Environmentalism a Substitute for War?

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June 30, 2008

Rawnu @ 1:23 am

Hi Roger, you live in New Jersey, a Northern state. I live in Canada. OK. The question I get alot in these enviromentally-conscious days is: How ECOLOGICAL is a raw diet for a Canadian that lives on flown-in Californian and Mexican produce for 9 months of the year? Case in point: Bananas are by far Canada’s favorite fruit (not apples!), but bananas don’t even GROW in Canada! How do I answer this ecological question? Personally, I don’t really care; I’m gonna eat raw anyway and spend two months in the winter down south – but sometimes I wish I had a snappy answer for them.


Other than Victoria’s Raw Family newsletter I no longer get any raw info other than yours. I’m so glad you exist! :)


My Reply


Thanks for your support. I do appreciate it.

The ecological question is a silly one for me. I once had a guy who eats mostly raw say that he prefers to eat a bowl of oatmeal than bananas because it’s so-called "more environmentally friendly."

This is just stupidity in my opinion. That is poisoning yourself (or poisoning your own ecology) whether you realize it or not. So first you want to be good to your own ecology and you can work your way out from there.

Second of all there are many myths being bandied about by so-called leaders in the environmental movement.

One of the biggest myths is the so-called man caused global warming. That is one of the biggest lies ever told. It’s very easy to lie with statistics. Especially if that was your intent ahead of time.

Trust me, the people pushing this agenda don’t care if it’s global warming or an impending ice age, the goal is the same for them. They’re trying to scare people into their own political agenda and they don’t care about the environment themselves.

Why don’t we hear in the mainstream press that last year was the single biggest drop in temperature on the planet since those numbers have been recorded? I’ve actually written a post on this blog about that and pointing to the data.

But we heard virtually nothing about this in the mainstream press. It’s because the press is controlled by the few giant corporations who own it and those corporations want you to be terrified of Global Warming.

To shorten things up just realize that there are very big corporations and a political agenda behind the whole global warming scare. One of the reasons people are being made to feel terrified of global warming is to create the desire for a Global Government which would have the power to force all nations to it’s environmental standards.

But world government is like going shopping and everything in the store is produced by one company and that company funded by tax money. And we all know how inefficient government agencies can be.

I mean where does the money come from to put up billboards in New York City for Global Warming fear messages? Those billboards cost $700,000 a month each. Every day on the radio I hear a commercial warning us to take action to stop global warming.

This kind of advertising doesn’t come cheap. It’s not coming from environmentalists. They don’t have that kind of money. And what most environmentalists don’t know is that many of their groups have been secretly founded and funded by the wealthiest billionaire’s on the planet who are using environmentalism as a tool to further their own power agenda. These people often have track records of being the worst polluters themselves.

You can learn more about this by reading pages 526-536 of "The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G Edward Griffin. If you use Amazon.com you can scan inside the book and find those pages.

Then I’d say to read that whole book for it will open your eyes like nothing you’ve ever read before.

Just look up when you search inside the book in Amazon: Environmentalism a substitute for war

I’m all for doing as much as we can to preserve nature and have clean air and water. But if you take environmentalism to the extreme you get back to living in the jungle with no agriculture, no tools, no cars, no electricity.

In short you completely reverse human progress. You might as well dump the computer as well. So if you’re friends are so concerned with the environment they should be genuine and move to the tropics and live naked all year round and maybe live in a cave. And while they’re there, they should eat 100% raw.

From a different perspective, you’re certainly using less energy to prepare your foods if they are raw. But this isn’t a big issue to me.

The biggest environmental problems we have is our corrupt governments and the invisible power brokers who decide what our politicians actually do. In the U.S. both of the major parties are bought and paid for. It’s a joke.

Freedom has been gone in the United States for a very long time. Dangerous times are coming soon. The price of gas is a warning sign. The tip of the iceburg. Be prepared for possible huge economic depression to ready us for the next step of world government which would be the North American Union.

This is no joke. Here’s the official U.S. Government site for this planned NAU.


Of course, they use different words (euphemisms) to describe it. But the idea is to create a Union between Canada, United States and Mexico. The easiest way for us to accept such a thing is to destroy our economy and have everyone suffer so much that they don’t care if they lose their governments and currency. Right now our dollar is being purposely destroyed and devalued.

