Is Kale Really the King of Greens?

I’ve been studying nutrition since my early teenage years.

Ever since I started studying about Raw Food Nutrition I kept on hearing that Kale is the King of greens.

Eat it and you’ll experience greens NIRVANA.

This was always said as if no other green could even compare to kale.

Well lets take a rational look at the numbers and see what we come up with.

Keep in mind I’ll be comparing kale to other greens not by weight but per calorie. In other words I’m comparing greens at equal calorie levels to make a fair comparison.

Most of these numbers below I’ve retrieved from

Kale, raw

Completeness Score

Amino Acid Score

Spinach, raw

Completeness Score

Amino Acid Score

As you can see, kale got a Nutrient Completeness Score of 85 and spinach got a score of 91.

What does this number mean? It’s simply an overall number by which Nutritiondata rates all foods that they list. The more of a nutrient and the greater variety of nutrients a food has per calorie the higher it’s completeness score will be.

While a score of 85 is excellent it’s certainly not the best. And quite frankly per calorie kale just can’t match spinach in nutritional completeness.

Are there other factors to consider?


Of course, most people have heard problems of oxalic acid in spinach blocking the absorption of certain nutrients. Though I’ve seen studies pointing to the fact that this is much more of a problem with cooked spinach than raw.

But then there’s the issue of kale and it’s high levels of cellulose making it very hard to digest.

Kale must be broken down first by some method before being eaten raw to obtain its full compliment of nutrients. Just chewing mature kale may not break it down enough unless you spend a good long time doing so.

So am I saying you shouldn’t eat kale?

Hell NO, Karmyn would kill me if I did.

She is just wolfing down kale these days. There’s something in the kale that she really needs while she’s nursing our daughter Rainbow.

And so Karmyn has come up with all sorts of knowledge about kale that most people never get. Including the best kind of kale to eat mono meals of.

And just the other day Karmyn came up with an absolutely stunning marinated kale, strawberry salad recipe. It’s fruity, hearty and delicious at the same time.

And guess who loves this marinated kale salad besides Karmyn and me?

Andrew of course.

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Personally, I suggest you eat kale, spinach and a variety of greens.

But make sure to find greens that appeal to you. Or at least greens recipes that you love.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Infinite Power,

Roger Haeske
The 44-Year Old Teenager

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  1. Your articles on diet and exercise are very inspirational, and following your advice, my blubber is gradually disappearing! Your great main two exercises do the job for me, and I have my grandkids doing them, too! My goal is to be the 72 year old teenager!

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