Meat Head Dope Challenges Me on Raw Food Diet…

I can’t wait to tear this dope apart. This troll was trying (rather poorly) to disprove the raw vegan version of the raw food diet by his questions.

It was obvious from his questions that he didn’t want my help. He was just trying to prove his point. I smash his premises in the answers I give below. Look for Robert’s questions. But he’s asked many more questions as well. Those answers will come in a future post.

It’s too bad because so many people get taken in by these silly little arguments. It used to happen to me as well. But from an intensive of study from the top experts in the world I’ve learned how to tell the truth from the bullcrap.

People are so conditioned with fear into believing they need to eat meat. What’s the first question just about anybody asks about a diet? Where do you get your protein? As if it were so hard to get. Nottttt!

Yet they don’t understand that we don’t have the digestive system, stomach acid levels, teeth, jaw structure, enzymes, and even instincts to be meat eaters or even omnivores.

Of course, there are powerful and might I add selfish and evil forces that are behind much of the brainwashing for our fears of needing to eat meat. Just think of the powerful meat and dairy industry lobby in the United States.

That’s where we’re getting our education, from the companies marketing animal products.

But they’re so powerful they’re in good with the government and so people are taught from cradle to grave to believe this bunch of nonsense.

I got lots of great questions about the raw food diet in a recent post, 182 of them to be exact. I’ve been answering them in a series of posts. Read below for more of my answers.

Andrew Murray @ 9:13 pm

Which aspect of your life would you say has changed the most since going raw?

The most important aspect which is that I’m now very happy and just about every day. What good is all the cooked food in the world if you’re depressed from eating cooked food?

Carrissa @ 10:17 pm

What is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to become 100% raw without unhealthy side effects?

There are no unhealthy side effects to eating 100% raw. You just have to eat the right raw food diet, the Optimal Raw Food Diet or Low Fat Raw Food Diet as I teach it. The side effects are never from the raw foods but only from the toxins you previously ate.

It’s like asking, what are the side effects from giving up smoking? Or what are the side effects from breathing pure mountain air. Side effects come from unnatural things like prescription drugs or any drugs for that matter.

And I’d classify cooked food as a drug as well. It’s certainly toxic and highly addictive. You should be worried about the side effects of eating cooked food.

chris @ 11:23 pm

How to ditch the Fat (i.e. cravings for nuts & seeds, and eating way beyond 80/10/10)?

Funny thing is we can’t even taste fat. Simply try going no fatty foods or oils for 10 days. You’ll soon see that you start getting used to it. It’s really not difficult. Eating fat is just a habit and is pretty easy to break if you want to.

Also make sure to eat plenty of greens and mineral rich foods. If you’re getting all of the nutrients you need, the cravings for fat and cooked food in general goes way down.

I went for thirty days without eating fatty foods. After a week it becomes easy. Yet previous to that time I was eating about 65% of my calories from fat. That was in my high fat days which gave me a very bad case of systemic Candida Albicans overgrowth.

These days sometimes I’ll go 5 or 6 days without eating fatty foods. It’s not a big deal really.

Janelle @ 11:55 pm

How can I overcome the fear that I have, of getting sick or even dying from some illness like Leukaemia that I fear might result from my body being unable to cope with an instant, complete 100% changeover to raw food at 46 years of age after a life of "normal" eating?

I don’t know if I can help with irrational fears. You don’t get sick by eating raw which is your natural diet. But you may indeed get leukemia by continuing to eat cooked food. Read my previous answer to Carrissa to get more insight.

June 14, 2008
Juan Puentes @ 12:17 am
What are the main limitations to becoming raw?

The main limitation is that you won’t want to eat cooked food anymore. There are many more limitations to your health, energy levels, your appearance and even how much money you earn from eating a cooked food diet.

Brian Thoresen @ 12:34 am

How does eating a high percentage of fruit affect blood sugar levels ……for both diabetics and non-diabetics ???

Best thing for diabetics in the world. Many diabetics have been able to get off of insulin simply by adopting a low fat and high fruit diet, such as I teach. This is a big misconception in the world of nutrition.

One of the biggest factors in the creation of high blood sugar levels is not fruit but an excess of fat in the bloodstream which interferes. What do you think caused my candida overgrowth? It only happened when I started eating massive amounts of fat every night.

It only took a month or two of eating that way for me to get hit with candida. But now I eat all the fruit I want and have no problem at all. The problem was the excess fat. There are countless studies and information on this. But the ignorant want to blame fruit.

Robert @ 12:51 am

In the raw food diet, what takes the place of the insects and meat that chimpanzees eat?

Ok, folks. You have to realize this guy is a troll. He doesn’t want my answers. He wants to debate me. But I figure I’ll answer some of his questions as they may be on your mind as well. You can take a look at all of the questions and you’ll realize this yourself. He asked many more questions like these later on in the previous Question Time Post.

Personally, I don’t think meat eating is a natural part of the Chimpanzee diet. I think they’d naturally be more vegetarian type animals. What people don’t realize is that their natural habitat is being vastly reduced.

They simply have less space in which to eat their natural foods. And they’ve also spent plenty of time observing humans. Yes chimps can hunt. Just as humans can hunt. But we know humans eat many foods that aren’t natural to them and it’s possible chimps can do the same.

They are after all very intelligent. Then again if you consider that only five percent or less of their calories come from animal food sources, it really isn’t that significant. Again in the early days of observation of chimps they were thought to be vegetarian animals. And maybe they mostly were when they had an abundance of their own natural habitat of foods to choose from.

But if you want to eat insects and they appeal to you, then by all means do so. But all of the nutrients in animal foods can be come by otherwise by eating fruits and vegetables.