Here’s a good site giving more information on this vitally important topic:


There could be many alternatives to oil and gasoline by the way. But the largest oil companies will go as far as killing inventors to keep new technologies that threaten theirs from making it to market.

The real problem we have is monopolies and the highest corruption at the government levels.



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  1. Andy, Unfortunately they’ve turned off the "Search Inside This Book" feature for this book. I know it used to be available because a friend of mine was able to read those pages on Amazon.com before. The only way now is to get the book yourself. Could be the most important book you’ve ever read when it comes to understanding the real mechanics of government and the true history of the world. Not what you get in the school books and the news. 

    For those of you who don’t know. The book is called, "The Creature From Jekyll Island." If you want to be truly knowledgeable about politics then you need to read this book or other similar ones. It’s highly documented. Sometimes even the perpetrators of these crimes admit it later in life in their own books.


  2. thx Roger, gonna buy it , and on the other hand there is no excuse to continue destroying the planet.
    And buy eating raw we probably do least damage

  3. The film ZEITGEIST is another fantastic film that outlines the garbage the media and government are feeding our minds with. Brainwashing us. The film is really disturbing, though…I have to warn those who haven’t seen it. I was physically shaking after I watched it and I sobbed out loud like a baby. For the first time, I was ashamed of being an American considering that our government has turned us into a NOT FREE country.

  4. If we knew that we (as humanity, as well as each person individually) planned these challenges so we could come to know ourselves as “those who rose up to the challenge,” to experience ourselves FIRSTHAND as heroes, to experience ourselves firsthand as powerful beings, to fulfill the “Earth experiment,” and that because we planned them we have the key within to fulfill those challenges (by following our hearts consistently despite societal conditionings), then that would alleviate a lot of fear & inertia that prevents people from taking effective action in their life. The key to fulfilling one’s purpose is following one’s inner guidance. I show all this step-by-step in my book “What Everyone Believed: A Memoir of Intuition and Awakening” by Christine Hoeflich. I’d also recommend “Courageous Souls” by Robert Schwartz. Check both out on Amazon.

    The times are the way they are, the politicians are the way they are, so that we can discover who we can be in times of crisis. In other words, if we can view this as the OPPORTUNITY that it is, we can be the vehicles for truth and freedome, we can triumph.

    Thanks Roger for shedding light on these illusions. True environmentalists have heart. There is an agenda and we all need to use our inner discernment, and sometimes let go of our old beliefs that no longer serve us.

  5. Roger,

    Your comments about global warming were so disturbing to me that I would like you to remove my name from your mailing list. I no long view your newsletter as a credible source of information.

  6. EXCELLENT post, Christine. A friend recently wrote me with a superb statement which I not only try to promote but also wholeheartedly agree with. She said that she believes in the law of attraction (as do I) and that so many people on this earth are “dooms-dayers” in that they think of all the bad things that are supposedly come and are also happening at this time. By focusing upon the bad, and FEARING the bad, they attract more of that to themselves and to planet earth. If can look within and be our highest selves, then we can attract joy, peace and serenity to this earth both individually and collectively.

    Initially, when we read books like Roger suggested, or we see movies like Zeitgeist, we can be filled with rage, terror, and a sense of “giving up”. But if we look within, it doesn’t take long to let go of that fear and to realize that “we can be the change we want to see in the world”.

  7. Hi Jean,

    Sounds like you’ve closed your mind.

    This documentary video can get you started on a different viewpoint when it comes to global warming.


    I’d say there’s more evidence that we’re going into an Ice Age than the dreaded Global Warming.

    Quite frankly warming up the planet a bit would be better for the majority of people and life forms on the planet anyway. But you won’t hear that perspective either from the Global Warming crowd.


  8. Thanks, Kristy. The issue I have with the “Law of Attraction” is that there’s a lot of misinformation around it. The way I see it really works is so: when you get serious with your deeper life mission, the universe (Interconnectedness) will provide you with the things you need in order to fulfill it. This is not about wanting shiny red cars, but about being of service to humanity (the shiny red car *might be* a byproduct of this service, rather than the focus.) Being serious means learning to discern your soul’s voice from societal beliefs and conditionings and following through with it *promptly and consistently*–in other words taking inspired action rather than lying in bed visualizing what you want, trying to “vibrate” a certain way, etc. It often requires courage as one’s deepr purpose and wisdom often involves going against herd mentality.

