The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place

Finally someone with the guts to very publicly admit what is going on behind the scenes at a water fast with Douglas Graham.

(Below I’ll be including a Youtube video made by Leah Branster who did a 25 day water fast with Dr. Douglas Graham and also just the mp3 file of the video. This way you can open it up in a program like the free VLC media player and boost the volume. I’m a bit hard of hearing and was unable to hear her video clearly on my laptop. So I figured you might like to have it in just the audio format.)

Please right click on the link below to download the MP3 audio version of the video to your computer. 


I’m so sorry to hear the living hell that you went through (and likely are still dealing with) Leah.

But I’m also incredibly glad at your bravery in posting your experience. And also that you refused to be silenced for cash with a non-disclosure agreement in order for you to get your $8,000 refund. This is likely how things have been kept quite in the past. But you did not buckle under pressure. Bravo.

I believe your video will save a lot of people who could have died or severely damaged their health by doing a water fast without doing blood tests.


If someone is determined to fast then they should do it at a place like True North that has a very good reputation for fasting safely. They have a medical staff and they do regular blood tests. And the fasts cost a lot less than what Leah paid.

Unfortunately over the years I’ve heard too many horror stories associated with fasting.

Often it does not do what is promised. And many people I know have long term health problems caused by water fasting.

So please if you really think you must fast for your particular health condition then do it at a TrueNorth where you’ll be well taken care of by health professionals.

Also please take the time to read the comments below. We have several other people who have fasted with Doug Graham leave comments. Including at least one person who actually was fasting with Leah.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
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The Truth Finally Comes Out About the Dangers of Water Fasting at the Wrong Place — 38 Comments

  1. Yes, at last! but what about the so many other truths which haven’t come out yet? Other gurus? And Freelee and DR? Aren’t they serial liars? Or even worst?

    • Aloha Linda,

      Unfortunately I think you’re right on many counts. People have to do their own due diligence.

      There is much more I can say, but even just this post is already getting me some negative feedback from some ignoramuses.

      There are a lot of scammers out there in the Raw Food Movement.

      Yes even in the low fat raw movement.

      People have to be really careful.


      • Roger, grow some balls and speak up. I did.

        Who cares what others say. Be man enough to say what needs to be said.

        Took me months of pestering Leah to speak up publicly. She even asked me to keep it a secret at first but I didnt. This information needs to be spread.

        Thank god Leah made that video.

        Im glad you are sharing it. Pretty much everyone else in rawland pretends it never happened.

        • Thanks for sharing Harley.

          And thanks for helping get the word out on Leah’s near death fasting experience with Dr. Douglas Graham.

          I posted her video on my site. Isn’t that balls enough? LOL

          I used to support Doug as well. But haven’t in a very long time. And now you know just one of the reasons why.

          You’ll be hearing a lot more about this kind of stuff from me in the future. In the past I’ve not named names but I have spilled the beans. I’ve warned my readers to do their due diligence because some of the big names in the raw food world and sadly even in the low fat raw food world don’t have your best intentions at heart.

          But when the truth comes out it must be shared. Doug nearly killed Leah.

          Luckily Leah has the full proof because it was her experience. Harder for me to prove to others that for instance Jane Mutti almost certainly died to due to negligence by Doug Graham.

          But now thanks to Leah’s video Doug’s character “or lack of it” is becoming pretty clear.

          Anyways, I can’t believe that Doug continued to want her to fast. It makes absolutely no sense unless he wanted her to die.

          How can fasting someone who can’t hold down water and has constant diarrhea make any sense whatsoever. What he was doing in Costa Rica is either negligent or criminal.

          And he’s way too smart for it to be negligence. So in that case it seems to me to be criminal in intent.


          • Glad you did post that video mate. Big kudos from us.

            By sharing relevant information like this, we help others make better choices.

