2 Vegan Foods that Build Strong Bones

One of the problems of the unsupplemented raw vegan diet is that
after a while you start running into some nutritional deficiencies.

And one of deficiencies that raw vegans typically get has a lot to
do with what causes them to get so many cavities.

At the same time this deficiency causes weakening bones which
eventually leads to osteopenia and then osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, if you’re diet predominates in fruit (especially if
you’re a fruitarian) you’re going to quickly become deficient in a
crucial nutrient for bone health.

But there are a couple of raw foods that you can eat that can help
to reverse this trend.

What you need to do is eat foods super high in vitamin K.

But not for the vitamin K content (though the vitamin k itself is
also important) but for what part of the vitamin K will convert

About 10% of the vitamin K you absorb will be converted into
vitamin K2 which is crucial for bone health, protecting you from
heart disease and cancer and ensuring healthy skin and proper brain
function to name a few.

And vitamin K2 is fairly hard to come by from food sources on a Raw
Vegan Diet.

It’s quite low in fruit for instance.

So if you can manage to eat a lot of foods that are really high in
vitamin K that may get enough to keep you at maintenance levels.

The key is eating a TON of greens.

But some greens have far more K than others. You’ll want to
specialize in those greens.

Spinach for instance has the highest vitamin K content per calorie
that I know of. And last night I ate a whole pound of spinach in
the form of two delicious Savory Veggie Stews —

But if the high oxalates in spinach are a problem for you then
don’t sweat it.

The next best source of vitamin K that I know of is from kale.

And kale is medium to low in oxalates.

Below are some of the nutrient numbers on kale related to vitamin K
and K2.

** The Numbers on Kale **


For a 100 gram serving = 50 calories

Vitamin K = 817mcg & 1021% of the Daily Value


For a Half Pound Serving = 113 calories

Vitamin K = 1846mcg & 2,307% of the Daily Value


The recommended daily value for vitamin K2 is 80 mcg or 100% DV.


So if you eat just a half a pound of kale per day your getting
(from kale alone, not including other food sources) 1846 mcg of
vitamin K. And 10% of that is about 185 mcg of vitamin K2.

That is about 230% of your daily requirement.

But honestly, you’re not going to fully absorb that much vitamin K
from the kale. And I’m not completely sure how the conversion to K2
works. All I know is that it’s supposed to be about 10% of the
vitamin K that you actually get into your system.

That whole pound of spinach I ate last night comes out to 2,187.99
mcg of vitamin K. If 10% of that converts to vitamin K2 then I
absorbed about 219 mcg of vitamin K2 or 274% of the daily value
simply from eating spinach.

Of course, I realize that most people and even most raw foodists
will never eat a pound of spinach for dinner.

It’s really hard to do that eating mono meals.

And also hard to do it by eating plain old salads.

In fact, it can take 45 minutes just to chew a huge salad of
spinach or any other salad for that matter.

And you’d probably have to make 3 huge spinach salads to get down
just a pound of spinach.

Personally, I know that if I didn’t have Savory Veggie Stews I’d
easily be eating only about half the greens I currently eat.

And Savory Veggie Stews work great with kale and other cruciferous veggies.


In fact, you’re going to get much more in the way of nutrients by
blending your cruciferous vegetables in a high powered blender like
a Vitamix because of their high level of cellulose content.

The cellulose has to be broken down before swallowing so that the
high nutrient content of the kale can be absorbed.

It’s hard to do that just by chewing.

And you’ll actually want to eat a lot more in the way of kale or
collards because Savory Stews are hearty and delicious while tasting
nothing like salads.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske

The Cooked Food Addiction Buster
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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