body strength with the Push-Up Blaster Training Program.


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