          • Hi Roger,
            You think Doug is smarter than that? I don’t think so. I think the only tools he has is raw food and water and exercise. And of the raw food, he doesn’t seem to use herbalism. There are special raw foods that are antibiotic in nature, but one needs to approach the body medically to succeed. His generic approach with no testing or monitoring is more akin to spiritual water fasting or animals in nature fasting with no doctors. It seems like people want to be like Jesus but forget that Jesus could produce miracles, like make wine and food appear out of thin air. So how can ordinary people keep citing how JEsus fasted for 40 days and try to emulate that with no professional help? The day Doug Graham can turn water into wine and feed the masses with one loaf is the day I would consider water fasting with Doug five hours from the nearest hospital and no herbal medicine around or anyone around who understands medicine or anyone willing to even boil the drinking water.

    • Freelee and Durianrider have been warning people against fasting for years. They are the good guys, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Unfortunately when I listened the first time I had a hard time hearing.

      But usually that is done if there are some major issues that faster is going through. I assure you that the people going to fast with Dr. Graham intended to do a water only fast.

      If she was drinking celery juice during the fast it was possibly to deal with her severe issues. Obviously if that’s the case it didn’t work.


      • I also fasted in Costa Rica w/Graham (he’s NOT a Dr. he’s a narcissitic sociopath in my experience and opinion). He NEVER came in to the fasters rooms to see if we were ok, and though he advertised that we could end the fast at any time. That was NOT the truth around what happened..I left a week early (at the 5 week point) after fasting 23 days.. He wanted us ALL to fast a full 28 days regardless of our situations etc. .. I am 5″8″ and was fit (although had cronic candida prior to fast for years/the reason I decided to go and do the fast) and went from 142 llbs to 119 lbs..I’ve exercised my whole adult life, and am a Massage Therapist, 119 looked like I was a Holocaust victim. I probably have a medium build, and have always carried a bit more weight than what I look like (heavier bones, more natural muscle?!) He needs to be shut down in my opinion. Why do you think he does these fasts in a 3rd world country?? He’s not stupid. I bought (but didn’t drink) his Kool Aide. His seemingly very bright wife (Phd) Dr Rosiland Gruben via an article saying a week water fasting would completely erradicate (starve out) Candida is what made me decide to give this a try. Literally within seconds of re feeding on watermelon, black floaters came back and general malaise…I’ve since found what seems to be more accurate data/info re: water fasting saying that the yeast and fungus needs a food source. When deprived of it, it then retreats deeper into the body looking for a feeding source such as joints, intestinal wall, intersticial tissure..whatever. It’s been (8) EIGHT YEARS!!!! and I can say it’s only been in the past year or so that I kind of feel better. I lost all strenth and motivation to exercise. I could say ALOT more, but he’s evil and an unfeeling, selfish, GREEDY moneyhungry,egotistical asshole. Apologies for the language, but I feel it’s needed to get the real truth and point across.

      • I believe she had the celery/ green juice during the RECOVERY period AFTER the water fast to presumably replenish iron stores.

    • A clarification … I’m one of Leah’s fellow fasters. I was present at the event from day one to the day she left. It’s correct that we were all doing water-only fasting, including Leah, for our entire fast, and when she broke the fast and had a hard time in so many ways mentioned, she was given celery juice as a way to try to help her keep something down.

  2. This is an extreme example of, not the dangers of fasting, rather the danger of not being medically supervised and being guided by a charlatan. This woman, had she simply done this herself at home, would have done better as she would have broken the fast much earlier and gone to a doctor.
    Truly a rather DRAMATIC representation to the extreme negative side. It’s not the fasting that caused her illness…it was the extreme lack proper guidance.

  3. I was wondering if the length of the fast wouldn´t be a big part of the problem as well? 28 days seems very long to me.Then the fact that she got an infection from infected water (wtf are they giving them?) and then the obvious incompetence of dr Graham and his crew for not caring and thus overseeing she was infected…The way I understand it, if she listen to Graham and wouldn´t have gone to the hospital, she´d be dead…

  4. @Lawrence: In the film, Leah did say she water-fasted for 25 days. By the time she mentions the celery and romaine juice, she was well into describing her post-fast experience. She talks about ‘breakfast’ at 12:16 then a while after, talks about the juice.

