[Case Study] Why Another Religious Raw Foodist Went Cooked

First off let me start by wishing you a Happy New Years Eve and the most amazing 2014 ever.

Now onto the juicy stuff.

Yet again another of the Religious Raw Foodists has gone back to cooked food.

And I have all of the reasons why he went cooked which I’ll explain below. Plus I’ll give you my opinion on how he could have easily solved each and every issue and stay 100% raw and thrive.

*** The Problems He Had:

1) Problems with his teeth 2) Lack of calories 3) Thought he was too thin

So here we have yet another fruit eating raw foodist who had problems with excessive cavities while going raw.

But since he’s so religious about the raw food diet he refuses to do a very simple solution that I teach because it involves supplementation.

He also refuses to stop eating raw mono meals when a simple (totally raw solution) would have allowed him to get plenty of calories even in the Northern climate he comes from. I know because I lived 100% raw for 9 years in New Jersey, which can get plenty of snow and below freezing temperatures in the wintertime. And I NEVER had problems with getting enough calories while raw there.

Yet he’d rather go back to eating cooked vegan food rather than take a supplement and or slightly change the way he eats raw.

Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

This my friends is someone with his priorities out of whack.


Because even though some supplements may be cooked they are such a tiny percentage of a person’s diet that you’ll never feel any ill effects.

And I would know because I’m sensitive to even small amounts of so called “healthy cooked food.” However eating cooked food will definitely produce deleterious effects to your health even if it’s just steamed vegetables.

(Of course, if you have no other food available then of course you must eat cooked food. I’m just saying when you have raw choices you’ll feel much better if you eat them instead.)

Case in Point:

In my early days of eating raw I ate the raw cashews from the health food store. I just used to love cashews and these were reasonably priced. But after eating them for a while (not in massive quantities either) I started getting some minor signs of my depression coming back.

At first I didn’t associate it with the cashews. But then I realized they weren’t really raw because they have to be heated simply to remove them from the shell.

This food was just barely cooked, not even roasted but my body could feel the difference.

A day after I stopped eating them I felt like my normal, happy and vibrant self.

Then another time I started experimenting with eating chickpeas that I found in the bulk section of the health food store. While I really liked the taste eventually I had to stop eating them too.


Because I wasn’t feeling right. I started to get that cooked food feeling back.

Yet all I was doing was soaking these chickpeas. I didn’t heat them at all.

Well it turns out that these weren’t sproutable chickpeas. And they were likely dried at a relatively high temperature and therefore caused me problems even though I was not cooking them myself.

You’ll often hear these former raw gurus say that there is no difference between eating steamed veggies and foods versus raw ones.

Well then how do you explain my bodily reactions to these foods?

The fact of the matter is cooked food is chemistry. If you cook the food you change the chemistry of the food, you change the molecular structure, you create hundreds if not thousands of new molecules that were not in the raw version of that food. You also destroy nutrients and you break down the cellular structure of the food.

In short, you are killing the food.

You are definitely removing the life force and that is HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT in terms of energetic coherence, health and happiness.

So never believe these former raw gurus who say that steamed vegetables are perfectly fine for your health. They are just lying to themselves when they say that.

If you find you need to take some supplements to maintain or restore your nutritional status I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

It’s much better doing that then just giving up raw foods and having a high percentage of your diet cooked.

It’s a night and day difference in how you’ll feel.

Take some supplements (only what is necessary) and you can eat raw and still have 100% of the benefits of eating raw. Plus if you do it right you’ll have nutritional sufficiency instead of the malnutrition most religious raw foodists (like my friend) start to experience.

In a future email I’ll get into much more detail about the problems my friend experienced with his lacking version of the Raw Food Diet.

And by the way… I have novel solutions to each and every one of his three issues that I’ll go over in more detail in upcoming emails.

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And loads of fruit eating without proper dental hygiene is one of the main reasons so many raw foodists are having cavity issues.

Well if you stop eating so much fruit you get to eliminate one of the root causes of the problem.

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Roger Haeske

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