9/11 Survey Results in 2014

Results from our 2014 survery about my readers beliefs of what happened on 9/11/2001 in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington.

Results from our 2014 survey about my readers beliefs of what happened on 9/11/2001 in New York City and at the Pentagon in Washington.

I think you can click on the above image to see a full size version.

This is the second time I’ve run almost exactly the same survey. I did the same on 9/11 in 2001.

Back then the results were a bit different. You can look this post to see the previous survey results and commentary.

“Our 9/11 Survey Results”

At the top of this post is a screen shot of the results from the current survey. Unfortunately I was capped at 200 survey results and didn’t know I’d be facing that cap. Otherwise I’d have probably gotten double the survey results.

However I think 200 is pretty indicative of the beliefs of my typical email subscriber. You are of course welcome to leave your own opinion in the comments section of this post below.

Thanks for participating and sharing your views.

Of interest is that in the original survey 44.4% of the respondents believed that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by people in our own government. Three years later that number is now up to 52.76 or 53% if you round off.

And back in 2011 about 20% of my readers believed the official US government story but now only about 15% still believe that.

And now 35% of my readers have doubts about the veracity of the official government story. But it’s likely they’ve not done enough research on their own to be sure. And that number is actually the same as in the first survey I did in 2011.

Keep in mind this is not a scientific survey. But I know a lot of my readers have realized that the official government story makes no sense in light of the facts.

By the way there is a billboard now up right now in Time Square in New York City showing this short video about the sudden collapse of World Trade Building # 7 which was NOT hit by any airplanes that day and only had minor fires going on.

And this video below you can actually see a video of the billboard as it appears in Times Square. My have things changed in 13 years.

And yesterday I was given a link to what seems to be a highly comprehensive website about what happened on 9/11.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been to that site many times before but thanks for the link:


Anyways that’s it for now.

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9/11 Survey Results in 2014 — 36 Comments

    • “Jihad Religion?”

      That Popular Mechanics article has been debunked years ago.

      Yes mainstream magazines are owned by the same people that own the large media corporations and they are used to spew disinformation to the masses.

      The most obvious evidence is what happened to World Trade Building Number 7. How did it collapse into it’s own footprint since it was not even hit by an airplane and it had minimal fires? It’s a classic case of controlled demolition.

      I believe Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have brought information to the table that simply cannot be written off. No way that building should have collapsed.

      Heck on 9/11 I was glued to the TV set all day long and for about 5 days straight.

      I remember them saying on TV that the firemen were told to evacuate building 7 because they were going to take it down. Yes this was said on New York TV stations I was watching just about 15 minutes before WTC # 7 collapsed. I lived in South River, New Jersey at the time.

      Also I have seen at least one newscast where the reporter was stating that WTC # 7 had collapsed with the New York skyline live in the background. She spoke about 20 minutes before WTC # 7 had collapsed and you can see WTC # 7 standing there in the background as she claims it has already collapsed. There’s supposedly a second news station that made the same mistake. How can they say a building collapsed before they had seen it collapse if they weren’t being fed this information ahead of time by some inside source?

      Here’s a video of that:

      BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early– TWICE

      Even Larry Silverstein the owner of the World Trade Center admitted on a PBS special that they had the building # 7 pulled.

      “9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says ‘PULL IT’ (INSIDE JOB) ”

      Only problem with doing that is you have to spend months in advance preparing a building such as that for demolition. And since that is the case then we know there is foreknowledge of the 9/11 events and not by Muslims but by inside government forces.

      I mean who would prepare a building for demolition with people still working in it?

      Or maybe it’s the high energy weapons that actually demolished the building. That’s another theory.

      And how is it that for 30 days after 9/11 that the temperatures were still hotter than jet fuel can ever get at ground zero. Remember as a nearby resident I was following this stuff daily. And I even paid a visit to ground zero about 2 weeks after it happened. Jet fuel can never get near hot enough to melt steel.

      There are WAY TOO many indicators that the government story is absolutely false.

      It took me until 2006 to open my eyes. But now it’s quite obvious.

      These days you can get people to believe almost anything.

      Like tricking people into drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes or that they should inject themselves with poison (vaccines) in order to get so called immunity.