  5. There is no question that no one should do a water fast for more than 3 days unless it is medically supervised. There are tremendous benefits of a three day fast. See Cell Stem Cell, Vol. 14, Issue 6, p704–705. A 3 day fast can jump-start your immune system and stem cell production. I do monthly 3 day water fasts without any problem except for some leg cramping during hot weather, probably due to not replacing potassium lost in perspiration.

  6. Yes, I was going to also mention that she had the juice after breaking the fast and I think it was recommended as she was not (like I was not when there) getting better, moving forward etc while ingesting the fruit. I’d like to mention a couple more bits of insight and information I came upon that makes sense to me. First of all, this one size fits all, cookie cutter dogma, especially amoungst those that believe we are frugavores by nature and design is, again, in my personal & professional experience is not necessarily true. On many levels and for many reasons I wanted to believe it. But for me and many many others it has not cut it or worked. That said, Doug G for instance and many a raw food guru would say you just have to continue the “detox” etc..This cleansing and detox relm is very individual. Heck, read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying To Be Me”..she literally died, organs shut down etc..and “came back” and is alive and kicking..She said it was her wrong way of THINKING, which is why she developed cancer!! NOT being perfect with her diet etc..Lorraine Day claims to have cured her advanced breast cancer with carrot juice, something many fruitarians would balk at. Sorry, I’ve digressed. Re; water fasting..a couple of years after the fasting debacle and still feeling weak, not able to regain ability to exercise like I had always been able to, I found an article online that said during a water fast drinking vast amounts of water (which we were constantly told to be doing in Costa Rica at Grahams retreat) was a recipe for disater..would completely wipe out electrolytes. It’s been said you can die from drinking too much water..and also (and this makes sense to me), that we are NOT water drinkers. Think about it. Until very recently, the luxury of even our modern indoor plumbing did not exist. We don’t have snouts like Elephants that can siphen up water from a stream or pond. At best if and when people lived near streams etc. you would have to make a cup with your two hands and you get very little water..Yes so gettng water from watery foods and having the water be able to get into your cells etc in a slower manner makes sense..But who said this planet makes sense. We as humans, unlike the animals here cannott very easily survive..This is a hostile environement for us. Insects, wild animals, even fruit in the tropics have cycles, and is NOT available on a constant basis..I think the better thing would be to eat as clean, and yes mostly fruits in season, and how about eating when really hungry?, and avoiding/minimizing anything processed foods//gluten/grains, anything that we could not acquire on our own out in nature..but I won’t go into what I think re: who we are, how I think we as humans “arrived” down here. Too much for this subject. And everyone has to come to their own place of understanding. Food is not God, and I think Anita Moorjani and many others are closer to the “truth” whatever that means or is. Maybe it really is all about what we believe (be-lie )or have been told to think. Change your mind about was is real and true and see what happens..Just a thought..

  7. Wow I’m so glad that Leah decided to speak out about this. I was at the same fasting retreat this January and from day 1 I had weird feelings about the whole thing. I thought it was weird how so many people were treating this guy (Doug Graham) like some kind of God and hanging on to his every word as if everything he said was the ultimate truth. I kept thinking I was the crazy one for actually worrying about Leah or wondering if I would end up in a similar situation because it seemed like no one else cared.

    It’s true that Doug would never come in to our rooms to check up on us. He always had this annoyed tone in his voice when anyone would ask him a question at the wrong moment and was always talking about how busy he was all the time. The only time we had a chance to talk to him was during his lectures which usually consisted of him trying to promote himself in some way. First it was about this recipe book that he was working on, then some children’s book that his wife wrote, then about the other events that he was hosting. He even spent an entire lecture asking us for help on how to market himself and his website in the future.

    At one point one lady there felt dizzy, fell down and bumped her head on the floor. Apparently she was bleeding so a bunch of people were running around looking for Doug. One of his interns came back and said he was sun bathing near the pool and didn’t want to be disturbed. When he came back like an hour later he was acting as if it was no big deal, that people fall and hit their heads on the floor all the time.