How do the vegetarian animals get all of their nutrients? It’s all from plants. All of the necessary nutrients are in the plants. Why eat these nutrients second hand through an animal when we can get them from plant sources?

So in short, nothing takes the place of insects and meat in the raw diet, because they don’t need to be replaced.

Robert @ 12:55 am

Where are all the raw food centenarians?

I don’t know. I’m not on the raw food diet centenarian board.

Robert @ 1:00 am

Is there another way to get enough calories on the low fat raw food diet than by eating a lot of bananas?

Sure, just eat a lot of fruit in general. Though other tropical fruits like mangoes, durian, papaya’s and jack fruit are more calorically dense. But there are many people who eat raw mostly on fruits like grapes, apples, oranges, pears, etc.

Robert @ 1:12 am

What types of raw sprouts do you consider to be healthy?

I don’t recommend eating lots of sprouts in general. Some have high levels of toxins in them. But if you enjoy them then eat them. I can tell the toxins because I feel sick after eating them. That’s the simplest test for toxins.


Ok, then, I’ll be answering more of these raw food diet questions over the coming weeks.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske



Meat Head Dope Challenges Me on Raw Food Diet… — 11 Comments

  1. This statement you made is very valid:

    “How do the vegetarian animals get all of their nutrients? It’s all from plants. All of the necessary nutrients are in the plants. Why eat these nutrients second hand through an animal when we can get them from plant sources?”

    This is just so true.


  2. Your reaction and your response to Robert’s question on meat struck me. How committed you are to the Raw Food Diet Roger!! It is very inspiring! Really makes you think!
    Hope I can reach that level one day. Thank you for caring so!


  3. I am glad to see you answer the questions, even if the guy is a jerk. Most wouldn’t and I think people don’t trust that. Also, the info. is helpful. I didn’t know about the sprouts. I do know that if in a survival situation you can test a plant by eating a small quantity and seeing how you feel. Some folks might not beleive it is just that simple. Finally, if you don’t like Rogers advice or think he is lying, just don’t follow it or try it and see. It is up to you stop to decide for yourself not everyone so stop forcing your will on others and leave Roger alone.

  4. Hi Folks, Thanks for your support. Though it’s not necessary. And certainly it’s not necessary to pile on Robert.

    He simply has a certain belief system and I have a different belief system. He’s posted here several times before trying to present the argument for eating meat. I’m talking about comments before I even did the Question Time posts.

    But I found many mistakes in his so called facts and have pointed them out. It’s actually good that he brought these points out so I could point out some of the flaws in his thinking. Though it could take a book to thoroughly disprove his arguments. A great one for this kind of information is "Awakening Our Self-Healing Body" by Art Baker.

    Also in terms of just looking at meat eating and high fat levels in the diet (from the perspective of humans only) I’d suggest reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and "The China Study" by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

    The China Study is the largest nutritional study ever done. And what he found was that the less meat and the less fat the Chinese culture ate the healthier those people in that culture were. Dr. Campbell was a full fledged meat eater before he started doing these studies and discovered from the actual data all of the health problems associated with eating meat. He initially went out to help people in third world countries get more protein. But that was before he started discovering the ties with protein level consumption and disease.

    So he changed his diet because of his findings. Realize he was on the establishment side of things to begin with.

    Please keep in mind, I’m not mad with Robert in any way. So don’t interpret my comments in that way. But I can say that by using certain language, I’m going to get many more people reading my posts.

    You should have seen the initial boring subject line I had intended for this post.

    Cheers to all, Roger

  5. SEX. Why does’nt anybody ever talk about the quality of sex on a raw food diet. Does it cure ed? Will it improve orgasms? etc. etc. Just curious.

  6. My problem with fats isn’t with nuts and seeds as much as it is with salad dressings for my salads. I have tried non-fat dressings recommended in Frederick’s book and 811, but the fatty dressings are indeed a habit I have a hard time breaking. They really send my fat percent for the day way up though. Any suggestions? I don’t like the texture of green smoothies. I’m not trying to be a spoiled brat. I guess I just need to bite the bullet. I went 10 days without any overt fats thinking I’d break the habit, but it wasn’t long enough evidently.

  7. Dear Roger, Im almost a total raw fooder, but I always get pulled back to grass fed beef for fat loss. When I eat alot of apples for example, I feel a tired feeling in my eyes and a little spacey. But when I lower the carbs with cucumber and salads but less fruit I dont feel as sleepy. Even further when I eat beef I feel leaner almost immediately. However, I end up feeling sick and guilty that maybe I should not eat those creatures that have eyes and brains like us, it is almost like cannabalism. I love the feeling of fruit and want to be lean like raw vegan, I just get convinced by other articles claiming grass fed beef to be very healthy with zinc, and GLA,CLA and other nutrients and no carbs. Also there are articles floating around about fruit sugar being converted to fat via the liver and to shy away from fruit if fat loss is your plan. What do think Roger, can you help me and my wishywashy ways. My family thinks I nuts. Sincerely,Christopher

  8. Roger, Since I have not had the opportunity to read your book or to hear your debate, but have only read the comments,I would like to know the ratio of fruits and vegetables that should be consumed in a given day. WE are now in the peach season and Melons are plenteous along with other fresh garden fruits and vegetables. How do we determine the balance of all the great foods out there?
    Thanks, for your responce, Angie

  9. In reference to the person who wants to know about sex and the raw food diet, I know that my libido went up within just a couple days/weeks (can’t remember!) of starting to eat more raw!

  10. Dear Roger:
    Do you keep a record of what you eat every day ?
    I wish I could view those records.
    Sincerely john

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