Signs “Law of Decrease” is Kicking Yer Butt

You may have heard of “the law of increase,” as taught in a number of prosperity books.

But if you’re like most people you’re almost certainly ruining your life in some way by using its opposite “the law of decrease” on a continual basis.

Of course, it’s not really your fault.

We’ve all been programmed by society, school, the media and by our parents to use the law of decrease.

Very few people really understand the significance of the fact that we actually live in HEAVEN right now.

== Signs You’re Employing The Law of Decrease ==

* You criticize others
* You complain
* You’re struggling financially
* You hold grudges
* You are resentful of others
* You feel fear
* You have poor health
* You complain about the price of things
* You have low self-esteem
* You complain about the government
* You believe you can’t make money because of the economy

[By the way, I’m not pretending to be perfect on this. But I’m conscious of it and working on it. I’ve got my own lifetime of brainwashing to undo.]

I’ll never forget this incident that is directly related to this topic.

Back when I was in college there was this really smart guy in my Social Psychology class.

I mean a brilliant brainiac type but also cool and popular.

Well one day long after that class was over I ran into him in town. He seemed to have such a high regard for me.

Even though in class we used to have differing viewpoints and arguments.

This guy actually thought more of me at the time than I did of myself.

My self-esteem in certain areas was quite low in those days. It was so refreshing to think that he thought more highly of me than I did myself.

This is an example of the Law of Increase in action.

His thoughts about me gave me confidence and changed how I perceived the world.

By expecting great things of others, by seeing others as prosperous and successful you are practicing the law of increase.

Yet most people simply reflect back what they see.

They see life as something concrete. Things are as they “supposedly” are.

For instance…

If some relative seems to be lazy, then when you talk about that person you mention to your spouse that he is one lazy son of a gun. Or “I wish he would get his act together.”

That is practicing the law of decrease.

Never see people as how they are but how you’d like them to be.

And make sure to only wish positive things for that person.

What you may not realize is people can pick up on your thoughts and energy. They won’t even know what’s holding them back.

But if they believe “your belief” about them then they’ll continue to be lazy.

Or continue to be mean, etc.

Your thoughts are actually helping to keep this person locked in the same circumstances.

Your thoughts about others influence them dramatically because people are all subconsciously telepathic. While some are quite consciously aware of this telepathic ability.

Of course this law of decrease applies to you personally as well.

If you constantly think about yourself as being unable stick to a Raw Food Diet for instance, then that is what your experience will be.

Or if you continuously send out this belief that you don’t like to exercise well then I don’t suppose you’ll be doing any exercise anytime soon.

===== for my tips on how to love exercising so you much you have to be careful you don’t turn into a fitness model.

If you want prosperity, health and joy then wish it for others and give it to yourself as well.

What you give to others comes back to you.

Even in your thoughts and feelings.

In your imagination see your closest friends and relatives as living in a world of abundance. That they have all that they want in life. That they’re full of LOVE and JOY. And do this regardless of how they really are in their current life.

You’ll notice that they quickly start to change as you change your view of them.

Then do the same thing for yourself.

See yourself accomplishing great things.

See yourself as productive.

See yourself as loving to be healthy.

See yourself loving to exercise.

See yourself as having lots of money or having all that you need in abundance.

For I believe we ALL actually live in Heaven but have been programmed to believe that we live in Hell.

It’s all a matter of your choice of thoughts.

So give increase and you can be the Santa Claus in your family and group of friends.

I even give increase to all of my email subscribers.

I take time to see and feel that you are happy, healthy and prosperous.

And I send you LOVE, LIGHT and JOY.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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Signs “Law of Decrease” is Kicking Yer Butt — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot, Roger. How right you are. I read in Catherine Ponder’s book, “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity,” that even so called inanimate objects respond to our thoughts of them. This woman Catherine mentions in her book used to praise her furniture all the time and the furniture looked very elegant, lovely, etc. Once she died, however, the furniture appeared very drab. So, I can see how our thoughts do affect others. There was a wonderful true story about exactly this on the secret website. A woman had given birth to a child with some sort of challenge, cannot recall if it was autism or Down’s. But she decided she will not label her child any longer and kept on seeing her as being free of that challenge and the child eventually did turn out that way. Thanks for all that you do Roger, to enlighten us. I love reading your emails. You seem so knowledgeable about so many things, not just raw foods.

    • Sam,
      After readingt your post, I visited Catherine Ponder’s site and it seems to me that she is still alive. So, I can’t really understand your point about her furniture.

      • Rupert,
        Catherine, in her book, described a woman who praised her (the woman’s own furniture, not Catherine’s furniture) furniture, when the woman was alive. Yes, Catherine is still living. What I meant to state in my post is that after that woman passed away, (not Catherine, but the woman Catherine Ponder mentioned in her book), that woman’s furniture started appearing drab. The furniture appeared very elegant, lovely, etc. while the woman was alive because it responded to her words of praise. Once the woman passed, there was no one to appreciate the furniture and tell the furniture how beautiful it was. I hope I have made this clear. Thanks.

  2. I got Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” in the mid 1990’s and I thought it was great.

    Just last night I reread the chapter on the Law of Increase. It’s a great chapter.

    The law of increase is one of my absolute favorites. I studied it extensively in Joseph Murphy’s work as well “Your Infinite Power to Be Rich.”

    We’re either increasing or decreasing.

    Might as well increase for it’s just as easy.



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