Our Chemtrails are Gone – What About Yours?

Here in the in Arizona I used to notice a lot of chemtrails being sprayed in the skies over us.

They used to spray almost every day.

Sometimes there’d be a break of 2 or 3 days maximum. But then the chemtrails would begin again. We had lots of planes flying overhead daily.

Then early in July we set out for a summer in Oregon.

Yes they had chemtrails too though I didn’t notice them as much as in Arizona.

Then one month ago we moved back to Arizona.

And I realized a few days ago that I had not seen a single chemtrail in the sky since we’ve been back.

That’s about 30 days now with no chemtrails at all.

Maybe the cabal is finally running out of money and they have to economize. With all that Russia, China and the BRICS nations are doing to fight and drain the cash from the New World Order, it seems like it’s starting to crumble like a house of cards.

What many people don’t realize is those white trails of smoke in the sky are not necessarily from commercial airliners. They’re specific planes fitted with HUGE toxic chemical tanks (where people would be sitting) to spray into the atmosphere.

And so what has happened is not only are there no more chemtrails there are hardly any planes flying over us at all anymore.

I did hear one invisible jet though.

This is another strange phenomena I’ve noticed here in Arizona.

The sound of a high powered “probably airforce or military” plane but I can NEVER see these planes. They make much louder noise than the chemtrail planes (that seem like commercial airliners) that used to fly overhead but I haven’t been able to see them. And we’ve had many of those invisible airplanes in the past but I only heard it once since being back for the last month.

So that’s it for our end of central and Western Arizona.

What have you noticed on your end?

Do you get chemtrails where you live?

And if so are they slowing down, stopped or getting worse?

Please leave a message in the comment area.

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P.P.S. Unfortunately central headquarters of that cabal is right here in the United States. Well maybe in London and Rome too. But the USA Corporation is the most obvious villain or arm of the cabal.

P.P.P.S. For those of you who still need more evidence on chemtrails and or GeoEngineering I present this highly detailed video:



Our Chemtrails are Gone – What About Yours? — 108 Comments

    • I live near the Canadian border in Washington St.
      Late July and August. 3 weeks I never saw a chem-trail.
      I saw 7 all at once one day early Sept.
      None …anymore. I saw a long contrail and thought uh oh. but still nothing.
      Have not seen many planes either.
      I am praying it has stopped permanently. You too?

      • We also continue to see way less chemtrails. We’re now visiting Oregon and have not seen any chemtrails while here. Yet in the past I have definitely seen them here in abundance.

        So maybe the program is slowly coming to an end.


        • I live in Phoenix Az and I too have noticed the sky being clear of chemtrails. I was wondering if others had noticed too. I get the chemtrail flu and now have nerve damage in my hands and I am pretty sure it’s all connected. So I hope it has stopped for good but probanly not.

  1. We live in southern NV. I have been watching chem trails for years. It seems to go in cycles. I will see them for days on end then it will be quite some time before I see any again. This has kind of jogged my memory to start tracking them a little more in this part of the country.

  2. I live in southwestern Ontario and chemtrails are sprayed daily here. The most break we get is 1-2 days. I moved here from Vancouver summer 2011 and began seeing the chemtrails daily. I knew of them while living in Vancouver, but never really noticed them there. Its also cloudy and rainy a lot there, so that could be why I didn’t notice them there. Within 6 months of moving here where they are sprayed regularly I began to experience terrible lung burning that had become unbearable. I know its from the chemtrails. Luckily I am into natural healing and have a method that really helps the burning in my lungs, although I know I am still affected by them as my lungs are not 100 percent better and i have to use my healing method regularly or it comes back just as bad and its just more toxic substances that my body has to deal with. I have had a chronic undiagnosed health issue for over 10 years now and go out of my way to avoid chemicals and unnatural things so it really bothers me that I am exposed to these chemtrails daily. I don’t know what infuriates me more, being sprayed with these chemicals or peoples (sheeples) reaction when you try to point them out. Even when they are clearly in the sky people simply will not even consider that its something to be concerned about. Most people either laugh at you, call you a “CONSPIRACEY FREAK” or simply ignore you or say “it must be something that the government is doing to help “global warming”. I see chemtrails everywhere. In postcards, movies, t.v. series and they seem to be a worldwide thing. I have even seen them in some kids cartoon shows. Is the whole world brainwashed? Or doesn’t anyone look in the sky anymore? I don’t understand why people don’t see them. Like how do you NOT NOTICE a tic tac toe design in the sky daily, over and over again?