    (I’m afraid the New Age community has also been taken over by those with an agenda to disempower humanity and part of this disempowerment is the way the “law” of attraction has been shown to work.)

    When you commit to your life purpose, the universe will support you. “Ask and it is given” refers to this deeper purpose: once we begin it, we receive the gifts of interconnectedness—–insights, serendipitous events, synchronicity, and universal cooperation—–that give life meaning, clarity, and ease.

  9. Thanks for the link to the video, Roger.

    Very, very interesting. Really opened my mind. I’ve been a staunch believer in global warming, but after watching that, it makes me realize that like everything else, human corruption and greed quite likely rules the day.

    Still, I don’t think it’s right to waste fuel and create pollution so that I can eat bananas in December. That’s a personal decision though, and I don’t try and force my views on others.

    Keep up the good work,


  10. I think you need to spend more time to fully understand the nature of the global warming (more properly called climate change) phenomenon.

    Where I live it is not a theory, in fact it’s an indisputable part of everyday life. I live in the South Eastern corner of Australia and our climate has already changed almost beyond recognition. We are currently in the “middle” of the wet season – except there’s been no rain yet. The snow hasn’t come to our mountains yet (two months late so far) and the rivers are nearly dry. The entire continent is having the worst drought in _at least_ one thousand years. People’s lives are truly in danger because our capital cities are running so low on water and the governments are acting too late to do something about it. The list goes on. This is, incidently, completely in line with climate change predictions made 25 years ago.

    I know personally a number of people from small pacific islands whose ancestral homes have already gone under from rising sea levels – I didn’t get that from the news – I know them as friends – it was their house that is now on the tideline.

    This has NEVER happened before! There’s many parts of the world where the reality of it is beyond doubt, in fact it’s far more severe than you would hear on your news. (I know that the US media is highly sanitized.)

    Stop thinking about Global Warming and start thinking Climate change – and then go and read up what that really means, from the science, not the media.

    I know the governments are not lovely people looking out for our best interests, but the whole climate change thing IS real. In fact it’s far more severe than the government is telling us, and it’s happening way way faster.

    If you doubt me, then just wait a few more years and climate change will come to your neighbourhood too and you won’t have to wonder anymore.

    Thanks. Otherwise, I totally agree with your posts and love the whole raw food livestyle. Personally, I think eating Bananas in Canada would be better than eating oats ecologically anyway because the oats have to be processed, cooked, packed etc., surely that pretty much negates the transport of the bananas, or would come close. Not to mention that a nice healthy raw fooder won’t be sucking up the world’s resources treating their illnesses 😉 I eat bananas from North Queensland using this same logic, so I hope I’m right 🙂

    Thanks and keep up those great blogs posts! But I can guarantee that you’re wrong on this one…


  11. Roger, as I commented some time back, I respect you for having the ‘nerve’ to say what you think on issues, like global warming, that will quite possibly lose you readers. It is better to lose some from your mailing list than to be afraid to speak out.

    Jean, I hope that you are still reading this blog, if so please don’t judge everything that Roger has to say on the basis of a disagreement with him over one issue. I’m sure the reason that you’ve been on his list is because the wealth of information he provides, from his own experience, and the fact that unlike so many in the raw/health arena he isn’t trying to persuade us to buy some overpriced superfood, or similar products. Caring for our environment and believing in man-made global warming aren’t inextricably linked, we can do the first without being seduced by the myth of the second, but if we blindly accept the second, we are going to end up in a situation far worse than any imaginary scenario dreamt up by the fearmongers of AGW.

  12. Hi Roger,

    Didn’t 9 out of the 10 hottest years on record occur within the last decade? I haven’t heard of the record drop in temperature last year, but is that really significant when it’s compared to already record-setting temperatures & is in the middle of a clear upward trend?
    Also, I’m not sure which creatures will benefit from global warming. The polar bears are definitely uncomfortable now many months in the summer & are losing their habitat. And also if the trend continues, won’t all the world’s coastal areas will be flooded from the melting polar caps?


  13. Christine,

    Gosh, I was just saying that to my husband this morning. It’s not about wishing for a red Ferrari. It’s about attracting higher ideals.