  1. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

    The truth is offensive to some people, because they are afraid of being ostracized as a horrid, hateful, bigoted racist. I’m not about to say I know I’m right, but It’s pretty evident Jews did 911. It’s not antisemitic to tell the truth, no matter if a billion minds insist. Here’s a site if you want to see for yourself. I’m not a racist, but when you’re labeled antisemitic for trying to be objective and question things, that’s not right. http://www.dailystormer.com/never-forget-jews-did-911/

    Also, here’s a great documentary about WW2 where the same thing sorts of things happened. People don’t know the whole story with Hitler and Germany, but if they can look at WW2 objectively and see that this same sort of thing has been going on for much longer than most of us suspected, it becomes more easy to accept what has happened in more recent years with all the wars. Here’s the site: thegreateststorynevertold.tv

  2. The demolition of WTC 7 made a lot of sense and is not evidence of anything. It made sense because 1) the building may have suffered structural damage and may have been unsafe, so the safest option may have been to take it down, and 2) no one would have wanted to go to work in that building, given the massive wreckage right next to it, and given the potential safety risks, and for the owner to collect money from the insurance company, the building needed to come down. I don’t see any reason to think it would take more than a few hours (at most) to implant the necessary explosives at the base of the building to take it down; I don’t see why this would take such a massive amount of preparation.

    • Well I’ve seen a lot of demolition experts state that it takes months to pull off such a controlled implosion. There are after all thousands of architects and engineers who agree that the government story of what happened to World Trade Building # 7 does not make sense.

      My father is a structural engineer and he also agrees it was a controlled demolition.

      And NO WAY IN HELL they could have pulled that demolition of in a few hours after 9/11 happened. I mean it was pure chaos in New York City that day with all sorts of roads closed off. No one could get into the island of New York from any of the normal bridges and tunnels. They were all closed off.

      It was a state of emergency. That was definitely planned well in advance. And realize the official government story is that the building collapsed due to fire not because it was brought down by a controlled demolition. Yet before that day no such high rise skyscraper ever collapsed due to fire. And yet WTC # 7 with minimal fires collapses in mere seconds just like a demolition.

      So what you’re saying is impossible by known standards. Especially to have such a perfect controlled demolition about 8 hours after the impact on the craziest day in New York City history.

  3. Who has debunked the Popular Mechanics article? I have not seen even one credible news source report on these 9-11 Truther conspiracies. I used to be a passionate 9-11 Truther and was a huge fan of Michael Rupert’s From The Wilderness. Upon further investigation, I decided it was Michael Rupert’s camp who was using faulty evidence and spewing disinformation to the masses. I’m not a fan of the Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

    I’m well aware of how groups use media manipulation. I love the book on this subject, “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator” by Ryan Holiday.

    If there was any truth to the 9-11 Truther conspiracy theories, at least one credible news source would be reporting it. I have found zero credible news sources discussing this, It’s only the fake news sites like InfoWars and NaturalNews who spew this disinformation!

    I do love conspiracies. I like reading folks like journalist Greg Palast who investigate real conspiracies.

    • Who has debunked the Popular Mechanics article? I have not seen even one credible news source report on these 9-11 Truther conspiracies.

      I’m sure you could easily find such a debunking with a Google search. But of course, if it doesn’t come from the New York Times or some other similar mainstream source then you won’t believe it. Just use common sense man.

      What is a credible news source to you?

      What most people don’t realize is that all of the mainstream media from the major networks to the cable (cabal) news outlets including CNN and FOX are controlled by the very same corporations that don’t want us to know what happened on 9/11. Mainstream media is highly corrupt and compromised. And has been so for a very long time in the United States. I’m talking even before World War one our media was controlled.

      To not understand that is to show your lack of insight on the subject.

      However to my surprise recently C-SPAN did a non biased interview of Richard Gage the head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.

      Watch that and I think the average person who’s interested in the truth will have many questions and doubts about the official government story.

      So does it have to be on a known mainstream news source for you to believe it?

      Does ABC, NBC, CBS and or FOX have to endorse it before it is true?

      But honestly, if you were a serious researcher interested in truth as you say, I really just don’t believe you’ve come to these conclusions. Because it’s patently obvious that the government story makes no sense on multiple levels.

