Where’s Your Meat?

The other day a member of “The Gorged” and obvious cooked-ite tried to assimilate me to her collective.

NOTE: Looked at my second P.S. below for a full definition of “The Gorged.”

She was the cashier and she noticed all of these bananas, greens and other produce.

First thing she asks me is “Where’s your meat?”

Then she mentions that because she sees all of that fruit but she doesn’t see any meat.

Well I wanted to get out of there and just told her I was a vegetarian.

That was all I needed to stop the the attempt to turn me and my family into one of them.

She didn’t really put up much of a fight.

I suppose it’s hard if you’re part of the Gorged. You just don’t have the energy to bring in new recruits.

I on the other hand have more energy than a 2 year old.

And I definitely want you to join my Rawverse collective.

It’s a group that experiences radiant health and happiness from the cellular level. And of course, you are phree to leave at any time. We do not use force or shame or intimidation to keep our members in line.

It’s their bodies that do it for them.

Once they taste of the heavenly states of joy produced by clean living, they find hard to ever go back.

Especially because the food tastes so darn delicious.


And to make sure your nutrient levels are topped off and to avoid the scourge of cavities and weak bones you get when you follow the Raw No-Clue-Roos then you’ll definitely want to read my story over here…


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. Here’s a status update from a Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder customer – http://prod.rogerhaeske.com/CavityCrusher

By the way,  I saw the dental assistant who gives me periodontal maintenance on August 1st, and she thought my teeth were pretty good – more teeth pockets had decreased in size than increased, my teeth bled less when she worked on them, and when I asked her about my 5 cavities, she said that she hadn’t seen anything that she was worried about – they were still there, but hadn’t gotten worse. Can’t wait to see the outcome of my bone density test.

Thanks very much,

Thanks for the great update Randa.

It’s so wonderful to see people like Randa building super strong bones and teeth while keeping cavities at bay.

Cavities used to be a rampant problem with raw foodists. But that is a thing of the past for Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder customers who actually take 5 minutes out of their day to follow the Cavity Crusher and Bone Builder program.

P.P.S. Definition of: The Gorged – The Gorged is a large and growing collective of people who are overweight and don’t even know it. They also try to coerce and intimidate the thin and healthy into being overweight like them. The reason they don’t know they’re overweight is because everyone in their collective is also overweight from eating unnatural foods and so they feel they are normal.

NOTE: Being overweight does not automatically make you part of the Gorged Collective. If you’re overweight and realize it and want to do something about it then you’ve broken phree from the Gorged. And if you’re on the Eternal Teanajer’s email list you’re almost certainly not a member of the Gorged Collective.

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