Re: Death of the Raw Food Diet

A couple of months back my buddy Frederic Patenaude wrote an extremely controversial article entitled…

“The Death of the Raw Food Diet.”

And while he had what I believe to be are some valid points.

Well… as you can guess I certainly did not agree with his conclusion.

What I can agree to is that we’re approaching the Death of the Dogmatic Raw Food Diet.

And if you look at the raw forums on the Internet you can see the hundreds if not thousands of people failing with this nutrient poor version of the Raw Food Diet.

The problem is the way the Raw Food Diet was taught in the past just didn’t work for everyone.

I’ve seen a lot in the last 17 years or so of being involved with raw foods and the last 12 of being 100% raw.

In fact, I believe there are very few people doing low fat raw for over a decade and still thriving. Unless of course they’ve made their own adjustments like I have.

First we had the problems with people going crazy with way too much phat in their raw diets.

Then a better solution was low fat or high carb raw.

Unfortunately, even though low fat raw was much better, there were many problems with low fat raw as well.

There was lots of health destroying information mixed in with the really good ideas they were promoting.

Many people going low fat raw would sooner or later start running into problems with nutritional deficiencies.

Heck this even happened to me.

Only difference with me is that I never treated this diet like a religion.

If I found something didn’t work I didn’t just automatically go back to cooked food.

I found a solution that allowed me to continue staying raw because the benefits of eating raw are life changing.

I never want to go back to cooked food unless it was my only option.

Basically the way low fat raw is being taught by the big time gurus is completely unsustainable for the long term.

Most people eating this overly restrictive version of the raw food diet will run into 2 major problems after being raw for a long time.

1. Deficiency

2. Boredom

There is a way to easily blow by these problems created from the overly zealous or religious methods of going raw.

It’s a practical and common sense approach.

Most of the people I’ve seen attempting to do low fat raw ate way too little in the way of greens. And that is crucial for long term success at going raw.

Yet quite a few gurus in the low fat raw movement pooh pooh the notion that greens are super vital and important to raw success.

And it’s no wonder.

Whenever I tried to make mono meals (just eating the green by itself) of greens I just didn’t eat that much. And making your own time draining raw salad dressing all of the time gets old quick.

Savory Veggie Stews was my solution for doubling my greens intake and saving me a the hour and a half it would take to munch down two huge salads.

Instead I can eat two huge salads now in less than 15 minutes if they’re converted to hearty Savory Veggie Stews.

Of course, there’s the issue of deficiencies.

Low B12 levels is a big one.

And it’s urgent it be addressed as it’s quite possible to die of a heart attack from low B12 levels.

I started taking sublingual B12 supplements after my first year of being 100% raw and felt an immediate improvement and increase in energy, productivity and improvement in my mood.

It wasn’t until more recently that I started having problems with my bones starting to weaken and also having some cavity issues.

But I also found a contrarian solution to that which allowed me to stay raw and feel better than ever.

More on that here.

Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder System

The bottom line is you can stay raw and succeed for the long haul without experiencing nutrient deficiencies.

But you have to give up the idea that you will never have to supplement.

Please realize that these raw gurus who sound like they’re preaching a religion have something to hide. They’re hiding all of the failures with their way of eating raw.

Yes I know for a fact that there are MAJOR raw gurus out there who are lying through their teeth to keep the illusion going of the perfection of their diet.

And I’d count myself as one of the people who failed at low fat raw as taught in the old Natural Hygiene Dogmatic method.

Anyways,.. nuff said for today.

The Raw Food Diet has certainly not died. Not even close.

Just ask the BILLIONS of animals out there who all eat raw.

But there are some people who didn’t find a way to make it work who maybe wish it would die.

People who are now again addicted to cooked food just like any other drug.

You can eat a tasty high carb raw food diet and feel totally satisfied and meet all of your nutrient needs.

And when you follow my Superbeing Diet method of going raw you’ll find the food is delicious and you feel satisfied from the cellular level.

That constant feeling that something is missing goes away because your nutrient needs are being met.

And that completely satisfies your appetite.

Whereas just eating more and more fruit even when you don’t feel like it doesn’t solve the problem.

It only makes you phatter.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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