    • Can you share your lung cleaning method. I live in southern spain. We are extremely healthy but I too have a lung problem that just won’t shift. Chem trails here are a massive problem.

      kind Regards

      Darren Dickinson

    • too many are busy with their smart phones. nope..they don’t look up anymore..and like you said when asked to do so, they claim it’s normal, exhause from planes (contrails) or you are a conspiracy freak! yup..I’ve heard it all. Not sure what you have to do these days to get them interested but many are into denial or fear-
      some claim they don’t have time for this nonsense and YES..global warming..HA! they think their government is protecting them..I’m telling you.. it’s not getting better trying to communicate with these idiots..ugh

      • It’s been the goal since the early/mid 90s to push for a cell phone only world and now with Windows 8 and 10 it’s a reality.

        Landline phones have been discontinued in the late 90s which for a long time all you would see is actually house phones from Philippines that were cheap and would break down in a few years.

        Parts for landline phones stopped being made in around 2004 so therefore from that point forwards any phone you bought was refurbished sold new.

        Landline phones are now like VCR’s and 8 track tapes.

        All the tech companies even Apple to some extent is chasing after the smartphone industry and have given up on actual power users.

        Tell me look around and see if there is actually any software since the Windows XP era for either Apple or Windows. Most games are bad ports from other consoles with on real exclusives asnd Windows 8 and 10 don’t handle CD’s very well due to some kind of copy protection rights thing.

        The articles however don’t show up on Google anymore so I think it was censored but I remember reading how angry gamers were finding that suddenly their favorite game wouldn’t load or even be recognized as an invalid operation.

    • Hello Cindy,
      We have them in the UK daily. Here on the Southern English coast we are blasted into whiteout daily. Here there are older retired areas with some young families. Down the road by two miles are a lot of benefit recipients ( Welfare) they also get blasted.
      The chem trails are grid patterns. Unmistakeable for even a partially sighted person to see. Total blast. Yet people do not want to believe that their precious Government could be complicit in this TOXIC gassing of us & the plants & animals.
      I have dreadful chest pains & Bronchitis & headaches just with these trails. Usually very fit. Non smoker. Children with Autism, ADHD, muscle twitching & jerking, high Mercury & Copper & Aluminium in our bloodstream..
      Was informed by friends that there is a very high amount of Autism & anger issues around this community. WHO SAYS CHEMTRAILS ARE SAFE????

      • Thank you for sharing Hilda.

        Yes we are being poisoned. People are asleep if they don’t realize this. So we need to wake them up.

        May I suggest a powerful solution of no cost to you. Last night I recorded an over two hour free teleseminar showing “How to ‘Fix’ the World by ‘Fixing’ Yourself First”.

        You can get it free as a free member of my Sunvatars website. The link to the free membership below.

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    • Yes the same thing here in mid Tennessee. No one believes you when you talk about what they are spraying they think you are crazy and make fun of you it looks like they have been playing tic tac toe in the sky!

  3. We have them on Kauai as I type this. I have also seen them a lot in Northern California but I’m sure they aren’t spraying lately due to the fires.

  4. Interesting that you mention thus, I was just thinking the same thing myself. I live in Los Angeles and for the past years they have been spraying the city just about everyday. But a month or so ago I noticed that it had stopped.

    I also don’t know the reason, but I think that the goal has been accomplished. California is in it’s worst drought in it’s history. We are out of water or soon will be and if no big rain or snows this year, our agriculture industry will be in shambles.

    Wildfires are out of control with devastating fires this year and last and our water tables shrinking rapidly. So I assume, that the drought will continue since the chemtrails have stopped and their next phase of their plan is implemented.

  5. Lots of chemtrails these days over Kodiak Island, AK. 4 yesterday and today. Its so frustrating because we typically have cloudy/overcast weather. And so on a day when the sky is clear of clouds and beautiful blue, there are the freaking chemtrails πŸ™ Puts a damper on the beauty for sure. What gets me is the people who are flying the aircraft. Are these US Military members? Do they know what they are doing to the communities below them?

  6. I believe they may have begun laying the chemtrails at night (because they know we are watching them closely now), that way they have all dissipated by the time the sun comes up and we can see them. They are more likely (certainly at this point) to be confused with “wispy” clouds. I have seen some chemtrails lately, but not near as much or near as obvious as in the past.

    I also experienced the invisible jet. I know it sounded like a fighter jet (just like the “Blue Angels” jets I watched at air shows in the past), but I could not ever actually see it. However I do remember hearing those Blue Angel jets long after they had passed over me and I do live about 30 miles from an Air Force base (the base is in Fallon, NV).

  7. No chemtrails for about the last two months over upper southern and lower central California but they were intense constantly for the past few years. Glad you brought this up as I’ve been wondering myself and I agree with comment by “coop” in Los Angeles as I’m two hours north.

    • Very few chemtrails during the summer in LA, but horrible last winter and back again – going in waves, few days on (some like a war zone) a few days off (almost) since October. But I know other areas get them during the summer.