      Anyone who has done controlled demolitions of buildings (I know such a person personally) immediately recognized that all of the World Trade Center buildings collapses on 9/11 were actually controlled demolitions.


  4. When filling out the survey, I was hesitating on which of the 2 latter answers to choose. Because of the wording of the conspiracy question, I ended up being one of the 35%.

    In the bigger picture, if the doubts of the 53% are true, it might not only be that it was agents of the US government that carried this out, but also that they themselves were used in a much bigger drama than we’re aware of.

  5. There is a 4th option that you didn’t list, which consists of basically the 2nd option (the govt version) + additional info that was never revealed to the public and probably never revealed to government investigators either, the additional info being that there were most likely other co-conspirators within the US aside from the 19 hijackers, and that these co-conspirators may have had links to the CIA (or to certain employees of the CIA’s office at WTC 7), and that they may have somehow gotten access to the WTC towers in advance and planted bombs in the basement that may have contributed to the buildings collapsing the way they did.

    I remember watching the live news coverage of the event that day, and on that morning, there was at least one news reports indicating that one or more explosions had been heard at the WTC towers before they fell, explosions at the base of the building that seem to have been independent of the planes crashing. That would explain why the entire buildings collapsed in a manner resembling an organized demolition.

    This theory not require some sort of massive, large-scale US government involvement, or even any sort of broad involvement by the CIA or any other part of the government. Any widespread conspiracy of that sort would be impossible to cover up, as there would inevitably be someone who knew about it who would come clean and disclose it; there is no reason to believe that any sizable group of Americans planned the attack, or that US government officials approved it. Such a conspiracy theory lacks credibility; if this were actually the case, it would have been impossible to keep it secret. Having said that, it is entirely plausible that a small handful of rogue agents within the CIA may have known about the attack in advance, and that these rogue agents may have felt that the attack would somehow benefit them and the CIA and even the country long-term (by causing us to strengthen our defenses, attack terrorists, etc), and it is even plausible that these rogue agents may have facilitated the efforts of some of the terrorists involved, helping them to gain access to the WTC to plant bombs there, and acting behind the scenes to influence the chain of events that led to the demolition of WTC 7 later that day.

    That is basically a much milder, more plausible version of the conspiracy theory – a version that does not deny the fact that the airplanes were obviously hijacked by a bunch of Middle Eastern terrorists (as was very clear from the one airplane in which American passengers succeeded in thwarting the terrorists and communicating with the world before the plane crashed). It is completely ridiculous (and makes no sense at all) to attempt to deny the existence of the terrorists and just lay the blame on the US government, given the fact that the planes were hijacked by Middle Eastern individuals with terrorist ties, and the planes obviously crashed in the locations where they crashed, given the countless pictures, videos, and eyewitnesses who saw them.

    By taking such an extreme and ludicrous view, the conspiracy theorists are basically just reinforcing the government’s position, and discouraging others from questioning the government’s story by creating a situation in which those who are questioning the government’s story are viewed as nutcases. This is not helpful at all for determining the complete truth, unfortunately. To determine the complete truth, we first need to acknowledge the truths that have already been established, rather than trying to deny them, and then work to fill in the missing pieces and figure out who was responsible for, and who knew about, the bombs at the WTC towers, and who was responsible for the demolition of WTC 7, and what their connection was to the 19 hijackers.

    • Martin,

      Thanks for your theory but it does not gel at all. How come Vice President Cheney actually told the Washington Defense forces (I’m not sure the exact name of who he told to stand down) to stand down before the supposed plane was about to hit the Pentagon? And I think this may even be covered in the 9/11 Commission report.

      Normally the Air Force could have shot down all of the planes that made the attacks. We have an air defense system that under normal circumstances would have protected us from this.

      There were so many things that had to go perfectly for this attack to even be possible. And of course there’s the fact that there were certain maneuvers done by these big airplanes that are impossible to do even with experienced pilots at the helm.

      Look at this video from Major General Albert Stubblebine the highest ranking military official to speak up about 9/11:

      When you see that you’ll realize it had to be a coordinated effort by quite a number of insiders.