    I just finished reading David Icke’s ‘The Biggest Secret’ last night which if anyone would like to understand some of the deepest underlying power pulls behind all the big government agendas you will be utterly shocked. I mean shake-your-head, throw-the-book-down, there’s-no-way-this-can-possibly-be-true shocked. What he claims sounds so fantastically ridiculous and I don’t agree with a good bit of what he says but even if 2% of what he says in that book is true, it explains so clearly why our world is currently in a chaotic mess. It isn’t inefficient government policy that causes the chaos. It is government’s very pointed and intended policy to further the global agenda of widespread Chaos, Fear, and Perversion of every ilk.

    I agree that focusing on the bad won’t bring about anything good but I really enjoy digging into the deepest levels to avoid the tricks. I believed Al Gore when I watched his movie. I thought he was a good guy. Not anymore. Bottom line—To get to the top echelon in government you must prove your loyalty to the agenda of chaos, just like a massive mafia ring that spans the entire globe—only the goal is not just money. It is far more sinister than that. (Oh, please don’t anyone tell me that Ron Paul is in on the madness too. I truly believe he is the real deal.)

    It’s okay, the darkness will just fold in on itself as those heading towards the light will move more quickly toward it. It’s just so important to me that I not play into their agenda either consciously or accidentally for lack of understanding. That’s why I like to keep myself abreast of it all.

    Oh, and there’s a great little piece you can read for free called ‘Billions for the Bankers’.Here’s the link http://www.rense.com/general61/bbil.shtm Read it and understand how the current monetary system manipulates the masses into virtual slaves and how the depression of the 30’s was completely planned. Many believe there’s another one planned so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to own a little patch of land somewhere—even if all you can afford is to put a little camper on it. That might seem like paradise to those trapped in the cities being kicked out of their homes as the banks reposses America once again.

    I could write forever about this but I’m busy putting together a video series about health. By the way, Roger I hope you don’t mind if I include you in my video. I’d like to include your pic as an example of what the raw food diet can do. Let me know if that’s okay.

    Peace, Susan

  14. David,

    What you don’t realize is there where record cold temperatures all around the world last year. For the first time in recorded history it snowed in Baghdad. And this information I gleamed was from the same official sources that the Global Warming fear mongers quote when the temperature on the planet increases.

    Go back in my post and look at the link I left to the article where you can find out for yourself. And even if the temperature is rising which it was before last year it does not automatically mean that man is the main cause.

    And realize that we’re talking about Global Warming not a change in your local climate. Turns out around here so far this year has been quite cool in my area. Should I then state that the whole planet is cooling because of one year and only my area?

    However, it’s interesting to note that last year the temperature actually dropped a half degree centigrade. That basically accounted for half the global warming of the last century.


  15. Alasdair,

    The fuel issue is a non issue. We have so much energy it’s all over the place. Again this is a belief created by the oil companies so they can justify high oil prices.

    There are so many fuel alternatives, even solar is becoming cheap now. The problem is not using too much fuel since it’s abundant. The problem is the oil monopoly and the government fascism which allows this monopoly.

    If we operated in truly free markets, there would be electric cars and solar powered homes. Energy would be really cheap. But progress is being fought to protect the most profitable business right now, the oil business.


  16. Jack,

    Here’s some of what you said:

    “Didn’t 9 out of the 10 hottest years on record occur within the last decade? I haven’t heard of the record drop in temperature last year, but is that really significant when it’s compared to already record-setting temperatures & is in the middle of a clear upward trend?”

    Reversing half a century of Global Warming in one year is quite significant. But that isn’t the main point.

    First read all of my comments on the post and then also actually look at the links and videos I’ve given to you and it will explain all of your questions.

    There’s a notion that the Earth was never warmer than it was today. That’s another lie. We’ve been significantly warmer on this planet (before industrialization about 1,000 years ago) and as the warmth increases so does the abundance of life and of prosperity for the people on Earth.

    Polar bears have lived through much warmer times and they certainly are not dieing off. Eventually you might come to realize that much of the Global Warming crowd have no thought about telling the truth. It’s strictly about political gain on a number of levels. Much of science is used in this way these days.

    They are using Global Warming; or if it were to become obvious that it’s turning to an Ice Age, they’ll just turn it around and say man is causing the Ice Age. All they want is to use some kind of climatic disaster and blame man for it so that they can get what they truly want which is a Global Government.

    They’re also using the Global Warming argument to prevent Africa from industrializing itself and therefore turning itself into an economic power. Giving the African’s financial abundance instead of poverty. But wealthy areas are harder to control and so the Globalists are doing everything they can to hold Africa down.

    There are a number of sub purposes for Global Warming in the eventual agenda of the people driving for World Government.

