7 Minutes to Super Fitness

Some people think I’m full of hype when I claim you can get pro athlete fitness in just 15 minutes.

The real truth is that most all workout systems WASTE TIME!

There’s little need for most of the exercises people do.

Strangely, the shorter workouts that I teach in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program produce much better results because they’re more intense and because your likely to stick with them regularly.

In fact, you can get to super fitness and super phat burnin levels in just 7 minutes a day. And you can even take a day or two off during the week.

All you have to do is these two magical (multi muscle group) exercises and do them at ever increasing levels of difficulty.

1. Push-ups – For upper body and core strength.

Doing lots of push-ups can totally transform your physique like no other upper body exercise I’ve ever seen.

My recommendation is to do a 3 minute (approximately) Push-up Blaster Workout. This workout not only builds your upper body dramatically but also boosts your muscular endurance in just 3 minutes.

And it’s fun to do because it’s like a game.


My PU Blaster workout today took me 3:33 seconds. It has taken me longer at times and other times I’ve don it under three minutes. How long it takes depends on how difficult you make it and your level of fitness. You may need to start off by only doing 1 or 2 minutes until you get your fitness levels up.

2. The Lightning Speed Exercise (LSE) – For the lower body (legs) strength, speed and super endurance

Then just do 4 minutes worth of the Lightning Speed Exercise.


Of course, if you’re a newbie you absolutely should not start out doing 4 minutes. That would be way too much for you. You’ll be so sore you can’t walk properly for a week.

In fact, most power lifters and body builders could not last doing this for more than 2 minutes when they first start.

So instead you start off with 30 seconds and then build your way up.

Combine these two exercises and you have the fastest super fitness system in the West.

My LSE workout took me 3:44 seconds to complete today. And I was a huffin and a puffin. But I have in the past done the same number of LSE exercises in only 3 minutes.

Or if I was super strict and wanted to get in my workout in just 7 minutes I’d make sure to stop when time was up.

Whether it takes you 7 or 8 minutes matters little.

What matters is that you can get in kick-arse shape in under ten minutes a day doing just 2 easy to learn exercises.

And when you’re first starting out your workout should only last a few minutes tops.

Of course, if you want pro athlete fitness levels gradually jump up the workout to about 15 minutes.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 46-Year Old Teanajer

P.S. This guy was really busy and found a super fast fitness program that didn’t tire him out and gave him an immediate NATURAL HIGH.

Well, if you must pry, haha jk. I ordered your program (Lightning Speed Fitness Program) because it was suggested in Seppo Puusa’s ebook, Clear for Life. I hardly had time to exercise because I’m going to college and am 19 with tons of family responsibilities a kid my age shouldn’t have. I’m like a single father and my siblings are my children, but with the help of my mom of course.

I was doing P90X (downloaded a pirated version) for 3 months. It really helped, but the time it took to do the exercise was too much! I would exercise for 2 hours and then hardly have time left for my homework. Not to mention the amount of weariness I felt throughout the day after exercising. It had a huge impact on my homework negatively.

I stopped and started walking every day for an hour. I liked it, but after a month, I realized that all I was doing was cardio. I knew I needed to do some resistance training as well. Stress was building up because I couldn’t think of a way to incorporate resistance training in my routine walks without having to use up another hour.

I would be frustrated all day everyday with the mere thought of having to think of way to implement resistance training in my cardio routine. I started getting headaches, sharp ones, which contributed to my acne inflammation big time! I was on the verge of giving up my diet of 70% veggies and 30% meat because if I couldn’t include resistance training into my everyday workout in my situation, then there was no reason for me to stick to the diet.

I went back to reading¬† Seppo Puusa’s ebook and he mentioned your site. I went on it, but didn’t have the money at the time. I subscribed to your emails with a different email and read about 20% of your emails sent to me because I forgot which email was receiving your emails.

After a couple of more months, I finally bought your program and… DANG!

The first time I did those exercises included in your program, I got the natural high! I thought to myself “I don’t have to smoke the ganja anymore, I can just exercise! WOOTWOOT!”

I loved the feeling so much that I anticipated to exercise after I got home from school. And I only did the exercises for about 10 mins! I’ve never felt that high in my life after an exercise. I was feeling extremely relaxed.

My self-consciousness dropped down from 100 to -50. I was sittin back maxin and relaxin. I’ve also noticed that my acne has begun to decrease in size and inflammation slowly but steadily.

I’m back on the 70% veggies 30% meat diet, and it’s only been 3 days since I was gonna drop everything. Thanks Roger for all the work and effort you put into your program. If you have any suggestions to give to me, I’ll definitely take heed to what you have to say.




7 Minutes to Super Fitness — 9 Comments

  1. Roger hi
    You are a kind person to send these
    fitness tips.
    I am most grateful.
    At present I am on my way home, on a bus and as soon as I get home will do
    those lying down getting up quickly
    exercises. Great, as I am going to a
    Grand daughters Birthday party and want
    to look as if I am bursting with fitness.
    With kind regards and continuing health
    to you and yours,
    Margaret NZ

  2. Do you mean 3 minutes straight just of pushups? Do as many as you can, rest, then continue? Likewise with squats for 4 minutes?

  3. This is the greatest free fitness tip ever. Two simple exercise that do it all! And yes, doing them for 15 minutes a day will get you into top shape.

  4. I am doing 6 sets of 50 reps of each of the two exercises. I do a set of each at random times throughout the day, and am getting in the best shape I’ve been in years! This is all that I do, other than doing the 2 second abs when I think of it, and walking. Thanks for all your sensible advice about diet and exercise.

  5. Doing these two exercises is great for anyone, but is really effective for senior citizens like myself. I am 76, and do these two exercises throughout the day. They are really energizing and help keep you fit. They can be done anywhere, and are the best two “vacation” exercises going.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience Bob. Indeed these are great exercises for seniors or anyone of any age. Do these regularly and you’ll keep in fine shape.

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