      Also realize the idea of compartmentalization. If you’re given just a small task or part of this conspiracy you may not even realize that what you are doing is wrong. Only a few key people actually had to know all of the details to pull it off.


  6. The post by drukda999 above is a perfect example of a 9-11 Truther spreading fake news and spewing disinformation. This person gets news from a fake news site, The Daily Stormer is definitely not an authentic news journalism site. Fake news websites like The Daily Stormer are the only ones who publish the 9-11 Truther theories.

    • I can’t speak for the website he mentioned or for his theories because I have not studied them enough.

      But there very well may have been an Israeli connection to what happened on 9/11. Of course, it still could not have been carried out without help from people in our own government. So I would never blame “the Jews” as the only source of 9/11 attacks.

      And even if there was such a connection it has nothing to do with the average Jewish person. Just like most of the nonsense the United States does is not in any way supported a large number of its citizens.


  7. Martin I’m taken aback by what you’re writing here. You seem hell bent on ignoring the fact that a number of planes were hijacked by Islamic fanatics bent on the destruction of the US and other Western countries so that Sharia law and the Islamic Caliphate could depose the existing democratic regimes. Why did Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts boast on video about bringing down the twin towers, why are there pictures of terrorists boarding planes and then flying them into the towers etc etc I could go on and on. What on earth do you think the US had to gain by killing so many of it’s own citizens? It’s just not rational.

    • Jed,

      It seems to me that you are the one not being rational. At least not if you’ve at least looked at and studied other sources of info besides that of the government.

      It’s a known fact that the United States government actually financed Al Qaeda. Is it such a stretch to believe that there were forces inside our government that had something to gain by taking down the twin towers and hitting the pentagon?

      There’s BIG MONEY in war. And that event was a trigger to get us into a number of wars.

      It was also a trigger for us to lose many of our freedoms via the Patriot Act and other measures. So wake up and look at some of the other evidence I’ve provided on this page and in the comments section and you’ll see that what you believe cannot hold up to the light of truth.


  8. Even if you believe in a conspiracy theory, there is not one person here who can definitively point to an actual culprit. You can speculate all you want, but you will NEVER uncover a culprit!

    • Well once we get control over our court system and government back we’ll be able to find all of the culprits via the court of law.

      And in any case, I don’t see how hard it is to find culprits in this. Especially once you’ve studied and understood the motives of the elite bankers and such who want have been planning what is called the New World Order.

      I remember so clearly when the first George Bush president talked about finally bringing in this New World Order. I was shocked when he said it because I never thought he’d be so blatantly honest about it. Of course, he never mentions the real goals of this New World Order. One of which is to reduce the world population by 90% so that they can easily control all of their slaves.

      Just look to UN Agenda 21 and you’ll see it there out in public.

      “United Nation’s Agenda 21 for dummies (so called: Sustainable Development.)”

  9. If you’re really trying to get to the bottum of this check those links. Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries and territories before, but that’s only what’s been documented. Never said ALL jews, however given their nature to lie and how gullible we are, I’m not going to fall for even those jews who say they’re against ‘zionist jews.’ There’s a truth to what they call us when they refer to us as Goyim, or cattle. They seem to be vaguely more intelligent than us too, but being lazy and gullible plays a huge role in falling for the same lies they’ve pushed for thousands of years. Hitler was right, but the holocaust was another jewish lie. Communism is PRIMARILY JEWISH, look it up! They started the whole thing and were behind Lenin, Stalin, Mao and more recently American presidents. You said something about it being done by the government, well yes. Many jews of dual citezenry with israel ARE in government. Can’t you see? They are also in charge of the most powerful bank in the world, the federal reserve, with the latest jew Yellen replacing Bernanke, also jewish. Who owns most of the media? Jews. Who own Hollywood, jews(they openly admit that look it up). Who’s behind obama? What is Obama? A jewish shill, just like Biden whis an avid zionist, i watched him even admit it in an israeli interview. Same goes for people like Alex Jones! Thats why good-natured people who dont have the time to do honest research end up believing in vague entities such as the illuminati, the ellite, banksters etc. because they control much of the opposition, even. Alex jones says truthful things but misleads and lies on important topics like jews. Even Ron Paul is controlled opposition. Whether jews were put here by the universe as a stimulant for evolution via chaos and dedtruction i don’t know, maybe its a good thing in the grand scheme. But MEANWHILE, A LOT OF UNNECESSARY SUFFERING AND DEATH HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN BY COMMUNIST JEWS, AND AMERICA YOU’RE NEXT! Just look at what happened to Russia if you want to see what awaits you.

