Mainstream Media Actually Reports Truth on GMO’s

This really surprised me when I saw it.

It may indeed be yet another sign of a vast disclosure process. In the past, the corporate media in the United States (yes even Fox News) would never allow such information about GMO’s be made public. It would just be too damaging to the mega corporations trying to make money while intentionally destroying our health at the same time.

Soon there will come a time where just about everyone knows that the US Government and the media as well was secretly being run by a few mega corporations. This idea of freedom of the press will soon be seen for how a ridiculous notion it is.

Although it looks like gradually more freedom of the press is coming back. This video is proof of that process starting to happen.

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Mainstream Media Actually Reports Truth on GMO’s — 2 Comments

  1. There are so many people who work hard at making it happen, i mean making the public aware, it had been hopeless until now but it is so nice to begin to see more than just a glimpse. There is some hope that things will change. It is so urgent. Our planet is not in a good state!

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