    The whole experience was really disturbing. I felt like I was in a prison for some kind of a weird cult. There were a lot of young people there and they all seemed to be severely brainwashed by this guy. I had initially wanted to break my fast after 21 days because I was feeling really crappy and so I expressed this to one of the interns. The intern kept telling me that Dr. Graham really wants the fasters to experience the fast fully, for at least 28 days. Later, as we kept talking the intern mentioned that because there were such few kitchen staff/interns it was going to be really hard for them to prepare meals for so many people if we all started breaking our fasts. So basically we had better continue to starve ourselves no matter what we were feeling because they didn’t want to deal with the stress of preparing food until more help arrived.

    The last day of the retreat was the worst. We were told that we would be staying at the hotel and that dinner would be prepared for us. Some people went to the market to buy food for their trip back home. Well, dinner time came and there was no food, no plates, no cutlery, no Dr. Douglas Graham. Thankfully most of us had gone to the market so we did have something to eat but it was quite embarrassing walking into the hotel restaurant and asking for plates and cutlery from the kitchen staff who probably thought we were all nuts.

    The interns seemed highly stressed out all the time. No one looked truly happy and the overall environment just felt very negative. Although water fasting may be beneficial for some, I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE to attend the Costa Rica retreat with Doug Graham.

  8. There’s fasting, and there’s fasting. The information is out there. Why people would go through this, turning themselves over to some whack job, is beyond me.

  9. I did this fast a few years ago. It was a disaster. My colon became impacted because you don’t take anything to make sure your body keeps eliminating while fasting. It was one of the scariest and most painful things I’ve ever gone through. Doug was horrific- an arrogant, irresponsible megalomaniac. He didn’t want me to do an enema (even though I knew that was EXACTLY what I needed) and refused to request and enema bag from the hospital (even though he kept telling my partner that he would). He wanted me to reach up my anus and manually pick out the compacted feces until it loosened up. This basically just continues to irritate and create swelling of already very sensitive tissue. Then he brought me…a turkey baster!!! He actually wanted me to try putting that up my anus with some sesame oil he found in the kitchen (um…isn’t that basically the same principle as an enema, Doug??)

    Fortunately I am not a weak person and my partner and I are Alphas…not in anyway intimated by Doug or his “authority”. My partner got up in Doug’s face and took amazing care of me. Eventually an intern fessed up that she HAD an enema bag the whole time and let me use it (still reluctantly because of her fear of Doug. Fear of Doug?! WHY??). It saved me and took care of the problem instantly, after 24 hours of needless suffering.

    My partner and I made him give us at least half of our money back (he said he would give back half because we were “perfectly happy” while we were fasting!! What an asshole).

    I ended up laying into him at breakfast a few days later when he quietly came to me to see how I was doing, as if he gave a shit. I tore him a new asshole (for tearing mine!). Everyone just sat quietly eating their watermelon as if none of it was happening. Scared little sheep. Afterwards I found out that his assistant at the time told everyone I was just reacting to “keytones” in my bloodstream!

    We left that place, which we came to call “Dougonia”, and said good riddance to his brainwashed followers, who we referred to as “Grahamanites” (feel free to adopt this terminology!).

    There were so many other disasters on that trip. One man had a psychotic break and ended up in the hospital. My mom had the same reaction to the fast as I did, but since she broke after me, by then we had the enema kit for her to use. Another woman asked for MY help as she was having the same problem but somehow was afraid to take her problem to Doug! Funny, Doug said compacted colon from fasting happens “One in a million times”, but it happened to THREE of us on that trip, that I know of. I said to him, “Oh! One in a million eh? Well, that means it can happen and that you know it can happen and so you should be prepared, no?”

    Also, his first aid kit was lost in baggage on our way to Costa Rica. But somehow in the three weeks we were fasting he couldn’t put a new one together??

    I was amazed at the psychology of the whole thing. Why did so many grown adults hand over all of their power to him? Why were so many grown adults AFRAID of him?? Afraid of what?!? What on earth could he possible do to any of us? It was truly bizarre. People were “afraid” to leave the property because he didn’t want them to. People were “afraid” to do an enema because he said not to. I couldn’t believe it!

    Seems most self-possessed people who trust their bodies and their intuition end up seeing right through him and leaving early.

