Ebola Bullshite


Afraid that maybe you might catch it. Well it’s just another big trick from the powers that be or the secretive cabal that’s trying to gain control of the entire planet.

Please check out some of the links below for more detailed information on this topic.

A whole bunch of articles by Jon Rappoport on this very subject at this link on his blog:


Here you can see in Liberia some very bad actors paid to play as if they have ebola and they’re sick. Especially watch the boy who did a terrible job of acting.

CNN: Inside Liberia’s Ebola crisis

Folks this is an old trick they’ve been using for years. Trying to scare us with non-existent diseases so that they could scare us into taking vaccinations that are highly toxic.

And there may be a different financial reason besides selling millions of vaccinations for this War on Ebola. Yes the US government has actually sent in 3,000 troops to Africa to fight this fake ebola outbreak.

And Now, Ladies an’ Gentlemen: Obama’s ‘War on Ebola’…

Also I have many reasons to believe that Mike Adams the Health Ranger (along with Alex Jones) are paid disinformation agents as well.

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  1. “Also I have many reasons to believe that Mike Adams the Health Ranger (along with Alex Jones) are paid disinformation agents as well”

    I am banned from the Alex Jones show, because I listed hundreds of Talmudic Jewish Perverts. So for the first time I realized Jones was a paid disinformation agent. And a few months I noticed a big change in Mike Adams attitude.

    The list of Jewish rabbi sexual perverts cannot be got anymore. I downloaded it years ago from the Awarenesscenter. But she has been got at & prevents me from getting on to her blog.

    But you have to think outside the box!

    If there is one book to get for Christmas, then get WILFULL BLINDNESS by Margaret Heffernan. It’s about Cognitive dissonance & its mind boggling!

  2. Yeah your on the mark again with everything you’ve said, I am curious of your opinion of David Icke, I think he’s the most valuable human on the planet, along with Jon and yourself when it comes to raw veganism. Thanks for the information. “Believe nothing, consider every thing”.

    • It could be.

      But according to the evidence this is not what is happening. What it seems like to me is that they are simply staging this to create fear and to create compliance.

      The way they’ll kill is not the so called Ebola virus but the medications and vaccinations they can manage to inject the gullible people with. The people that are “dieing” of so called “ebola” have diseases that have nothing to do with ebola.

      At least that’s my take on it.

      Right now it appears that it’s just another concocted fear campaign exactly like the swine flu. Something that had no power to actually harm anyone at all. In other words it wasn’t a real threat but an imaginary one.


  3. Boy I sure hope it’s just a farce, either way it’s scary -wouldn’t want to be forced to take that vaccine either! It seems they could implement their plan faster if they actually released a bioweapen virus though. There must be some plan for all those coffins in Georgia. I’d like to hear more, in private if you feel more comfortable, about why not to trust natural news? Also, what’s your take on colloidal silver?

    • Bob,

      The article you’ve linked to above gives some very bad advice.

      1. Flu shots are toxic and dangerous. No one should EVER take them. I’ve heard too many horror stories even from relatives in the aftermath of taking the flu shot.

      2. The statistic on the number of deaths via flu are HIGHLY exaggerated. The reason being is because they include deaths by pneumonia in the same category as deaths by the flu. In reality a lot less people die from flu than we’ve been taught to believe by the lying Medical Mafia and media.


      • I personally have had a flu shot ever since its inception and have never had the flu. I know of other people who have never had a flu shot and also have never had the flu. To each his own. The ebola threat is real and must be confronted and eliminated. There is no cure for this disease as yet, which has a 70 percent death rate. There are vaccines being developed, and these will be tested late this year and early 2015.

        • Bob I suggest you do a little more research for the information your receiving about Ebola is highly distorted.

          Start by reading this by Jon Rappoport for an overview:

          The Ebola hoax: questions, answers, and the false belief in the “One It”

          Then for the documented info which conclusively proves the point. There are many blog posts at this link. So take your time and start reading the ones that interest you.


          Every lie spread in the media can easily be explained. Just because people are dying does in NO WAY mean they are dieing specifically due to Ebola. That is the big trick.


          • So, I am just to believe the opinion of the Rappoport website, and not believe WHO, the world health organization, the CDC, or medical people from Western Africa who have been treating ebola for years? I was taught long ago to not put all my eggs in one basket, but to seek out and analyze different opinions and different solutions for specific issues. The old adage says that one ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. One size does not fit all, so if not getting s flu shot is your decision for yourself and your family, so be it. I don’t think we will have an ebola epidemic in the USA, but I am glad that vaccines are being developed in case it does, and hopefully these vaccines can be developed in time to save thousands of ebola victims in Western Africa.

          • Jon Rappoport is far from the only person pointing the FACTS out. But he’s been supplying so much incredible (and highly documented I might add) information out there that I like sending people to his site. Including information from government sources that prove the lie as well.

            Don’t have faith in the CDC and WHO as they are some kind of sanctified religious body that can do no wrong, simply look for the facts. I have zero fear of Ebola because I know better.

            I just put up an interview today with someone who used to work for SmithKline Diagnostics and he has come to the exact same conclusion. That the PCR test is useless for determining if someone has an active case of Ebola.

            But not only is Jon Rappoport saying this but the guy who invented the advanced PCR test Kary Mullis (and a Nobel Prize winner at that) says the exact same thing.

            Don’t you think it’s possible that our government has ulterior motives when it comes to scaring us about Ebola? Who gains money and who gains power by this deception? And yes there are multiple reasons this Ebola fear campaign benefits our government.

            Why did Obama send 3,000 TROOPS to Africa instead of 3,000 doctors and nurses? Makes no sense to me.

            The CDC and WHO have been proven corrupt time after time. They’ve been covering up the dangers of vaccines for years. Falsifying studies, using tests that are meaningless etc.

            Here’s proof of that corruption right here:

            CDC Whistleblower: This Is the Real Smoking Gun

            When you properly educate yourself from both sides it will become OBVIOUS that what the mainstream media is reporting on Ebola is an absolute lie.


  4. Again you refer to your source, Rappoport. Proof of corruption, no, an opinion of corruption, yes, all conjecture. Where are the other sources you mentioned? Try to find out both sides of an issue, rather than just run with an opinion expressed that you happen to agree with. Some folks think there is a conspiracy behind everything, sometimes there is, many times there is not. The CDC and WHO have been proven to be corrupt, time after time? When? Where? Facts please, not just conjecture.

  5. Troops are being sent to West Africa to build an infrastructure that does not exist there now. Facilities have to be built so that the medical doctors can do their work.

  6. Dear Mr RogerHaeske, Your vision on western medical “healthcare” is quite all right. As a male nurse in Belgium, I have already been trained 33 years ago “against” Ebola. At that time, they told us that Ebola is NOT DANGEROUS FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE, ONLY FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE IT CAN BE DANGEROUS.
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    So, I hope to have an answer please.

    Theophiel Van Dyck

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