3 More Ways to Screw Up Low Fat Raw

Today’s blog post is a continuation of yesterdays entitled 4 Wrong Ways to Do Low Fat Raw.” Which you can read on my blog if you missed it.

*** List of 3 More Low Fat Raw Food Diet Mistakes ***

5. Treating the Raw Food Diet as a Quasi Religion:

The way the Raw Vegan Diet is taught by most of the popular low fat raw teachers leads people to treating the diet as a religion. It’s either all or nothing with them.

And when they eventually start running into nutrient deficiencies or other health problems they have to give up raw altogether because it was a rigid quasi religion that didn’t allow for modification.

Case in point.

Take this quote out of “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham, pg 263

“If the only way to be truly well nourished is to consume vitamins, minerals, oils, enzymes, medicinal herbs, white-powdered pharmaceuticals such as MSM, refined isolates such as lecithin, “super” foods such as algae and sea vegetables, and other “nutrition-enhancing” substances, then the raw-food concept is flawed.”
Do you see the hidden flaw with this kind of thinking.

It’s either all or nothing.

There are times when supplementing will improve your health.

I proved it myself repeatedly. And there is NO possible way for me to stay raw vegan if I did not supplement. I’d have had to go back to cooked food and possibly eating meat long ago. Even though I did and do gain tremendous benefits from eating raw.

But no matter how good it feels if you start having nutrient deficiencies that good feeling will go away soon.

So if you can’t eat raw according to that particular guru’s exact system and enjoy perfect health then there must be something flawed with the whole raw food diet concept in the first place.

Of course, I believe that concept in itself to be flawed. There are many possible reasons for the need for supplementation or for eating seaweeds for instance. Because we live far from a natural world.

Heck, we don’t even know for sure if our ancestry was created on planet Earth. There are many theories out there that the humans on this planet have been genetically modified and brought here from other planets, solar systems and even galaxies.

Or what about chemtrails?

Pretty hard to get enough vitamin D when the sky is intentionally being polluted and dimmed. There are MANY factors that these gurus do not even consider and thus they have a flawed system.

All of this turns the Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet into a very restrictive religion.

With pretty much the only thing you can do to improve your health if something goes wrong is to fast if you have any health problem.

The safest way to go raw is to simply treat it like any other diet.

If you find your getting low on certain nutrients that are just not that easily available in raw vegan foods, then you can easily supplement or if you have to or eat other vegetarian foods (not vegan) that would help you meet your nutrient needs.

For instance you might need to consume low quantities raw dairy or maybe organic raw eggs.

Again this is for people who have a hard time supplementing.

Personally I just prefer to supplement so I don’t have any of the negative consequences of eating animal foods.

The key is to be able to adjust if you start to see some problems. But you’ll still be able to gain the incredible health, happiness, beauty and energy advantages of staying raw because your not stuck in an overly rigid and quasi religious raw food system.

6. Believing that if you get sick the only answer is to rest and or to fast. That there are no healing protocols that can help to relieve your problem.

I used to believe this myself.

Yes long ago I was part of this raw religion. But since I already had experiencing being in a cult many years ago and breaking out of it. I was not taken in by the raw food cult.

I knew it better to follow my own body and make the needed adjustments as time went on.

7. Believing that animals in nature do not eat medicinal herbs or use methods to heal themselves when they are sick:

A big basis of Natural Hygiene is to follow what animals do in nature. Unfortunately their conclusions about what animals actually do was wrong.

I’ve actually read of several instances of animals eating certain herbs only when they had cancerous growths. Somehow they just knew what to eat to heal themselves.

I’ve also heard of a story from a horse veterinarian of incredible things horses will do to heal themselves. And I can assure you it ain’t fasting.

Natural Hygiene is really big on not having cures or taking medicines or herbs specifically designed to help heal certain health problems.

But after many years of personal experience with candida albicans I realized that while a good diet helps, it does not necessarily remove the problem altogether.

And yes I tried fasting for up to ten days but that did not work for me.

In fact, I know someone who fasted for 23 days in Costa Rica and she immediately got her candida symptoms back when she started re-feeding.

Fasting can do wonders but it definitely does NOT solve all health problems. And fasting, even supervised fasting can be quite risky.

I personally met a woman who seemed relatively healthy to me who died from fasting about a month or two later.

Of course, this fasting practitioner claims she didn’t die because of the fast. But knowing the insider details I know, there is no way that woman would have died from health problems if she simply did not fast.

It’s a tragic situation and unfortunately that’s not the only person who died that year at a fasting retreat lead by fasting practitioners who also happen to be raw food diet gurus.

And the other person who died definitely died because of the fast experience.

There are often much cheaper, quicker, safer and easier ways to solve health problems than fasting.

If you want to learn how I finally resolved my super persistent candida problem then check out my interview with Dr. Jennifer Daniels.

“The Medical Mafia Conspiracy and The Candida Cleaner “


Anyways, as you can see it can be quite dangerous to treat the Raw Food Diet like a religion.

And be very cautious about the whacky recommendations you’ll read in these raw books. It could ruin your health and it could even kill you.

For not only can one die from fasting.

But you can also die from a heart attack if you’re B12 deficient without any warning signs or symptoms whatsoever.

Anyone who tells you not to supplement or at least regularly test your B12 levels on a Raw Vegan Diet is someone who’s playing Russian Roulette with your life.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness



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  1. Excellent point about the infallibility of any and all raw food diets. With so many variables how can all raw food diets be perfect simply based on the virtue of the raw ingredients? I haven’t even learned to be 80 percent raw yet but I aspire to be!

  2. I fully agree with all of these points. I have been sucked in by this purist thinking as well, but not completely. I have always been wary. I love this post, thank you.

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