Tennis and 6-Pack Abs in Piscataway…

The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out

About 10 days ago I went to play tennis in my old neighborhood tennis courts in Piscataway, NJ. By the way, if you want to see me in person, try coming down to Columbus Park in Piscataway in the late afternoon and evenings.

I’ll be at the tennis courts when I’m there.
In any case, I was playing tennis with this really nice Indian fellow I had met at Columbus Park last summer. I was giving him some free pointers on how to better hit his two handed backhand.
As we finished we got sidetracked into a discussion on diet. He knew about one of my websites and thought my program was mostly about exercise. But I told him the main key for me staying thin and looking so young was that I eat a Raw Food Diet.
He actually had a great diet compared to most people. He ate mostly organic and stayed away from soda and other junk like that. But what I was telling him was radical and way beyond stuff he’d ever thought about. But he was very interested.
After that discussion came to an end, another guy I met last year (I’ll call him Willy) came up to me. Willy also knew I had health and fitness websites. And he actually knew me from long ago as I grew up in Piscataway.
He wanted to know what exercises to do to get six-pack abs. So right there on the tennis court I took off my shirt and did some Superman Push-ups. After that I demonstrated how to work the obliques with Superman Oblique Push-ups. Those links by the way give full instructions.
Both of these exercises will build powerful abs at least three times as fast as doing crunches and sit-ups. The reason is because they force you to flex your abdominal muscles incredibly hard and therefore they are more time efficient methods of building 6-pack abs.
Ok, so now let me move forward a few days. I came back to Columbus Park to play tennis again. At the end of the night Willy comes up to me and asks me how many of these Superman Push-ups should he do.
I said as many as you can. Then he told me he could do ten in a row. So I said, why not try doing five sets of ten for a days workout.
I come back a few days later and he wants more information on creating six-pack abs. Each time I come, Willy just has intense curiosity of how to get those 6 pack abs.
I started getting a bit frustrated. Because I realized he really didn’t understand the simple key to getting six pack abs. Quite frankly, you don’t even need to do any abdominal work to get them.
There’s one secret that most people who’ve never had 6-pack abs don’t understand. Once you know that then you’ll know exactly what to do to get them.
So I whispered the secret in his ear.
If you’re a Lightning Speed Fitness Program customer, I just whispered that same secret in your ear. Yesterday I recorded a 12 minute audio in which I reveal:
The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out
And I’ve sent an email to all current customers giving them the secret download page and password for it.
If you also want to learn the secret to looking amazing and having 6 pack abs without exercising then you need to get yourself a copy of my famous Lightning Speed Fitness Program.
Of course, you’ll get even better results if you use some of my time saving ab exercises that are exclusive to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. And quite frankly having strong abs is great for generating power in your serve and ground strokes in tennis.
I find it amazing that at 41 years of age I can still serve the tennis ball just as hard as I was serving it when I played tennis for Rutger’s University. Vigorous exercise is a vital factor in keeping yourself permanently young.
Use it or lose it. Get the miraculous Lightning Speed Fitness Program today and turn back the clock on your body.
To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske



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  1. Any plans to answer the next set of questions from that weekend? Just wondering as I am still waiting for you to answer my questions about addiction to almond butter.

  2. Hi July,

    Yes I still plan to answer the rest of the questions. It’s just going to take a while. But you should see some answers every week.

    Cheers, Roger

    P.S. I still have to pick the winning question.

  3. I’m 57 years old and have been a bodybuilder my entire adult life and intend to stay one ’till the day I die. Guess what? I never do any ab training but have rock solid abdominal muscles. The reason is easy. ALWAYS bring your abs into play when doing ANY set of reps. By doing so you will find you can perform more repetitions and lift far heavier weights than before PLUS you get a bonus ab workout at the same time. Just teach yourself to focus on crunching your abs as you perform the lift part of a rep. It works and it saves time too! No more stupid situps!!

  4. We all have ab muscles. Revealing them is about getting your body fat % below 10. At least that’s what I can gather. A month on 801010rv and I got close.

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