  8. About a month ago the contrasting lines or patterns were gone but there was a near white out most days. My thoughts were that they were spraying over the ocean (i’m in Seattle) and the lines were fully dissipated. I went to Mexico on Sept 1st thru 12th and wow blue skies like I haven’t seen in a long time. Upon arriving back in Sea on the 12th wow again blue skies here too. Did it have something to do with the hurricanes? I have seen a couple chem trails here and there but nothing like before. For now??

  9. No chemtrails here in Sri Lanka. I saw them in the US (Los Angeles) in July, and in January when I was in Azania (South Africa). Perhaps those who seek physiological and psychological control of the populous have found other ways to control. Fear of ‘enemies’ who are on the other side of the world seems to be working, along with the numbing effect of propaganda.

  10. I’m living in Israel, there are no chemtrails here, but “invisible jets” we heard sometimes, we have never seen any planes but the noise was greater than a military jet.

    • You are incorrect. I also live in Israel and we definitely have chemtrail action. I’ve lived in Jlem, Moshav Shefer, and Tel Aviv (currently in TA). I see chem trails all the time. It was funny at the moshav, where they would get creative with shapes. In TA and Jlem, it mostly lines and circles….as a matter of fact, I got a picture with my phone just this morning when I walked my dog….

  11. Chemtrails are HEAVILY sprayed in Maryland! They are much worse than any of the other places I’ve been to this year: Florida, California, or Hawaii. And yes, the people are oblivious to them.

  12. Hello Roger. We live in the UK and have noticed considerable decline in the chemtrails in the last few weeks. As we pray about them, we are grateful to God for the answer to prayer. We only saw 1 two days ago, a few yesterday, today has been cloudy, so none noticed. As there were literally too many to count in May and June this is an amazing reduction.

  13. I’m in NW Oregon & they are still spraying here, though not quite as much it seems. We got a few days or a week or so sometimes at a time in the summer where they would spray, but anytime it was supposed to rain the chemtrails would start a day or so ahead of the rain. Same thing now, it’s raining here now & before the rain they sprayed. It definitely seems connected to the rain somehow, like we would have really nice weather all the time if they just wouldn’t spray & make it rain. Then when it’s raining it’s overcast so who knows what they’re doing up there as you can’t see.

  14. I live in NW Ohio. I see them at least once a week. Just saw 4 of them, all in the same vicinity 2 days ago. I will start paying more attention to the frequency.

  15. I’m in Belgium, and proud to have our very own chemtrailed skies, especially on sunny days with clear open skies. I did notice a reduction in spraying lately, but that’s probably because of technical rather than humanitarian reasons.

    By the way, I think Dane Wigington is a gatekeeper… check out the WeatherWar101 channel on JewTube for some geoengineering truth.

  16. I just mentioned this to a friend today. No chemtrails for a long time. At least a month but probably longer. I’m on the coast of central california

  17. I thought it was just my imagination, but you are right. I visited with my family in NorCal and drove to Texas, not seeing any chemtrails. We live in Panama, in what is known as a “no fly zone”. We never see anything in the sky that isn’t supposed to fly there, except an occasional rescue helicopter(we live in the mountains in a national park)

  18. I’m in Toronto, still spraying, except on days when there is a lot of big fluffy Cumulous clouds, it would be too obvious. And about that jet engine condensation excuse, those Pratt-Whitney, Rolls-Royce jet engines haven’t produced any condensation for about 40 years.

  19. The chem-trails are very bad here at North Texas. To add to that, we have city trucks, that spray some toxic chemical through the neighborhoods at night, several times a week, for mosquitoes. Anytime the thunder-heads try to develop to bring rain, they get broken up by the chem-trails, and Tesla Tech Arrays. They also use choppers, and private jets as well to block the rain out. We are in a severe drought right now, because they are blocking our rain out. It does not get more obvious, as to what they are doing. It is an all out assault, on our rain clouds over here. Also the crap that falls to the ground from chem-trails, is saturating the ground, and killing trees, and plant life.

  20. since this email was received I have been looking for” chemtrails β€œ in San Diego and other than regular clouds I have not seen any. I know that up till 6 mo’s ago they were in the sky all the time.

  21. In Central East Texas we’ve been sprayed for at least 12 years. Not a lot in the beginning and I never actually saw the planes that sprayed them until about 3 years ago. There is a large air force base east of here (Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA) Most of the planes that I actually see spraying seem to come from that direction. On some days, 2 planes will each spray a line making a big X in the sky, then those or other planes will fill the sky with stripes. The X’s appear farther north about a hundred miles where some of my family live. It seems as if the pilots are alerting us to their work, weirdly enough. In the past 3 years we have been massively sprayed almost every day or at least 5 to 6 days out of every week. However, in the past 6 months they seem to have backed off some. For the past 2 1/2 months I have spent most of my time farther south in the western part of Houston and there are hardly any trails during the day, but some nights huge blankets containing 50 to 80 or more trails will float across the night sky. A couple years ago we saw lots of the Tesla array clouds but not so many lately. There were the huge donut shapes and enormous cigar shapes & tube clouds. I studied meteorology in college a couple decades ago and those shapes didn’t exist. Now on Wikipedia and on weather reports they indicate that these are rare but normal clouds. I’ve been roaming this planet for almost 60 years and know better. We also get lots of fake news stories. It amazes me that people believe this crap.