    Heck the Ice Age predictions were what was going on in the 1970’s. Back then they were predicting a coming Ice Age in the mainstream media.

    There was plenty of CO2 and industrialization then. Why such a cool period? Global Warming caused by humans is junk science for the most part.

    There’s now a sight with I believe over 30,000 scientists who’ve signed a petition they don’t believe that humans are the main cause of Global Warming.


    Once you start to put together all of the facts and understand the motives behind the Global Warming crowd you’ll see how it’s been a huge lie.

    Not that the planet was warming, but that humans are the main cause. As it turns out the main cause seems to be the activity of the sun. As the sun spot activity decreases (which it will soon) the temperature on the planet will start to decrease.


  17. Susan,

    Thanks for your post. I’ve heard David Icke talk on the CoasttoCoastAm radio show.

    I don’t know if all he’s saying is true either. But I feel pretty confident that most of what is in the book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island” is true. I think you’ll see what I mean when you read the book. It’s a very thorough work and entertaining reading as well. But shocking.

    As for using my picture, why not contact me at my helpdesk with what you plan to do.



  18. If memory serves me correctly, I remember somebody questioning the environmental soundness of eating imported produce when Steve Pavlina was doing his 30-day raw trial back in January. He referred to John Robbins’ book, Diet for a New America, and showed how eating the SAD (especially meat) left a larger carbon footprint than indulging in amenities such as lighting, air conditioning, and automobile travel.

    I’m still weighing the evidence on man-made Global Warming. I know that the last couple of years in my neck of the woods (SE Texas) have been cooler (although we’re experiencing drought this summer); my daughter in Iowa said that last winter was the coldest she’d experienced since moving back to the MidWest.

    We do need to fix our air and water quality. I think, though, that we need to do it more for our health than because the planet is going to boil over, though. We also need to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy. The technology exists for us to have both ample energy and a healthy ecosystem. What will it take for us, as a society, to get over our “either/or” thinking and move forward?

  19. Hi Roger,

    You are the very first raw foodist I have come across who not only talks about the ways and means to living a 100% raw food life but also provocatively addresses world humanitarian issues. You give links and you spread the news about how corrupt the government is. Nobody knows how far it will go but I got a feeling it will get worse before it gets better. Since there are so many spiritual beings on earth ‘sleeping’ due to poor nutrition, drugs, pollutants in the air, water, food, and earth and finally due to the fear machine, propaganda torch the almighty television (and other media)what is the solution? That is the simple question, what is the solution?

    When someone knocks on your door and says according to Martial Law YOU are under arrest for spreading propaganda through your website or it’s time to get fitted for your chip, what are you going to do?
    What do we do? I know I am not a machine. I am a spiritual being. I am 95% raw and still working hard at becoming 100%. I don’t watch t.v. and I am making peace with my Lord for when worse times come.

    You are a leader in your field with a strong following and the power to implement a plan or to do something. We know the problems, we see the signs. We hear about it so much we are desensitized, numb and dumb. How about turning this website into one that offers an endless stream of solutions?

    Since ‘they’ operate using fear tactics and we create our own reality anyway, where do we go from here? Can you help us?

    Thank You!

  20. To AlreadyLivingInMyBunker,

    Thanks for your post. You are oh so right. What you are talking about could indeed be in our very near future if we don’t try to do something about it.

    I am making plans for myself. But that won’t be enough to help others. So in the spirit of the 4th of July or Independence Day in the United States, I’ll write a blog post addressing your very concerns.

    Realize that the first step is getting as many people as possible to fully realize the scope of the problem.

    If everyone in the United States was fully aware of what was going on, then it would be much harder for the Globalists to implement their plans.

    I wonder what would happen if for instance we simply had decided to elect Ron Paul instead of one of the current contenders?

    What if only Libertarian type candidates were voted into Congress? The only thing preventing us from succeeding would be if they used those electronic voting machines to fix the election or fixed the election in some other way.

    So as long as we still can vote, there’s still some kind of chance of making peaceful change. The Internet is our greatest informational tool.

    It’s my hope to have an incredibly huge following so that I can become my own media source.

    I plan to go to the Revolution March in Washington on July 12.


    That is another thing I can do. So hopefully I can get some people who read my blog interested in attending with me.

    Maybe I’ll do a raw food talk or something the day before in the area.

    Thanks, Roger

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