A Strange Secrit that Can Improve Your Health, Happiness and Looks

Four days ago we ran out of my normal greens to eat.

So I was looking around in the fridge and the only thing I saw was some napa cabbage.

But the problem is I have avoided eating raw cabbage and napa cabbage “like the plague” for over 10 years now.

(Though it’s not a problem in kimchi.)

The reason being is that I’d actually get a queasy-sick feeling after eating any kind of cabbage in the past. And I didn’t actually love the flavor either. This happened to me several times at different raw food events or restaurants so I finally gave up.

Hence… cabbage was on my raw foods to avoid list.

For 12 years or so I’ve totally avoided eating raw cabbage of any kind.

But then I was desperate and I was thinking that maybe my body had changed due to all of the new greens I’ve been eating lately.

So I made my first napa cabbage Savory Veggie Stew.

All I did was use the basic Savory Veggie Stew recipe and added the cabbage.

Oh, and one other thing…

Karmyn had bought some ginger, so I added a small sliver of ginger to the stew.

Oh my God…

That took it over the top.

That stew was so danged delicious. It’s like my body was SHOUTING OUT for MORE and MORE NAPA CABBAGE!

I devoured three large napa cabbage Savory Veggie Stews that night.

Which consisted of about two heavy heads of nappa cabbage that night.

I even went to the supermarket late in the evening to get more tomatoes and napa cabbage because we had run out.

In fact, I have been devouring large quantities of napa cabbage stews every night since. I’m afraid it’s turning me into a Cabbage Patch Doll.

Ha ha

So what is the strange secrit that can improve your health, happiness and looks?

It’s simply this…

You can train your body and taste buds to enjoy healthy raw foods that most other people hate to eat in their raw state.

And simply by eating a lot more of these foods RAW you’ll improve your health, happiness and looks.

You’ll get leaner while your insides are cleaner.

And this leads to radiant health, happiness and that ever youthful appearance.

Heck, this is just like when I trained myself to eat rocket otherwise known as arugula when previously I couldn’t stand it.

Rocket also used to be on my raw foods to absolutely avoid list.

Now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE eating raw rocket plain by itself in large quantities. Or blended into smoothies and Savory Veggie Stews.

I’m also eating lots of raw broccoli and kale these days.

Both foods in their “raw” state that I used to hate.

The secrit is in two parts:

1. Simply build up slowly:

I started off eating very small amounts of rocket because it was so strong that’s all I could handle.

But over time my body adapted and now I can eat a LOT of rocket leaves without it upsetting my stomach.

What most cooked food addicts don’t realize is that our taste buds are highly adaptable. And that our body adapts to different foods.

You can literally reprogram your taste buds to enjoy and in some cases LOVE foods you used to hate.

And personally, I think my health can only improve by having added raw cabbage, rocket, broccoli, cauliflower and kale to my diet.

Now onto the next secrit.

2. I have been gradually adding these foods into my smoothies and also Savory Veggie Stews:

This has been an easy way to add these very important for health cruciferous veggies into my diet.

For it masks the harsh flavors.

And over time simply by eating them more in my stews my body adapts to the point of enjoying eating these foods raw as a mono meal.

(And yes, napa cabbage and cabbage in general is also a cruciferous veggie that has strong anti cancer and healing phytochemicals.)

For instance, I’ve been blending in broccoli, stem and top florets part to my smoothies.

Surprisingly you can barely taste it in there.

And of course, I’ve been making all sorts of Savory Veggie Stews with napa cabbage and kale.

The napa cabbage stew is refreshing and delicious. Perfect for summer.

Not to mention my famous Beefy Bone Builder stew made with another amazingly nutritious cruciferous veggie “collard greens”.

And I’ve been using broccoli and cauliflower as choppings on my stews as well.

So in celebration of my new napa cabbage fixation I figured I’d run a sale on my all time best selling Savory Veggie Stews.

This way you too can start enjoying super healthy raw foods you used to hate.

I’ve put it on a Mega Discounted Fire Sale just for you. That means the price increases automatically at midnight Eastern or New York City time.



A quick key to health is to not worry about giving up cooked food.

Simply add more raw foods to your diet over time.

And Savory Veggie Stews makes it a lot quicker, easier and tastier to do just that.

Now don’t ya think this raw food thing is a lot easier than you’d imagined?

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

P.S. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my raw food questions from last week.

The feedback has been amazing and I’m putting together a brand new coaching program that will address your main concerns and stumbling blocks.

And it’s coming your way real soon.

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