    • I think the BIG mistake your making is focusing all of the blame on Jews.

      I’ve been studying conspiracy (which by the way these days is FACT) kind of information since 1980 as a young teenager. And what I’ve found out is this New World Order is not limited to just Jews in any way shape or form.

      Yes there are “so called” Jewish people who are a part of this but they are not the only ones. Not even close.

      You’re not even looking at the Vatican or Catholic Church which plays a HUGE part in this as well. What about the Club of Rome, the Jesuits and the Committee of 300? Are you’re saying they’re controlled by Jews as well?

      In fact, the families that are trying to control the planet probably go back as far as ancient Egypt and even Babylon. To blame this all on the Jews is to not understand the depth of what is really happening.

      The truth of the matter is that it’s very hard to find the absolute top people behind this world wide conspiracy because they use so many proxies to do their bidding. For instance the Rockefeller family is a proxy.

      I’ve taken a look into this myself and have found many of the key players are NOT Jewish nor even are the majority Jewish.

      And a lot of this stuff is actually run out of England. There are certainly “Jewish” people involved but they may not even be the key players behind the scenes.

      I believe a lot of this New World Order and Illuminati stuff is simply an disguised extension of the Roman Empire.

      As for Communism, yes if I remember correctly Karl Marx was actually commissioned to write the book by members of the Illuminati and I believe it was based on an earlier book or writing. Most people have no idea that communism is a political tool used by the elite to control the masses.

      Also I agree about the controlled opposition of Alex Jones and Ron Paul.

      And yes certainly much of Hollywood is controlled by Jewish people. Or at least it was when I looked into it long ago. But that is quite obvious. The real guys controlling the board behind the scenes or controlling Hollywood may not actually be Jewish. For it’s quite likely that the public figure Jews who control Hollywood are there by proxy for some other higher ups. It’s not about any one world religion for the practices of the leaders of these groups have been documented to be Satanic.

      So instead of focusing on Jews I’d say it’s much more likely that the real power behind this are Satan Worshipers.

      Just look at what is being uncovered about the Vatican and their child sacrifice rituals that supposedly even the current Pope was involved in. Yes the current Pope has been convicted in a common law court in Brussels for this and more. And the previous German Pope who resigned as the Pope was also convicted in the same common law court. There are several eyewitnesses to that actually saw the current Pope involved in the ritual murder of children.

      My understanding of this topic does not come from Alex Jones or Ron Paul. It comes from many different sources over many years.

      (NOTE: Years ago I supported Ron Paul but eventually figured out he was controlled opposition too.)

      And by the way Alex Jones seems to be steering people away from this idea that the NWO seems to be run out of the Vatican. Not necessarily steering them away from the Jews as the source of this.

      Yes there is a HUGE Israeli lobby here in the US but that’s not looking at the bigger or complete picture in my opinion.

      For instance the Bush family is certainly part of this New World Order. Or at least the Nazi faction of it. Yes there appear to be several New World Order factions vying for power. And they were supporting and funding Hitler back in the day. There are just too many different tentacles of this whole issue with too many different groups involved for me to think it’s solely based on the Jews or the Zionists.

      Although I don’t know many who truly know the complete picture because of the high level of secrecy on the actual leaders.

      If they’re a public figure then almost certainly that person is NOT the one in charge of all of this.


  10. By the way there seems to be some trolls on here. I know you won’t believe me but israel literally pays to have people moniter the interne,t and particularly youtube videos and message boards to confuse or discredit people.

    • Yes I know there are paid trolls all over the Internet. Though I don’t believe that Israel is the one and only source of these trolls.

      Luckily my blog is not a political one and so it’s unlikely these are paid troll comments but much more likely that these people have simply believe the constant barrage of brainwashing going on in the mainstream media.

      I know the people who have been making the comments and they’ve been on my email list for years. It’s highly unlikely that they are paid trolls.


