How I Attract Ideas, Cash and Happiness

Roger Haeske

Here I was struggling to grasp a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction as described in the movie "The Secret" and in many other books, when it hit me. I was already actively using and thriving because of "The Secret."

I simply couldn’t run my business without being able to attract the right ideas, books and people etc. I suspect 99% of people in the world couldn’t imagine doing the kind of work I do. You need a constant stream of great ideas to do what I do and that intimidates many people.

How do I get all of the ideas for my articles, even this one for instance? How do I create all of these different ebooks and information products? How do I come up with all of these clever ideas to promote my products and get people to read my blog posts and emails?

It’s simple, I turn myself into a magnet attracting the ideas I need for success, health and happiness.

Little did I realize that I’d turned myself into a law of attraction machine. My mind is constantly sending signals for new and better ideas out to the Universe. I’m always looking to innovate and do things in a quicker, better and more inspiring way.

And the ideas magically come. But they don’t come if I don’t specifically ask for them. The better my question the better the answer I get. That’s the essence of my Magic Questions technique that you can get by subscribing to the Superbeing Secrets Letter and that technique is powered by the Law of Attraction.

The key is that I am actively looking. The secret that activates the Law of Attraction for me is my intent. I intend to get great ideas. And I specifically ask my subconscious or my higher self for them.

Even with this article, I was not happy with the way I initially wrote it. It was too long and not communicating my ideas as well as I had felt them. But I was focused on getting a better result.

I wrote two drafts and edited the second draft to get to this point. By waiting I saw ways to illustrate my point much better. In other words, I attracted a better and more clear way to make my point.

Of course, this is typical of what a writer does but what most writers don’t realize is that they are using the Law of Attraction to get their ideas. Even if they read them in a book or article, they attracted that information into their lives.

I’m really in the idea attraction business. I wouldn’t be able to write articles, create new products and market them without constantly using the fabled and misunderstood "Law of Attraction."

My whole online business success is rooted in the power of attraction. Most everything I do relies on it heavily. The same could be said for just about any person who’s involved in writing, speaking or other creative tasks.

How do you think I get the ideas for my articles? How about the ideas for new products or product names?

I get ideas for new products and business ventures all of the time. It’s not because I have any special talent, it’s simply because I’ve trained myself to be aware of these ideas and opportunities at all times.

I’m actively looking for them or "I asked and I’m receiving." I truly believe and have demonstrated the Biblical principle: Ask and you shall receive. Whatever I ask for starts coming to me immediately.

Take for instance the process of the creation of my new natural high and bodyweight exercise program Cocainercise. How do you think I came up with that whacked out name?

The first name I thought of was "Addicted to Exercise." Pretty boring right. But it illustrated the exact point I was trying to make.

Then I decided I wanted to coin a name or create a new word for this program. The product was all about getting people to love exercise so much that they craved it.

So I called it "Cravercise." But then the next day I was doing some exercises talked about in the program and felt an incredible high "as usual." I was so high that I felt like I was on drugs.

Somehow I knew this was the tie in I was looking for. I wanted to associate this product with the euphoric feelings drugs produce. I know it sounds crazy and totally against what I teach but I sensed this was the way to go. Of course, I’m talking about getting a natural high when you exercise.

At first I wanted to coin a term related to crack cocaine. But "Crackercise" sounded stupid and had many other unintended meanings. Shortly after that I came up with Cocainercise.

I knew this would be a highly controversial name and at the same time memorable. I also happen to know (due to the law of attraction) that controversy attracts attention and free publicity. A good name can make or break a product and I’m hoping Cocainercise will be that breakthrough name.

In any case, I wanted to take you into my world of thinking for a bit and share with you how I’m constantly using "The Secret" or the "Law of Attraction."

Writing is all based on ideas. I get the idea and then I can speak it or write it. I tune my mind into discovering the things I want and like clockwork I get it. All you have to do is ask, then take some mental action by writing ideas down and then the ideas start to flow like a river.

I’ve previously written several articles which talk about my Idea Factory process: How A Fool Idea Doubled My Productivity

By using the Idea Factory I at least doubled (really tripled) my bankable ideas. So many new products, articles and life innovations have come as a result of it.

Even new marketing strategies and ways to improve my health and fitness.  

Now if we go back to the subject line of this post it said:

"How I Attract Ideas, Cash and Happiness"

Well I haven’t yet really covered the happiness aspect. And quite frankly I could go on and on about the Law of Attraction and how I use it. I think I’ll delve into it much more in future articles.

As for happiness, I want to cover something. I can tell you that I’ve been quite poor for much of my adult life. I’ve had times when I was in major credit card debt and could just barely pay my bills. I even had to borrow money at times to pay the rent.

From my experience, it’s much better to have an abundance of money than not enough. Life has been without questions better for me with money than without it. Certainly money is not everything, but don’t be fooled into lowering your financial expectations because you think you don’t really want money.

That’s a hogwash copout. Money in our culture means freedom and free time. The ability to explore and experience many new things.

But so many people have a boatload of negative association with money. Money can be used wisely and is not in itself good or evil. One thing is for certain, life is a lot easier and more enjoyable when you have enough money to pay your bills without worry and to get the things you desire.

Don’t fool yourself into rejecting the concept of being wealthy simply because you find it hard to achieve. We’re all abundant spiritual beings why not demonstrate that financially for yourself and stop setting false limitors to your potential because your afraid to fail.

Happy Thoughts Attract More Happy Thoughts

But there’s another aspect of happiness I wanted to talk about and that is when I do my daily spiritual exercise. When I do it, I attract happiness and attunement to God or the Divine.

Just by doing my mantra, reading from a spiritually oriented book, and doing my visualization I feel happier. And even that feels like a drug but much better because it’s a natural high. Happiness just comes and so does an expanded consciousness.

I’ve discovered that ideas have a vibration and attract other similar wavelength ideas to them. If I start thinking about God, I get expansive ideas that lift me into a state of ecstasy and personal power.

And this is all happening in large part due to the Law of Attraction. If you focus on good and on what you want, you’ll expand in your awareness of those things.

The idea itself is a magnet for other similar ideas. And of course, when I have fearful or negative thoughts, they tend to attract more of the same.

So in conclusion, you can magnetize yourself to the things you want by simply thinking of them and asking for more of the same. Reading a book is also a way to activate "The Secret."

Therefore, read things that inspire and uplift you every day. Soon you’ll see that your life is becoming increasingly better.

And don’t forget to take action. Nothing happens in this world without you or somebody else taking action. That’s another great law. You can’t just use the Law of Attraction and then forget about the Law of Action.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

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  2. I am currently trying to figure out how to use the law of attraction to finally reach my goal of being a permanent 80% raw foodist. If you could perhaps make a post about that I’m sure a lot of people would find it very interesting because I know there are so many people who struggle at the raw food diet, and surely by thinking “This is hard” and “I can’t stick at this”, they make it precisely so.

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