  22. I’ve noticed the chemtrails over the centre of Sheffield in England seems to break up within minutes of being sprayed .But yet they can be seen far off to the horizon . Maybe someone has a device activated in my area that breaks them up

  23. GONE! I’ve been observing them for 2 years and now it’s been 9 days and not a chemtrail around! Please comment- I did read they will become more invisable starting in Jan 2015..Maybe it took this long to hit here in Georgia.
    I’m very interested and want to know what the hell is going on..of course we all know they’re up to NO GOOD

    • They’re BACK! but not as bad as before. Today it’s overcast and you can see the trails all over and the wavy clouds that are so abnormal
      in shape..some look like a fire..ugh

  24. The chemtrails here in shreveport have been unbelievable lately. Since the snow I haven’t noticed any. But I begin noticing them in January. Every single day when the Sky is blue and clear. They start making them about 630 AM. By the time I make it to starbucks at 830. The sky is filled with them. I have taken many pictures.
    I am an athletic person, but after living i shreveport now for 5 years my body is turning on me. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder the past year. Experience muscle weakness and tiredness daily. I begin experiencing this nefore I new anything about chemtrails.
    It is hard for me to know that so many people here chose to remain quiet or just don’t notice or care at all. I am a sky watcher. I love the sky, the night sky, the stars, the universe. Many people simply don’t care.

    • Kelly

      Finally a recent comment on chemtrails! I go to quite a few websites only to discover their comments are one or two years old.

      Anyway, I live in Sun Valley Idaho. I’ve lived here about 3 years.

      Heavy chems off and on. 3 months last summer and fall we didn’t have any; actually led me to thinking, what if….But no they’ve been back, somedays depressingly heavy. But not in the last three days. People don’t want to hear it, the only thing I can do is be the best person I can be, and for me, that starts with a raw food diet. Good luck to you.

      • Yes it is hard to find recent comments. It’s as if people have accepted this screwed up situation and maybe feel hopeless to do anything about it… Or afraid to say anything because usually people will say “ha what a quack”. I have heard from an inside source that high ranking airforce Pilots met on December 14,2014 and discussed the whatever it is they are doing. And starting in January 2015, are moving the spraying east of California to the Texas and Louisiana region. I am in that region. I never really noticed chemtrails, or understand the difference between a contrail and chemtrail until I noticed that our entire sky was basically criss crossed lines.
        Then I began researching it.
        We have a large airforce base here.
        Barksdale AF.
        In my research I found that in 2007 another concerned citizen in stamps, Arkansas (not far from louisiana at all) brought it to the attention of the media. Channel 12, our local news here even did a story on it. They collected samples of rain water.
        The rain water had toxic amounts of barium in it. Toxic is .50. Shreveports sky had levels of .68. Very toxic. When they questioned the EPA, the EPA did say that was usually high levels and could not give an explanation of why…
        The report also showed high levels of aluminum and Mercury. But not toxic levels, but still high and abnormal.
        I am currently trying to get the local newspaper to look into this.
        So far with no luck…
        I don’t understand if this is a part of geo-engineering climate control. Or if there is a more sinister reason. And I just know I probably will never get the answers that I’m looking for. But I am very concerned for the health and the lives of people that are living in the state of Louisiana and everywhere in this country and on this planet.
        I have taken pictures everyday of the chemtrails. I usually spot them when taking my child to school in the morning at 7:00 AM and so many are being made. The trails are still present 6-7 hours later, they are just spread out and thinner. They do not look like natural clouds at all.
        I try to eat healthier. But I assume if chemtrails are poisonous and particles are falling to the earth, are they falling on crops? So is our soil tainted as well… I just don’t know

        • Kelly

          I hear you. The few people that do own up to looking up once in awhile shrug their shoulders and say, “can’t do anything about it so what’s the point?” Sad and scary. For me, what I CAN do about it is be the best person I can be, striving to reach my full potential, become the healthiest human being possible, knowing by so doing I’ll be in touch with my divine guidance. Anything else is out of my control.


