4 Wrong Ways to Do Low Fat Raw

The way virtually everybody is taught to do the Low Fat Raw Food Diet is severely flawed.

While it all sounds great in theory, unfortunately it doesn’t work in practice for at least 98% of the people who do it long term.

I know because I’ve been around hundreds of raw foodists and have seen the problems that many of the raw gurus will never share with you in public. After all it would ruin their quasi raw religion.

(NOTE: In a future email or emails I’ll be sharing a bunch of stories of problems I’ve witnessed with people doing raw the wrong way.)

These gurus do their darndest to keep this information hush hush. Or they try to blame the person for not following some of their extreme principles to the tee.

Here are some of the mistakes you may be making if you’re eating Low Fat Raw Vegan.

*** 4 Low Fat Raw Mistakes ***

1. Your only or main source of carbohydrates is sweet fruit: (While greens are high carb foods they don’t count because they have so few calories in them.)

Could there actually be another way to get in your RAW carbs besides fruit?

How do you beat that sickening fruited out feeling from constantly eating fruit all day long?

After a while you just get sick and tired of eating desert all day.

There’s got to be a better way.

In fact I’ve solved that problem for well over a year now.

And very soon it will be available for everyone.

It’s called:

“Fruited Out No More”
How to Banish the Fruited Out Feeling Instantly and Forever with My 5-Step Rapid Results System

This quickly and easily solves the “too much fruit” or that fruited out feeling once and for all. And doing so without resorting to eating fatty foods or cooked food for that matter.

2. You believe that supplements are a bad thing or even detriments:

The assumption held by most is that if the Raw Food Diet is perfect and designed by nature or God that we should be able to meet all of our nutrient needs by eating raw foods. After all there are no animals that have enough money to get in their cars and go to the Vitamin Shoppe and buy their supplements.

Unfortunately that is definitely not true. After eating high raw for 17 years and 12 of those years all raw, I know that is not the case.

For one thing cavities are epidemic in the Raw Vegan community.

And part of the reason for cavities is due to a lack of certain nutrients in the Raw Vegan Diet. (Actually most people on most any diet are deficient in one or two of these nutrients anyway.)

And any raw guru who tells you that cavities are not concern for people following low fat raw vegan is either inexperienced (been 100% raw less than 5 years and or hasn’t worked with many long term raw foodists), is flat out lying to protect his or her raw religion or is delusional.

3. It’s NOT important to brush your teeth:

Or only brush with water and that is enough. Or even believing that when eating raw brushing your teeth is not necessary. After all there are no animals that brush their teeth.

And yes I read in my early raw days in the 1990’s teachers in Natural Hygiene saying you really didn’t need to brush your teeth.

Combine this whacky idea with the lack of certain nutrients and you can see why cavities have become an epidemic in the low fat raw community.

By the way, there is an easy solution for this.

The Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System:

4. Believing you can never get phat from eating fruit and you therefore eat more than your actual caloric needs.

And believing that there are no long term raw foodists who eat low fat raw who are overweight.

Turns out that is a myth. I know of several people who ate low fat raw and got quite plump as a result. Gaining 50 to 60 pounds or more.

Yes there is a school of thought that even small and inactive women should eat a minimum of 3,000 calories per day on a Raw Food Diet.

Of course, that has led to a number of women getting plumper on raw than in their cooked food days.

The real solution is to eat the right amount of calories and to get your nutrient needs met. That won’t happen by stuffing yourself with just with fruit.

All you have to do is increase your intake of mineral rich leafy greens. Once your mineral and savory needs are met you’ll soon find that your not craving cooked food anymore.

Then your appetite goes way down.

And you effortlessly eat less and find it much easier to stay raw.

That’s why Savory Veggie Stews are so vital to long term success when going raw.



In tomorrow’s email I’ll give you three more mistakes most people doing the Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet are making.

The problem is that the way most people are taught low fat raw is plain wrong. It doesn’t work for most people who stay on it three years or longer.

There’s too much blatantly wrong information and wives’ tales in the way it’s currently taught.

Even in the most scientific sounding books.

You’ll almost certainly become nutrient deficient if you follow the typical semi-religious raw gurus out there for more than a few years.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t absolutely thrive on a Raw Food Diet.

You have to be willing to break out of the Raw Religion mentality that is preached by most of the popular Raw Food Gurus out there.

And instead just use some common sense.

There is a way to go high carb raw, be super healthy and have no nutrient deficiencies.

I’m living proof of it.

But I had to make many adjustments to get to this point.

Had I continued to listen to the raw gurus I would have been forced to quit being 100% raw due to poor health long ago.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


4 Wrong Ways to Do Low Fat Raw — 1 Comment

  1. Roger, you are open to challenging many things, but then can just as easily fall into just creating another set of beliefs which are wrong.

    You say, “And yes I read in my early raw days in the 1990′s teachers in Natural Hygiene saying you really didn’t need to brush your teeth.

    Combine this whacky idea . . .”

    Well, whacky as the idea may seem to you, I have a friend who rarely brushes his teeth, no brushing, no flossing, no messing around cleaning his teeth. He has zero cavities, his breath does not smell and his teeth look clean. He has done this for decades.

    Sure, there could be all kinds of reasons why, but the point is that just because your experience doesn’t tally with this, doesn’t mean it is whacky or wrong.

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