The FDA Has Blood on its Hands

You Can Help Defeat The Evil Empire

For a while now I’ve been talking about the corruption in the current (and last 100 years) United States government. An agency that is supposed to be protecting us is actually one of the most corrupt.

I think 98% of Americans have no clue that their lives are in serious danger because of trusting the FDA and because of what the FDA has the power to suppress. And they do it with your tax money.

Here’s a great article discussing this issue in depth. Make sure to read some of the links he has in that article so you can see the detailed evidence regarding this.

All you have to do is closely follow the money and you’ll see that the FDA basically works for the drug companies. In fact, many highly effective, inexpensive and non-toxic cancer treatments have been suppressed by the FDA. Even to the point of the creators of these effective treatments being murdered.

My mother would likely still be alive if we didn’t have an FDA. And many millions of other American’s would have had much healthier and longer lives. There’s an incredible book that details this corruption by the FDA and other government agencies. It includes detailed references and actual information from court cases.

It’s called Politics In Healing, by Daniel Haley: The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine. I learned about this incredible book and many other fantastic books and ideas from listening to the Coast To Coast Am show on my AM radio. It’s broadcast around the world and has millions of listeners.

This Monday they’re going to be interviewing Dr. Ron Paul for an hour. He’s the anti-Big-Pharma presidential candidate. The anti-Corporate-Controlled-Government presidential candidate. And the fighting for your health freedom presidential candidate. You can also listen to the interview "live" over the Internet on Monday night.

Most of all he wants to restore the idea of limited government and actually following our great Constitution. What many people don’t know is that there are numerous government agencies that are at work illegally and against what the Constitution actually says.

The IRS is one of those completely illegal government agencies. Elect Ron Paul and you’ll get someone who’ll work to shut down the IRS and remove income taxes forever. They’re simply not needed. We ran our government fine without them until 1913.

Look how many wars and economic disasters of Global proportions we’ve had since 1913. Many of these wars and financial crisis wouldn’t have been possible without the income tax and the Federal Reserve.

Off the top of my head:
World War 1
World War 2
The Great Depression
Korean War
Vietnam War
Two Iraq Wars
The current Subprime financial crisis
The savings and loan bailout

There were actually many more crises but I can’t remember how many times the American public has been fleeced by banking bailouts which end up robbing you of your money via the invisible tax of inflation. This is all highly detailed in the book, The Creature From Jekyll Island.

In 1913 we also allowed the creation of the Federal Reserve bank. Another unconstitutional agency. The Fed was actually the cause of The Great Depression.

If you haven’t been into politics in the past, I can relate to you. None of the major candidates that you would have seen actually had your interests in mind. Why not listen to an entertaining interview of Ron Paul this Monday night and learn how you can help to give us our great country back again.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske




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  1. I was thinking as I worked this morning that you offer alot of neat information.I intially bought your (LSF) but have gained much more.I don’t know if I’ll ever go raw but I am grateful for you sharing many insights to Politics and FDA/Irs etc.,I am better informed because of it.Thank you.

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