  11. Roger you are 100% right with every thing you have said, you would have to be a slow learner to disagree. Long live David Icke.

  12. You have to be kidding! When Watergate happened, it involved only a handful of players and they couldn’t even keep that a secret. Do you really think a conspiracy of this magnitude could be kept secret? I never knew your readers were this paranoid! Lets face it, no one ever thought this would really happen to us and we got caught with our pants down! Unfortunately now our personal privacy is right down the toilet and we are less free than we were before.

    • You have to be kidding! When Watergate happened, it involved only a handful of players and they couldn’t even keep that a secret.

      Well Charles I suggest you start doing more study on this. Because you may not have realized that we do not and haven’t in a long time have had freedom of the press here in the United States.

      All you’ve go to do is read this one book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and I think you’ll be stunned and amazed at what’s really going on behind the scenes.


  13. Had it been a conspiracy wouldn’t Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda have said that it was rather claim sole responsibility as they ultimately did? Doing so would have greatly advanced their cause and created a earthquake of public opinion that the US government would not have been able to withstand. It also would have created even more empathy for them than the left already demonstrate today. When I asked the guys from loose change who had a small table set up near ground zero some years ago why even Bin Laden himself who took great pride in the attack (you can see more on the link) did not say the attack he orchestrated was part of any larger “CONspiracy” they looked at me dumbfounded. Then one of them blurted out ” THEY Paid him not to say anything!” Lol I said ” I see. So you’re saying that a man like Bin Laden who believed so strongly in his cause that he spent the entire 300 million dollar inheritance his father left him to fight , live and shit in a cave for years would take money from the enemy to not disclose such an important piece of information that would further his cause and effectively bring his enemy our government to its knees? He answered yes and I just smiled walked away. http://www.911myths.com/index.php/Responsibility

    • Kevin,

      Even if I thought your comments about Osama Bin Laden and his motives where on the money it would not matter one iota. All three buildings in New York City that day came down in the style of a controlled demolition. Including WTC # 7 which was NOT hit by a plane and only had minor fires.

      Never before in the history of the world had any skyscraper collapsed due to fires. And I saw one video of a skyscraper on fire that was at least ten times worse than the small fires at WTC # 7 and it did not collapse. I’m talking a raging inferno on a large portion of the building but it still remained standing.

      Just look at this C-Span interview with the head of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

      There are at least 2,200 architects and engineers who support what Richard Gage is talking about in this video. Including many people who are experts on controlled demolitions.

      At the very least any sane person searching for truth (not solely listening to the government story) and examining the evidence on both or multiple sides would know that the government’s version of the story is riddled with lies.

      And why lie if they’re not trying to cover something up?

      The insiders in the government had very specific reasons to take down the twin towers (in their financial interests) and to destroy a certain section of the Pentagon. And it also served as an excuse for them to invade Afghanistan and later Iraq. Something of which they already had stated they wanted to do. Well at least with Iraq.

      And I absolutely do NOT only blame the Republican party. Even after all these years Obama is also supporting the same official government story about 9/11 when it’s so obvious that it’s a lie. What most people don’t know is that both parties are really controlled behind the scenes by the puppet masters. Most Republicans and Democrats have been bought off and paid for long ago by the banksters.

      The US government via (I believe) the CIA created Al Qaeda. Yes it’s our very own creation as is the current ISIS or ISIL or whatever the heck they’re calling it in Iraq now.

      Time to get your head out of the sand.

      The full truth will be coming out soon publicly. Hopefully you’re not the last person to realize it.


  14. I’d like add (wish we could edit comments for typos! ) that it isn’t about the news, the jews or the polls. It’s about what Al Qaeda themselves are telling us themselves. These are serious people who deserve to be taken at their word. Which by the way lends weight to my previous point that even Bin Laden himself never claimed there was a conspiracy. Imagine for a moment that he did that even if only out of spite and to throw another wrench into the mix. It would have been a wet dream for the Alex Jones heads and the Hypocrisy Now crowd right? But the fact is Al Qaeda not only claimed full responsibility but they even went the extra step of publicly threatening to kill any one who denied their sole responsibility. You might recall they issued a statement threatening to murder the President of Iran when he publicly started promoting the 911 conspiracy theory. He was doing so out of spite of course but let’s remember even Bin Laden himself didn’t play into that when easily could have.