  25. Beware: The technology is evolving so fast that a chem trail can appear behind an aircraft at high altitude, then disappear in several seconds. Continued observation of the sky some minutes afterwards, reveals a type of artificial cirrus “cloud” forming. This cloud eventually morphs into a full blown obscuration, or at a minimum – a dimming of the sun’s rays. Plants, humans, animals and more rely on sunlight for their living systems to function, since the sun is the primary source of energy required for the processing and synthesis of proteins – and the chemical reactions necessary for growth and development. By denying sunlight to living organisms, they begin to search for alternative means of survival. This is where sub-molecular nanobots come in. Biotech engineers, “scientists” and software developers have managed to develop infinitesimally small microchips capable of commandeering specific human physiological processes associated with neurological computations of reasoning, computation and reaction-nonreaction dynamics. It is in this way that “science” is learning through research on human subjects, how to manipulate the human mind, confuse the animal kingdom and eliminate entire families of living species who fail to adapt. This is called Eugenics or Trans-humanism. The plan is to create half human-half robot “creatures” who have no soul, no ability to reason… but instead, are “programmed” to perform the task delegated to them, happy and content to serve in the employ of the state corporation.

  26. i live in belgium and we have A LOT of chemtrails!!!! even at night!
    some days they start very early in the morning and sometimes they start in the evening. it is crazy!!

    • For us it seems they have a lot less chemtrails during the daytime in the summer months. But I can’t say what they might be doing at night time.

      But just as last year I didn’t notice any chemtrails for several weeks it was in the summer time. Maybe due to the high heat here they don’t do it during the daytime. So I’ll have to pay attention at night time.


  27. I too have hear many low flying planes lately but cannot see them. Then minutes later, a milky layer of clouds appear. I believe that our wonderful government has developed the technology that we can no longer hear the planes and barely see the chemtrails. If our government is so eager to hide the spraying just like they want to hide GMO’s labeling from us, that just tells you that they are not looking out for our best interest. Governments are so corrupt especially in the United States, sad to say.

  28. I have an few Engineering and Physics graduate and PHD degrees, so I feel I know a little about a fair range of topics. The spraying program seems to have been well researched, and most people are totally oblivious to it. It also seems the techniques are advancing, naturally, as they develop new methods to disperse the aerosol material more quickly, and make it longer lasting. Also, it is apparent there is some method of control of the pattern of sprayed material, after spraying. Lots of wavy patterns (similar to electromagnetic “RF” radiation) like they had developed in the HAARP program. The sky is never “normal” anymore in Maryland. It’s a hazy white most days. They seem to spray heavily at sunset, directly over the Sun, but also throughout the day. Some days are clear, very few however, and usually during a holiday weekend, but they seem to always get “back to work” on Sunday. The people I have mentioned this to are oblivious, scared, angered by the mere mention of it, and seemingly more worried over football. The sky is definitely being altered. Commercials and movies all depict white cloudy skies, all the time. The streaks are placed more strategically in the media. It’s always cloudy in media-land! People are not getting it, yet. Wake up, look up!

  29. Not a cloud in the sky for 4 days straight now.(Sept 15, 16, 17, 18, 2015) The last time I noticed this was the days following the 9/11 tragedy when all planes were grounded.

    I have seen only a few commercial planes this week with the exhaust evaporating almost immediately after it is released.

    I am not a chemtrail conspiracy theorist, however, something is going on. My wife has been trying to convince me about chemtrails for a while. I am now fully on board.

    Has anyone else noticed the clear blue skies for several days in a row now…along with the absence of chemtrail spreading aircraft? I am notices this in Mass and NH.

    My hope is they have stopped spraying all together and not just on vacation this week. Please reply is you have noticed what I have this week.

  30. I live in Philadelphia and haven’t seen a Chemtrail for a week now and everything just seems calm, like the weather, people, etc

    • I’ve also noticed here for the past few days no more chemtrails. Just extremely clear blue skies. And no commercial “looking” flights at all. OF course those flights around here were never commercial but military disguised as commercial.

      They had been sparse through the summer but still some. I figured once fall came around in our area they would intensify. Instead there are no chemtrails.

      I checked with a friend in Florida and he said he has not seen any chemtrails recently either.

      If the chemtrails are truly gone this can only mean very good news for humanity. Let’s see if these keeps up.


  31. Hi Lisa,

    Orgonite replaces negative energy for positive energy and it is believed by some, including myself that when you make a chem buster out of orgonite it dissipates the chem trails. Check it out its all over youtube.

  32. They’ve been spraying here in east Tennessee very heavy lately. I’ve been following this for years, and recently found an old photo from 1988, when we lived in northern Maine and sure enough, there’s a chem trail in the sky. I was surprised to see that, they went back that far. It’s disturbing that no person in the world will ask our political candidates about the spraying. What is to become of us?

