Breatharian Tested in Hospital Doesn’t Eat or Drink for 15 Days

Looks like this holy man from India may actually be a true or legitimate breatharian.

He’s undergone two supervised testing periods.  One for 10 days and then one for 15 days.

He’s appeared in several TV shows and or documentaries.

More on his story here:

There are some skeptics but these are people who only believe what is currently believed possible by science. And when has science always known what is really possible anyway.  Heck they used to believe the Earth was flat. LOL

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Breatharian Tested in Hospital Doesn’t Eat or Drink for 15 Days — 12 Comments

  1. There are about 200 people, around the world, living without food known to Dr. Sundhir Shah.

    The materialists only want to know how to do this for `survival’ or going to mars!

    In the Autobiography of a Yogi, the author, Paramahansa Yogananda visits two such people, one in India (female Giri Bala) and one in Bavaria (Catholic saint Therese Neumann).

    He writes of Lahiri Mahasaya, his Teacher’s teacher who neither ate nor breathed for indefinite periods of time but was fully mobile.

    Yogananda himself was able to live without eating and did so from time to time for a month or so, without weight loss.

    Interestingly, when he `left his body’ in 1952 in Los Angeles, it did not decay.

    • If one is given strychnine their body doesn’t decay! There were rumors when he passed that he had been slowly poisoned. He had enemies and those that wanted him out of the way in their org.
      Ten to fifteen days is not enough. A real test would be six months fully monitored as India is full of fakes that get money or donations from the populace! !
      When you look at the digestive organs we can see God designed the body to eat and drink.

      As to ‘breathers’ let me say after researching the air today it is full of thousands of toxins so they certainly are not talking in ‘organic’ air!!!

      I will follow the Bible and pray over each meal.Jesus the greatest Teacher of all time ate (and drank ) sorry breathers and’ rawies’cooked food!

  2. Well, I myself have done 21 day process to live on light in 2000. Then I was not drinking for 21 days, and not eating 62 days, unfortunately my body was loosing wight, so I failed my attempt. Have a friend who is not eating nothing since 2001…! He manage to win with right approach.
    All is possible.

  3. Ive already been turned off by any extreme diets, but Reading this made me lose allll respect for all “Arian” type diets! I’m mean for real people! Come on! Breatharian. I can’t even believe that’s a real word!!!

  4. Heather,

    Did you even bother to watch the video or examine the evidence?

    Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

    Personally, I do believe there are a number of individuals throughout history who have been able to survive without eating physical food.

    It does not mean they didn’t have a food source. But they’ve learned to absorb nutrients directly from spiritual sources or the light.

    This man above is not the only one who has been tested and proven to be able to thrive without eating any food. I also know of another man HRM Hiran Ratan Manek who did not eat for 411 days straight and he was also under close supervision the entire time.

    And there are other authentic cases of this throughout history. Not to say that anyone should necessarily try doing this. But if you feel called to it a way may be opened up for that person to achieve it.

    Of course, be careful as there are some people who have died trying to become breatharians and taking advice from fake breatharians like Jasmuheen.


    • God made food to taste good as we have taste buds!!! And the wisdom to make food taste better using spices,etc.
      We can lightly steam food. The food today even organic -See testing- in many cases is contaminated fungus,molds,etc. and lightly steaming -cooking can destroy or inactivate these deadly growths. There are many foods that can be safely enjoyed raw. Organic has come toxins as wind currants blow poisons herbicides,mold inhibitors,fungicides,etc., over to organic fields. I do nothing but detailed research and most are too lazy and take the word of others.
      You wash and carefully scrub them with the best organic detergents and purified water but these chemicals are IN the fruits and vegetables.

  5. Wow.

    Conclusion: he worked at it, he didn’t just sit around being idle, he WORKED at it, feeling it, THINKING it, being it, the something that he only knows how. Maybe he don’t have words to explain, but that’s not important. He’s LIVING it. Living without losing weight and dying. No, he’s THRIVING, and how is that possible? It’s a mystery, but… maybe one day we’ll figure it out, and that’s a big maybe.

    Reminds me of certain individuals I read about in Tibet, one who wears chains to keep himself as heavy as possible, yet he was so strong he can leap with the heavy thick chains on him. Wow.

    The other one I liked is the ability to stay warm in freezing, snowy, conditions. Boy, now that’s some talent. And he wasn’t sweating and being frozed by his own sweat!

    It’s all about tuning into your own body, not being distracted by the endless “civilisation” we’re living in, wiht constant distractions of phones, TV, loud people who don’t know how to shut up!


    I admire those who can control themselves, discipline and all that amazing qualities. They’re worth gems!

  6. Perhaps this man found the spiritual food Jesus talked about in John 4:32 KJV
    “But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of”

    Another interesting scripture is John 4:34
    “My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.

  7. First, folks have been doing Absolute Fasts for a long time – no food or water, so it is not miraculous. Second, key phrase ‘his body has adapted’; so I do accept he has the ability – or he would have dead by now. But Roger should be careful to be an advocate because it just isn’t necessary to his message to good health and instead makes him sound like a crackpot.

    • This is not about a recommendation to my readers that they should all become Breatharians. Very few people will likely achieve that. Nor should they even try.

      The point is to illustrate that we as humans can surpass the normal rules. That we have incredible potential.

      There are many other kinds of incredible abilities people have achieved that seem impossible to the rationalists and scientists with closed minds. This post was to help show people that they do indeed have an unlimited potential.

      That we are not necessarily limited by the “current” rules of a highly controlled and limited understanding of science. Much of the best and greatest scientific findings have been suppressed to continue the oil monopoly money machine.


  8. I Believe that God created Man to enjoy Life and eating is a Pleasure we were created to enjoy.I strongly believe in the Bibles statement at 1John5:19 that the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. When God destroys the wicked Peace and Harmony will be restored. I also agree, with Natural Hygiene and its Principles though Not Totally.But then Hygienists dont claim to know it aLl. The Creator does.

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