    • More evidence that Al Qaeda was doing the job they were trained to do.

      Don’t you know that in order to have a war you need an enemy? Of course you do.

      And so these people who want war simply create enemies out of the thin air. Then they have an excuse to bomb and pillage whatever and wherever they wish. It’s the old trick of creating a false flag. Which is exactly what 9/11 was.

      Now as a result we have to fight this so called “War on Terror”.

      But these days no one is believing the lies from the United States anymore. All of the false flag events are not stirring a desire for war.

      The gangsters in Washington will be going down soon.


    • It’s a FACT that Bin Laden, was, on the morning of 9/11, in a hospital in Afghanistan, in a very private room, and had ‘known CIA agents visit with him at this time The ‘video’ that everyone says was Bin Laden admitting to the 9/11 attacks was prove to not only be false, it wasn’t even Bin Laden speaking. Don’t ever forget that the Bin Laden family is a major part of ‘corporation’control in the country, and that on the very day after the 9/11 “CRIME of the Century”, when ALL AIR TRAVEL was shut down, the only flights to leave America, were flights that contained BIN LADEN family, who had very close ties to the Bush family and Halliburton. And you people still sit there and let the people responsible for one of the worst days in your history, get away with mass murder and a whole lot more. I wouldn’t even be a little bit surprised that Osama Bin Laden, was still alive and kicking, or that he passed away due to illness. I never believed the assassination story, and you KNOW that someone would have taken shots of the body, that was conveniently taken out to sea and dumped. Oh, wait a minute. The ‘navy seal guy was just in the “news” and admitted to being the first person to fire the shots that killed Bin Laden, so I guess I’m probably mistaken. Americans you better wake up before it’s too late, if it’s not already at that point, and take back control of your country. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever happen, so get ready for scary times, ’cause to borrow a phrase, ‘You Asked For IT’.

  15. But then why is Al Qaeda threatening to kill the 911 conspiracy promoters? Iranian President Ahmadinejad only promoted the 911 conspiracy theory to weaken the Wests resolve and to be an antagonist in the same way he held a holocaust denial conference and had David Duke as keynote speaker. For you to insinuate that the West suddenly used muslims as a bogeyman is quite a stretch when we look at the long history of conflict that existed throughout history. It could be argued that 911 was blow back/pay back for our unwavering support for Israel delivered by the Mujahideen who America supported against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan but lets remember that President Carter and then Reagan were absolutely right to support the Afghan resistance to the then Soviet Union taking over the country. To make it out to be some evil bankers paying Al Qaeda to attack us and then Al Qaeda staying quiet about it while at the same time Al Qaeda is threatening the 911 conspiracy pushers with death? That just doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it.

    • Kevin,

      What you’re writing is sillyness when you start doing more research on both sides of the equation.

      What I want to know from you is how did World Trade Center building number 7 collapse when it was not hit by a plane and had minor fires?

      How did they know it was going to collapse hours before it actually collapsed? Apparently firemen were told to evacuate the building hours before it collapsed because they were told it would collapse.

      That is one smoking gun out of many but you seem to refuse to even look at it. All of your other propaganda is of no consequence.

      Basically you’re restating all of the nonsense that the mainstream media has been feeding you but ignoring a very obvious issue.

      Just about everyone who now believes that 9/11 was an inside job has been exposed to the information your presenting here. It’s nothing new just more lies from the mainstream media which is owned by a few large corporations.

      Do ya think that maybe, just maybe — they might want to control the news to further their own agenda?


  16. If you weren’t such a coward you have the balls to allow free speech. Typical liberal. Even Gary Null isn’t as bad as you are though Roger and I mean that with all sincerity. He allows people to speak their mind on his public forums and even on his live call in show. He promotes the EXACT same nonsense but isn’t afraid of criticism the way you are.

    • I’m not a liberal. In fact, I used to be Republican until I realized that Republicans and Democrats are really on the same corporate team.

      So if you want to classify my politically it would be Libertarian.

      Next as for freedom of speech.

      This is my blog and I am free to moderate it as I see it needs.