    • I first noticed chemtrails in Albuquerque in June, 2015, but they have gradually been increasing their spraying, and many of us have gotten colds, allergies and most recently influenza. Of course, not all our illnesses can be blamed on chemtrails, but many of us have burning eyes, throats and lungs during heavy spray days. Their missions have definitely increased and are happening 24/7. I have contacted all our New Mexico government officials, President Obama, the EPA, the Defense Dept., city and state environmental agencies, David Keith and Ken Caldeira (the geoengineers mainly responsible for chemtrail design) the Kirtland Air Force Base Commander (C-130’s are spraying here) and others, including Donald Trump, from whom I received no response. The responses I did receive said that these were merely contrails, not chemtrails. Typical for our government officials. Yet I continue to phone and email our officials and proudly drive around the city of Albuquerque with my Anti-Chemtrail signs displayed on my truck window. I’m not a kook. I just care about my country and care about the future for our kids and grandkids.

  33. The Bay Area of CA continues to get hit with a highly variable frequency throughout the year. The spraying keeps me on a miserable state of sinusitis; I’ve tried numerous remedies but nothing seems to work. Gifting the cell phone towers is a start to cleaning the DOR out of the skies but that’s slow going. I’d be grateful for a practical way to improve my immune system.

    • Hi Jim, have you looked into colloidal silver? I’ve used it myself for years, it’s quite expensive to buy in the health stores, but then I bought a small generator from amazon for like 60 bucks, and then it’s practically free (save for the cost of distilled water, very cheap). It neutralizes bacteria, virus and funghi, and without side effects. Best of health to you!! πŸ™‚

      • Hello Heidi, thx for your reply! Yes, I am familiar with colloidal Ag and in fact have a small generator. It provides excellent health benefits, but my problem seems to be an acute sensitivity to the spraying, which indicates that my system is imbalanced…still trying to figure that out. Cheers πŸ™‚

  34. There were chemtrails , but now they are gone !! there still are and will always be, some very good people working in government. (seriously !!!! ) they realized what it is, and I guess they are gone now… they finally woke up to that, and the chemtrail thing is over.!

    • We’ll see if that’s true. I still got chemtrails in Arizona over a year after my post. But they had diminished somewhat. Not coming every day.

      I even see them maybe once a week here in Mexico.

      So from what I can tell it’s still not over yet. But maybe diminished.


  35. I live in nova scotia canada…the sky in the last year has been full of chemtrails. .but all of a sudden..nothing…haven’t seen anything in about eight months..l think they’re stopping because they’re going to put their money into something else..a better idea something more effective

  36. I have always been an avid sky watcher. I have been on a personal journey, waking up so to speak. I’ve taken my health, and my son’s into my own hands by growing our own food, learning to meditate,etc. So it pisses me off to look up and see line after line choking out the sky. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a true blue sky here in Maryland. It makes me feel ill. My throat is sore, I suffer from body aches and fatigue on extremely heavy spray days, or when it rains. We want to move away from this heavy fly zone, but fear it isn’t much better elsewhere.

    • There are definitely places with less or no chemtrails.

      We’re in San Carlos, Mexico and the chemtrails are a lot less frequent here though they still have them. Didn’t see any at all in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico however the overall pollution there was worse than chemtrails.

      I would think areas in the country would be less exposed to chemtrail spraying.

      Also there are supplements supposed to help with the detoxing from chemtrails.


  37. I live in NW Arkansas. I have severe emphysema and moved to Arkansas from NJ as the ground level ozone was so bad during the Summer months in NJ that I could not go outside without suffering severe shortness of breath. I read in C.O.P.D. Digest that NW Arkansas was one of the best areas in the country for people with lung disease, based upon air quality, oxygen content and availability of medical care, so I retired and moved here. Initially, the air was terrific and I was able to breath better than I had in years. Then, after about two years here, around the Fall of 2011, the chemtrails appeared. Since then my health has gone to hell. I suffer the same symptoms of lung inflammation, sore throat, and body and headaches that I’ve read others describe. I’m writing this on 7/1/2016. For three continuous weeks starting the middle of May 2016, I did not see the sun due to constant chemtrailing. I fell into a deep depression and was miserable. Then on June 11, the sky cleared and remained clear until June 24. Since then, the sky has been once again, completely masked by chemtrails. Two days before the chemtrails temporarily stopped, I was in the emergency room being treated for exacerbation of my C.O.P.D. with lung inflammation. After a week on heavy steriods, my symptoms cleared and I felt great again but alas, the chemtrails are back once again. The sky today is solid silver-grey. Yesterday I watched wispy chemtrails morph into cumulus nimbus clouds and I saw what was described as an “outflow boundary” on the weather report that to me, looked like a bomb blast that radiated rain showers in an ever increasing radius. The weatherman did not take exception to this phenomenon and accepted this weather pattern as being completely normal. Oh and by the way, the biggest chemtrail deniers are weathermen. Now, I’m faced with a dilemma. I need to go grocery shopping but do I risk going through another attack on my heath by exposing myself to the toxic pollutants or continue to hide inside and eat only the dried and canned goods I have stored? I too have thought about relocating to another area where there might be little to no chemtrail activity but as yet, my research has not provided me with the location of such an area except China. Apparently, there are no room filters commercially available that remove the airborne toxins so the best that I can do is run my HEPA filter to hopefully reduce them and rest, breathing as little as possible. If you’re thinking about NW Arkansas as a place to avoid chemtrials, don’t! In fact the point at which Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri meet is under a constant barrage and has been for at least the last three years. This would be a wonderful place to live were it not for the extreme air pollution caused by government aerosol spraying. They spray us like we’re cockroaches. God help us all!