    He’s a hack with a serious psychological complex and he really needs to be taken down. His narcissism coupled with the psychological weakness of the chronically ill is a lethal combination. Now THAT IS something to be afraid of!

    • Julia,

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. Yes people who have a strong sense of themselves and common sense cannot be manipulated by Dr. Graham.

      Hopefully we’ll continue to get more fasting stories from Dr. Douglas Graham in the comments area.

      I know there are positive fasting stories but it’s the negative ones that seem to show what he’s really like.


      P.S. I did a 10 day water fast at home (also happened to me on a 7-day water fast) and I also had compacted shit inside of me. Never in my life did I find it so hard to go number 2. I didn’t realize that an enema would make it easier after the fact. Because I also had to go in there and manually break it down with my hands in my severely weakened state.

      It just goes to show you how often he lies about his raw and fasting religion. Your story is proof of that. And my story of being severely constipated after 7 and 10 day fasts corroborates your story.

      If I ever fast again I’ll be doing regular enemas to prevent that from happening again.

      • Hi Roger!

        Yes, in all of my history with fasting, I was always told to take a natural laxative or psyllium husk (though many believe psyllium is too harsh on the intestinal walls) throughout the fast, to make sure that everything is being eliminated. It’s very bad to have all of that refuse sitting in your colon- kind of contradictory to detoxing, i.e. getting the bad stuff OUT.

        A warm distilled water enema, or even with some safe oil added can help to emulsify and loosen up anything compacted and it provides some lubrication which helps with the discomfort.

        One of the interns on my retreat was a nurse and when we finally spoke she was pretty horrified. She said manual extractions should ONLY be done by someone else (usually this happens in a hospital when all else has failed) because of the angle. When you do it on your own you risk irritating and tearing the tissue too much. When I was in my room, desperate and scared and in so much pain and discomfort and Doug was being so useless, I started reading online to find out what was going on with me and how I could fix it. Everything said that basically, if nothing’s coming out…get thee to a hospital.

        The enema worked instantly, as I knew it would. It was still very scary and painful because by then my tissue was very swollen and lacerated. My mom heard me scream from my room and said she knew my nightmare was finally over. My partner was with me. He felt so worried and helpless. He had been wracking his brain trying to help me for 12 hours through the night, battling with Doug to DO SOMETHING. When it was finally over we both collapsed in the shower, sobbing with relief.

    • Julia,

      Someone shared your story with me. They said that you went back to fast with him again the following year and brought along your own enema bag. Is that true? If so, why?

      • Hey Michele!

        No I NEVER went back! That’s some crazy rumor. It’s possible that the intern who lent me the enema bag went back? She seemed to be wavering as to which side of the fence she was on. I know of one other faster who was there with me who returned the following year. But her fast was pretty uneventful, thankfully. The odd thing about this whole community is that you never seem to know where anyone stands. Kind of like that Survivor show. It’s very odd.

        • Right. I respoke with that person and they did confirm there was another faster who had a similar experience of not being able to evacuate easily after the fast and the next year brought their own enema bag. Why someone would go back there is beyond me.

  10. …Also wanted to mention, one big loop hole in the long fast prescription by a natural hygienist is this: Natural hygienists believe that the body should be left to heal itself naturally. However, the body is not naturally inclined to fast for more than a few days (just watch a sick pet). To fast this long requires WILL to be asserted over the natural impulse of the body. I’m not saying long fasts are good or bad, right or wrong. I’m just saying it’s not “natural”. You know? Just seems like a pretty massive loop hole in his dogma.

  11. I find it interesting….sad and scary….but interesting, to see with any group that is so dogmatic with their views often finds a leader who then has a multitude of followers and those followers give the leader power and trust and as time goes on the power of the leader gets stronger and stronger and the followers become more and more like sheep that idolise their leader, view him as a god and never question motives or leadership, much like religious leaders, political leaders (think Hitler)etc. It’s scary but happens so often when we decide on some piece of information being absolute truth. Glad to see this topic being talked about and people being transparent. To keep this from happening again always be sceptical, question everything and never give your power (or that much money) away to anybody or any one idea.

