Add this ___ and going Raw will be automatic and immediate

What is the missing ingredient you need to add to make going and staying 100% raw effortless? If you had this one idea being raw would be your only desire for a diet and you’d never even consider going back to your old cooked food days.

You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars if the condition was having to eat cooked food for the rest of my life. It would be like selling my soul to the devil. It would ruin my life. Eating cooked would be like voluntarily giving myself multiple handicaps.

The tastes, textures and memories of cooked food in no way can surpass the kind of life I’m enjoying due to going 100% raw. It would be a huge step back in my life from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. I just couldn’t enjoy or accomplish anything of worth while still eating cooked foods.

What good is money if you’re living in physical, mental and emotional hell? What good is money if you’re crippled by arthritis, depression, cancer and premature old age? What good is money if you look like a shriveled raisin at 40 years of age and your constantly stressed out and tired?

And what good is eating cooked food if it brings you the above mentioned and many more horrible things to your life?

People are so afraid of giving up their favorite cooked foods. Instead they should be afraid of the hell they’re living in by continuing to eat that cooked crap some people mistakingly call food. But sometimes you can’t recognize when you’re in hell because you’ve never seen heaven. You have nothing to compare it to.

Your days of struggling to stay raw and being tempted by the smell and memories of cooked food will be a thing of the past. Staying 100% raw and therefore unleashing the Superbeing inside of you can be automatic when you attain the missing ingredient.

If you had what I call the 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset then you wouldn’t need to read the insights I’m sharing below. This was a response to one of my coaching clients who asked this question.

What Is The 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset?

It’s simply thinking like a person who is comfortable being 100% raw and sees it as the only way to be. When you start thinking that way, staying 100% raw will be easy and what you truly want to do.

I had to acquire that mindset as well. It came by spending time with people who were 100% raw and completely comfortable with being raw. Some of them even detested the idea of eating cooked food. It was no longer attractive or interesting to them.

In order for you to get the 100% raw mindset you need to spend time with people who have it. In this case, you’re spending time with me via email.

Had you any idea how incredible life is when you’re 100% raw (and doing it the right way), you’d think eating cooked food is absolute insanity. But instead if you’re like any other cooked food addict, you have a hard time imagining giving up cooked food.

I’m sure you can relate to how crazy it is for people to be addicted to drugs and how it ruins their lives. Well I feel the same way about cooked food addiction. Cooked food destroys and it’s as addictive as drugs.

You’re the one who’s giving up an incredible life and potential and that can only be undone by going 100% raw and loving it. I’m going to send you a link to an interview I did with Frederic Patenaude on the 100% raw food diet mindset to get you started.

It should get you thinking in a new way, from the perspective of a 100% raw foodist.

So when is your date for going 100% raw for 30 days?

Proven fact: once you have the raw food mindset then you’ll no longer have cravings for cooked food and you’ll be able to stay raw with ease. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve added two new bonuses recently for members that will help you use the Law of Attraction to go raw the easy way, without willpower.

1. Interview: 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset

This audio interview in MP3 format is a little over an hour long and it’s Frederic Patenaude grilling me about 100% Raw Food Diet Mindset. You’ll learn all sorts of tricks to think like me. Face it, if you could think like me then you’d be raw already.

I’m not bragging, I’m simply stating the difference between someone who’s successfully raw and someone who’s not. The main difference in results is how they look at life, their thought process and belief system.

Which leads me into the second bonus added to This has been added as an article in the Raw Food and Radiant Health Forum for members.

2. Raw Food Diet Mental Fast

This technique is all about the Law of Attraction as well. You become what you think about and believe. This technique will strengthen your mind and ability to control your thoughts.

Its power goes beyond just eating raw. You can use it to help you change any habit. Initially you use it one day per week.

You won’t believe the changes in yourself when you use this technique once a week. A new more mentally disciplined you will start to emerge.

All the details are available only to members in an article I posted today in the forum.

Warning! The membership fee at is about to double. I won’t say the exact date. But I’m re-launching and the price is going to double. This is going to happen very soon. Most of the set up work is done.

If you get in now, you can get 3 years worth of my raw food coaching advice for a ridiculously low price. The current yearly membership is significantly less than a one-hour consultation with me. You’ll get recipes, exclusive audio interviews with top raw food diet experts, all the techniques you need to succeed with the Optimal Raw Food Diet and to make it as easy and stress free as possible.

The Optimal Raw Food Diet is a low fat raw diet quite similar to what my mentor Dr. Doug Graham teaches in his breakthrough book, "The 80/10/10 Diet".

Plus you’ll find yourself a new group of friends who are all striving for the same goal as you. Come and join our raw family and begin your new and improved life today.

So if you want to go raw the easy way and you want my help and support to make it easier to acquire the 100% raw food diet mindset then I know you’ll be joining today.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

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