  38. If you noticed when PRINCE died, EVERYONE!! went online to research prince and found he had been on the CHEMTRAIL issue for awile. so MOST of the unwashed were quit amazed to learn there was a SKY ABOVE THIER TINNY LITTLE BRAINS!!!!! BUT lo and behold, NOTHING! HMMM.

  39. Dated this July 29th, 2016.:
    -June and a good portion of July here in the interior of BC, have been unusually rainy, whereas it is usually dry and scorching hot. Though now that the rains have subsided, we are seeing clear blue skies, just like the old days. Normal white puffy clouds and all.
    In fact, a few of us came to the realization today, that we haven’t seen any ‘sky vandals’ in a while. It is abnormal, for we usually see them constantly, spraying heavy over the region, thus creating whiteouts and blocking the sun completely. Hope they are gone for good.

  40. I live in north east south dakota I have been watching them spray us for 5 years late last year they stopped only a few days this year we have been sprayed. This summer have been blue clear skies all summer no big storms a little dry. I would watch airplanes fly over spray and go back the other way and spray more the sky would be milky white a hour later. We see no air travel at all this summer! Its has been 2 months with no clouds!

  41. Here in Los Angeles and the immediate surrounding areas we saw chem trails CONSTANTLY and in April of this year they seemed to get really bad. We recently realized that we haven’t seen them spraying for about 2 months now! This is really creeping us out – what is their next move? Why would they stop? (It definitely isn’t because the government all of a suddenly agreed that spraying is bad) What is their bigger plan? The unknown is more frightening than the known – are they doing something that we can’t see now?

    • I wouldn’t be so afraid Helene.

      What you may not realize is that there is an alliance of positive forces that are beating back the puppet masters otherwise known as the Cabal, Illuminati and or the New World Order. Many things have not gone according to their plans and that is because they are rapidly losing control.

      Get ready for some truly crazy stuff but that will lead to the liberation of humanity. And check out David Wilcock and Corey Goode to learn more about this positive alliance.


  42. I live in the Eastern Sierra’s and for the last few years chem trails have started every morning by afternoon the sky is hazed. Lately I don’t see any!! I was told that the spray is to stop the sun rays from hitting the earth and reflect them back to the sun. In other words to rid us from global warming. At this time our forests are being reduced by 75%!! Before my eyes I see trees dying everywhere and I have lived in this area nearly 70 years. There death is blamed on the bark beetle. But, there has always been a Bark Beetle but not chem trails. It is proven that the chemicals they are spraying does kill trees. I wonder what it has been doing to us? To me, it looks like we have traded one problem for another. We haven’t solved “Global Warming”. The planet is dying of other things. Yes, there is the Bark Beetle. But, what has weakened the trees for such an invasion?

  43. Southern Missouri has NOT had any chemtrails within the last 7 days. I had read in a book that the angelic-aliens was to be putting an end to the Drakos-Illuminati spraying their chemtrails. (I think the book was, although not positive, was “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances” by Michael E. Salla) (great book)!

  44. I live in the Pacific NW and I’m hyperfocused on watching chemtrails. Since I live a few minutes from an international airport and lived over a flight path for many years, I believe they may utilize the same path to ‘blend in’ with regular passenger aircraft. Since 2005, I’ve watched foliage in my yard (that once flourished) become a pathetic image of their former selves. I’ve witnessed regular deposits of a black grainy substance fall to the ground around my property. And, my breathing has become compromised, even though I am an incredibly healthy person. One other important thing I’ve noticed, is the shift from day spraying, to night spraying. I have taken some formidable photos of what they are spraying into the skies under the cover of darkness. So, perhaps it appears as though it’s lessened, but it has not. Sad, but true, in my little corner of the world. May we all be blessed with clear skies sometime in our near future. I believe in miracles and keeping hope and our awareness alive, is vital.

    • Thanks for sharing Lisa. How are you seeing the chemtrails spraying at night? I’m guessing night vision goggles would help?