      You have the free speech to speak on your blog, website, house or business in any way you wish. And this by the way is the way the mainstream media works. They don’t let information out unless it aligns with their goals and plans.

      You my friend are simply uneducated or a paid disinfo agent for the cabal.

      Take care,


  17. Roger come on man! As others have mentioned in you past 911 threads we admire and respect what you do related to health and fitness. You go out on a limb and raise one of the most controversial subjects in history which is Completely unrelated to why people follow you and is Certain to illicit powerful responses from both sides and then you insist on picking and choosing which responses you want to show?

    When you do that it demonstrates a lack of belief in your position. At least that is how it comes across to the readers. What Noam Chomsky states on any number of video comments regarding the “truthers” on youtube really does make a hell of a lot of sense.

    Why would the so called men behind the curtain blame the attack on Saudi’s and not Iraqi’s? Blaming Iraqi’s would have givin Bush a free hand to immediately topple Saddam and not have to spend nearly 2 years jumping through hoops, basically begging and bribing a coalition of the mostly unwilling! Right?

    Furthermore as Chompsky points out a conspiracy on that scale would have been impossible to contain and would have not only had Bush and his cohorts put in front of a firing squad but it also would have been the end of the republican party for all time and thus given the democrats permanent power in the future. Any hint of a plan would have leaked.

    As I’ve stated before had it been a conspiracy Bin Laden would have said so and that would have also cause total havoc to our political system which in turn would have great weakened the West’s resolve. Al Qaeda even publicly threatens to murder those who promote any theory other than their insistence that they acted alone. Why would they insist on that if it were not true. They even threatened to murder Ahmadinejad when he tried to push the conspiracy theory remember?

  18. Roger come on man! As others have mentioned in you past 911 threads we admire and respect what you do related to health and fitness. You go out on a limb and raise one of the most controversial subjects in history which is Completely unrelated to why people follow you and is Certain to illicit powerful responses from both sides and then you insist on picking and choosing which responses you want to show?

    When you do that it demonstrates a lack of belief in your position. At least that is how it comes across to the readers. What Noam Chomsky states on any number of video comments regarding the “truthers” on youtube really does make a hell of a lot of sense.

    Why would the so called men behind the curtain blame the attack on Saudi’s and not Iraqi’s? Blaming Iraqi’s would have givin Bush a free hand to immediately topple Saddam and not have to spend nearly 2 years jumping through hoops, basically begging and bribing a coalition of the mostly unwilling! Right?

    Furthermore as Chompsky points out a conspiracy on that scale would have been impossible to contain and would have not only had Bush and his cohorts put in front of a firing squad but it also would have been the end of the republican party for all time and thus given the democrats permanent power in the future. Any hint of a plan would have leaked.

    As I’ve stated before had it been a conspiracy Bin Laden would have said so and that would have also caused total havoc to our political system which in turn would have greatly weakened the West’s resolve. Al Qaeda even publicly threatens to murder those who promote any theory other than their insistence that they acted alone. Why would they insist on that if it were not true? They even threatened to murder Iranian President Ahmadinejad when he tried to push the conspiracy theory remember?

    • Kevin,

      I have a life. All of the evidence you’ve brought so far is incredibly weak. This Noam Chomsky stuff is weak as well.

      This is nothing new to me at all.

      Anyone can argue any point. It doesn’t make it a valid point.

      And yes I saw your video of the fire at WT Building # 7. So what?

      No sky scraper has ever fallen due to fire EVER before 9/11. It was OBVIOUSLY a controlled demolition to anyone who does some honest research. I”ve seen a sky scraper that was almost entirely on fire for more than a day and it did not collapse.

      And please stop spamming this comment section.

      Really your arguments are extremely weak. You understand so little about what is actually going on. Realize the kind of information I’m presenting I’d already started learning and studying in 1980.

      I’d don’t have all day long to educate you as to why these things are happening and why it makes perfect sense if you understand the motivations. And who gives a freakin dam about what Osama Bin Laden had to say.

      The fact is WT Building # 7 collapsed at free fall speed. Simply not possible unless it was demolished with some kind of explosives.

      Case closed.

      And I will not be taking anymore of your misguided comments on this.

      Like I said, I’ve got a business to run, not to sit here and argue useless points with you day after day.

      Be well,


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