Easiest Way to Beat Cooked Food Addiction

If there’s anything that people really struggle with when trying to go raw is addiction to their favorite cooked foods.

There are physical feelings as well as emotions associated with it.

And while there are many mental strategies that are quite useful for beating cooked food addiction, there’s really a much easier way.

Imagine for a moment that you’re going out to eat at a Thai food restaurant.

Now pretend that you never ate that food before and that normally you eat plain old American food like hamburgers or fries. Just humor me a second if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. The same can be applied to any diet.

The key is that you’re eating a different cuisine than your normal.

So you go to eat something completely different and yet you find that you really love this Thai food.

In fact, it’s so good you wouldn’t mind eating Thai food all day long.

And you then decide to learn all about Thai cuisine and eat it morning, noon and night.

You have zero cravings for previous foods you ate (although you wouldn’t mind eating them) because your loving this new cuisine.

That’s an example or analogy of how you could do the same with raw food.

The key to overcoming cooked food addiction is finding other foods (that are raw and healthy) that you adore the flavor and texture of.

For if you LOVE the food you’re eating then it’s really easy to stick to that diet so long as its nutritionally sound.

That is the easy way to beat cooked food addiction.

Make your raw food taste as good or better than your previous favorite cooked foods.

This is exactly why Savory Veggie Stews has been such a global raw food phenomenon.


Because they are a great replacement for cooked food.

They’re hearty, satisfying and quick and easy to make every day while easily making you double or triple your intake of vital greens.

In the very near future I’m going to be releasing the next step or evolution of the High Carb Raw Food Diet.

You’ll be deeply satisfied in a way that simply wasn’t possible until now. (Not that it wasn’t possible but that few if any people in the raw food movement were practicing these simple ideas.)

I suspect not 1 in 200 people who follow the current low fat raw teachings are doing what I’ll be revealing in the very near future.

And it’s because they didn’t do this that so many people trying to go raw have failed.

They just couldn’t find raw foods that gave them the same satisfied feeling they were able to get with cooked foods.

Soon that will be a thing of the past.

I’ll be giving you more info on this high carb raw food breakthrough in the coming days.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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