  45. Funny isn’t it! “What no” chemtrails !! Here in SW England I’ve not seen a chemtrail for a couple of weeks now. Where have they gone?
    Are they now dispersing so finely that they are invisible. Not seen many planes either so maybe they are invisible too. We are near an air base so we see mostly helicopters but today their was the sound of an unseen jet that circled around for ages.
    We are not really on a flight path but it did not stop them criss crossing over the coast here.
    They must know that we know.

  46. In Nashville TN area they completely disappeared for about a month. (Not long after CIA came out and fessed up to weather manipulation) Today I noticed them again and looks like they are back with a vengeance. I was taking a picture of 3 parallel lines of them and you could tell they were laid down probably 30 min to an hour of each other judging by their dispersion. When I took the pic another plane was coming by laying down another trail. So sad that they continue to spray these poisons over our heads. At least now they can’t say we are nuts and that they are simply contrails. Email me and I can send you the pics

    • Thanks for sharing Jim. We have been in Sedona, Arizona recently and on one of the days here they laid out chemtrails one after the other all day long. Yet most of the time the chemtrails here have been light. But that one day there would not have been a cloud in the sky except there were tons of chemtrails being laid out. That was about ten days to two weeks ago.

  47. i’m in SE michigan. They have been spraying regularly, every 2-3 days here since the spring. But the past few months they are blasting us constantly. It’s been cloudy for 2 months but i am watching whenever there is a patch of blue sky, i see the planes above the clouds spraying the lines of poison. I can not Not notice them. I have pointed them out to people, wrote on fb and instarammed photos. Most people just look at my like i am crazy or say nothing.
    i did point them out to one friend and he said they are just contrails, when i pushed him, he said “i just can’t do it! I can’t see that shit, I have enough going on in my life that i can’t cope with even going there, it’s just too much!” At least he admits it, we are all so stressed or distracted that we don’t even look up anymore.
    I hike every day, it’s hard not to notice when a blue sky morning gets blotted out by those sick pilots. If i had a rocket launcher….

    • Thanks for sharing Andy.

      Some people are just afraid of the truth. And they have so many problems as it is, there’s just too much for them to cope with.

    • How hard would it be to construct one if you could buy the pieces and assemble them yourself to avoid detection? Maybe order the pieces separately?

      The US Censors only see things as a whole package or all the pieces together but not separately. Requires too much foresight and thinking outside of the box.

  48. Be careful of viruses! There is an ad for diet stuff that covers up a bunch of comments even with Ad Block turned on and the X just takes yuo to the ad. It doesn’t actually close it!

    This site is unusable though maybe this site was a joke if that’s the case the webmaster sure has a sick sense of humor.

    • I’m afraid to say this as it may bring them back in full force more then ever but where are the trails? Haven’t seen any in over two weeks going now. Usually they spray the strongest when there is threats of CME’s. I go to Space Weather.com for space news and love the Earth To Sky Calculus things that are going on.

      They seem to spray hardest during flares. This flare is an exception. We are in the middle of a (G2) level event with auroras down to Washington and expected to increase thru the night.

      In the early turn of the century this would usually mean telegraph systems grinding to a near halt.

  49. I have not seen any in southern IL since the election,. If Trump doesn’t get this do nothing Congress to accomplish anything else, I will always love him for my blue skies with animal clouds coming back. I know the chems are bad for the body, but the constant overcast was harder on my emotional well-being

  50. Apparently, since Trump pulled out of the climate deal, (whatever it’s called) the chem trails have gone. Here in Minnesota we don’t have them any more, just nice fluffy clouds and VERY blue sky. It’s wonderful!!!

    • Around here I’ve not seen chemtrails for a while now. Basically since Memorial Day at least. But the skies are not always super blue. Quite a bit of haze. May still be chemtrailing at night. And it seems in general less chemtrail activity here in the summer months.

      Only time will tell if the spraying comes back.

  51. In Tennessee, we have many more blue sky days, I occasionally see some chemtrails but not very often. It’s definitely more hot lately without the clouds. Sure love the blue sky again. Hope it continues. Go Trump!!!

  52. Big ad covering the comments you can’t close. FAIL! X button just leads to a new page but doesn’t get ridof ad which I have ad block. (everyone in room glares). Yeah socialist sites like this suck!

    • I am unable to see this ad that you are talking about on my laptop. And I don’t have ads on this site anyway. If there is something there I didn’t put it there and I cannot see it on my laptop.

      What device and operating system are you using to view the page with?

      Thank you, Roger

  53. No cemtrails here in So. Cal πŸ™‚ It does seem that ever since we got out of the Paris climate deal! I’m loving it! Nice to see blue skies again and I’ve been feeling better not breathing all that crap they spray! Thank you President Trump! πŸ‘πŸ»

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