  12. Good for you Leah!!! When I listened to this video all my bad memories of Costa Rica came back to me. I was an intern there in 2007 (when Harley was there as an intern also.. Hi Harley!) and I got very ill at one point. I also felt so alone and thought I was going to die there and never see my family again. I didn’t know what was wrong with me and Doug wouldn’t give me any clue of what the problem could have been (pretty much ignoring me). I did think that the water there was not good drinking water though. Other interns were getting sick also and Doug kept saying how great and pure the water was. I think it was full of bacteria or parasites myself. So I couldn’t believe it when I heard Leah mentioned about the water she was drinking in her video having bacteria. I’m so proud of Leah for not signing any papers to stay quiet! And I’m so glad she’s alive!!!

  13. For continuity sake and to give some more background, the VegSource forum has a thread of posts about this Doug controvercy which includes Leah’s video but goes way beyond it to expose more facts. In it is a reposting of the Facebook thread between David Klein, myself and a few others, about Leah’s first video, and it’s the text from David Klein which she refers to in her 2nd video.

    Here’s the vegsource thread:

    Here’s her 2nd video following up and clearing up the lies that have been said to try to discredit Leah.

    I’m so grateful to hear other voices come out to corroborate our experiences. It’s undeniable what’s really been happening. It’s causing healing of emotional wounds and will change the face of this movement, no doubt, for the better. Please share this information and all these conversation and video links on other message boards if you know of them. No one else has to be naive about what Doug is about if they get all the facts.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Irene. I’ve already posted the second video from Leah on my blog here:

      I agree this is a time for healing.

      Can’t have perfect health when the teachers you’re following are not giving you all of the facts.


      • Yes Roger, and ironically, one of the best things I ever took from Doug’s teachings is a quote that says something like …

        ‘stop looking out there for teachers and role models to look up to. You are on the leading edge of a movement where there are not that many people ahead of you and you are paving a way which many will follow from behind you. Step up to the realization that you are the leader and stop looking for one. Be in the leadership position of your own life and for those who will learn from your example.’

        When he said that on stage at a class I took in 2011, it reverberated inside me so powerfully I can honestly say it changed my life. I suppose the public exposure of Doug’s character flaws and how they have gone hand in hand with creating negligent practices and abusive behavior is a way to wean us all off of that inclination to be so dependent on him or someone else. Remember that everyone is human, everyone is capable of self-serving and lying and no-one is 100% infallible and that includes every teacher and expert and guru out there, including Doug, obviously, even if they cover or try to convey otherwise.

        But it’s tricky. I think most people come to this movement usually out of a desperate need to heal and a wish for the most optimal results possible. Therefore, people are vulnerable and looking for answers and experts, so they can shortcut having to invent the wheel all by themselves with trial and error. After all, thanks to the whole raw food movement people can learn and cut out a great deal of experimenting to find out what works much sooner, right? And that’s a great thing. I’m so grateful.

        But that also leaves trusting and hopeful and desperate people to be vulnerable to doctors who aren’t doctors, to charismatic people who can be convincing without integrity, to alpha males who speak with total certainty and conviction but cover and hide their weaknesses and throw their weight around … and it’s easy for all that bullying, pressure, arrogance, sarcasm, ridicule, belittling etc. to be overlooked if a dependency has already been fostered. And those character traits in such a teacher can literally be like a magnet for the vulnerable people hoping to be saved or for those who are looking for the best of the best. It’s a brilliant game whether it’s done intentionally, ignorantly or just someone acting out of his unresolved issues and wounds he won’t or can’t yet look at. At that point, it’s one step from there to outright negligence and endangerment and frankly, there are so many more stories like Leah’s that can now emerge.

        But in a way, I think no-one is a total victim either. We each have blind spots and our own issues that get us drawn in to be on the receiving end of such a game. It’s a dance. Some people fall prey more than others for various reasons. For me it was a great big wake up call to look at how I allowed myself to be sucked in to go that far off course with myself as to end up in Costa Rica subjecting myself to abuse & neglect to put it mildly even though I had strong misgivings and hesitation. And it was a combination of that desperate wish to heal and the wish for the best of the best, and the idea that he’s got the corner on the market and I need what he’s got and I have to get it from him or I won’t get it.

        It’s classic shadow stuff that our whole culture is only beginning to bring out of the closet and look at. And here’s the most powerful thing about it–things won’t change if all we do is point the finger at Doug’s really bad behavior. Yes, there’s no mistake that such behavior must be exposed and stopped. Hopefully we won’t stand by as a community and let it continue any longer. But that’s only half the equation of change. In some way, all of us helped to put him on the pedestal he is on and if we can see how we got seduced into that, and how we kept quiet about it, then we can learn to see more clearly when the next charismatic, alpha male expert comes along, and we can also listen carefully when the soft spoken straightforward understated teacher speaks, because he may also be worth listening to.

        I believe the healing assignment is for us to learn to pay close attention to all the experts out there, gather all the knowledge we need and then run it past the inner wisdom of the gut feeling that knows what’s right. The healing that’s also needed is to drop the self-doubt (because those big egos prey on it), and to not fall for the intimidation tactics like someone in a previous post described. The healing is to start expecting and asking for more transparency. There is a cultural habit we have of going after the shiny, strong personality who knows how to work the audience, not wanting to follow our own instincts if we are criticized and not wanting to buck the system and point out that the emperor isn’t actually wearing any clothes even if everyone else swears he is. This is what I mean when I say that people like Doug didn’t get into the position of overblown power and credibility by himself without a fair amount of enabling, right? The signs have been there for years and Leah’s video is giving everyone permission to really see it and speak out about it like never before.

        I can sense that Leah isn’t coming forward out of any victim perspective but instead, at risk to herself becoming a target, she is coming forward to help spare others from having to go through the same thing and it’s an invitation for him to own what he’s been doing. That would be justice. And if it causes the whole raw food movement to get shaken up to actually change what has been the status quo, all the better. It would be a good thing.

        But just because we are each participants on some level to allowing these abuses, lies and neglect to happen, even if only from ignorance, habit and naïveté, it doesn’t mean that such bad behaviors should be swept under the rug, ignored, denied or made nice, or be allowed to continue.

        I believe that the majority of people in this movement are sincerely dedicated to optimal well-being and would love to raise the bar for more integrity in education and the highest standards in practices. If we care about those values then I think we’re accountable to call people on it when they undermine those values, no matter who they are. So, way to go Leah and everyone else who is coming forward with the truth in their own way. May it spread and cause healing changes.

  14. Hey Roger what’s up this is Kevin in New York. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and thank you to Leah for sharing your experience which I am certain will benefit others. I’m glad she is okay and thank God her mother came and got her out of there. Having a daughter Leah’s age I found this extremely disturbing. What kind of a man wouldn’t simply and kindly return this poor girls money after the harrowing experience she’d been through? He was only concerned with taking her $8,000 and covering his ass! It would have been (and still is) in Doug’s interest to offer Leah an apology and return her money if only to show that at the end of the day he is gracious enough and has the integrity as a man to do so. Hope he reconsider otherwise this will greatly damage his reputation.

  15. I have personally done water fasting for 16 days at home but i have conducted lots of readings before doing my own water fast. It was the toughest fast i have ever experience, because i work at the same time but when i get home i will get a complete 8-hours sleep. It was a great experience for me although my original plan was to fast for 21 days but you must know when to stop if it’s too much for your body especially if you are working or if you have never done any fasting before.

    I believe water fasting is good, there are many proven health benefits from this but you must be fully informed or done your reading before, during and after water fasting. 🙂

    • The problem is in this day and age of poor health a 16 day fast done on your own may lead to disaster.

      I have done a ten day water fast on my own. But I did not need to go to work.

      The best results from fasting come when you can completely rest. Not even watching TV or using the computer. There are supposedly people who have fasted for just three days and have ended up unconscious and in the emergency room.

      So one needs to be careful and to have someone else looking over them or communicating with them regularly during the fast.


  16. Anyone in their right mind knows that if you are going to fast on water, you should not be drinking tap water. For the price he is charging, he should at least have purified water.

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