3 Second Abs In Bed

Pay close attention!

You try to take care of yourself, don’t you? Then you’ll want to jump on this opportunity to have a strong and sculpted upper body and washboard stomach in less than 10 minutes a day.

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3 Second Ripped Abs
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This morning I was feeling a bit groggy, so I decided to do my new three-second abs routine right while I was in bed. Man does that wake you up.

It’s such a powerful contraction of the abs when you do this right. But in order to make the contraction even stronger, you need to incorporate as many other muscle groups as you can.

This is the exact opposite of isolation exercises and it’s only these kind of multi-muscle exercises that can produce real world or athletic strength.

To my surprise, I found myself getting a great butt and forearm workout at the same time. My legs and chest were getting involved as well. In fact, I was practically training every muscle in my body while still lying in bed.

Think about the time you can save when you exercise so many muscle groups at once. Who said you need to spend an hour or more working out every day to get fantastic fitness results.

What a kick butt, great way to start and energize your day.

I’ve made a new MP3 audio explaining exactly how to do 3 Second Ripped Abs. You can get it and a second audio: The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out, when you get a copy of my breakthrough Push-Up Blaster program with Muscle Factor X.

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Now speaking of bed.

There have been some people who want to know the relationship of eating the Raw Food Diet and sex. Well I can tell you this, when you eat an Optimal 100% Raw Food Diet you’ll be putting the maker of Viagra out of business.

As for men, you’ll never have a problem having an erection. Going raw is a complete rejuvenation. It’s a re-teenagering process. You’re body starts working the way it’s supposed to work your whole life.

Whanna know why?

Before I tell you that, I’ve just got to tell you a bit more about the power of 3 Second Abs. Ever since I’ve been doing 3 Second Abs throughout the day, my abs have been getting much more definition. I love feeling all of the deeper ripples in my stomach now.

Let’s take a look at all the benefits you’ll receive from these two exclusive ab shredding audios when you secure your copy of the Push-Up Blaster today:

3 Second Ripped Abs:  Mp3 Audio

  • The lazy man’s (woman’s) way to getting a ripped mid section. You will do this while sitting in your chair or standing, taking a shower, standing in line, cleaning the dishes or even watching T.V.
  • The fastest way humanly possible to strengthen your abs. At least 300% more time-efficient than traditional crunches and sit-ups because it compresses your abs 5 times more powerfully. Imagine how much harder lifting 20 pounds versus 100 pounds is and you’ll get an idea of its effectiveness.
  • In 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to do the 3 Second Ripped Abs exercise just by listening to the mp3 audio. Plus I give several variations to increase its ab crunching effectiveness. Including how to work your obliques. It’s as simple as pie to do this.
  • No bulky and expensive equipment required. Throw out your ab roller and ab lounge. It’s junk compared to what you can do with your own portable gym… your body!
  • No extra ab workout needed. You can do it in mini-sessions throughout the day, whenever you have a few free seconds. No need to get into workout clothing either.
  • Stealth exercise… Can be done without anyone else noticing. Even while you’re at work.
  • Just think, a month from now you too can have a washboard stomach with ripped 6-pack abs that you gained in your spare time when you had nothing else to do.
  • Imagine how you’ll feel about yourself when you go to the beach once you’ve learned the secrets to creating 6-pack abs. How great will it feel when you’re constantly getting lustful looks from the opposite sex? This will certainly help your love life.
Then for audio bonus number 2:

The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out: Mp3 Audio

There’s a dirty little secret in the fitness industry. If you don’t understand this one principle even the best ab exercises will not give you that washboard stomach look you’ve been dreaming about.

It astounds me as to how many hundreds of millions of people get duped into buying ab lounges and ab rollers thinking this will give them 6-pack abs. I meet people like this all of the time who don’t understand this crucial concept to an awesome looking midsection.

You may not believe what I’m about to tell you…

But you’re about to discover the amazing secret for creating six pack abs without exercise.

You’ll have to see it yourself to believe it!

When you download the Push-Up Blaster by midnight this Wednesday, July 16 Eastern Time you’ll also get these audios as part of the deal.

These are powerful audios, so if I sell too many of them, I might remove this offer sooner than Wednesday. This is no joke.

I don’t want to give out too many of them because they’ll be part of a new ab fitness product I’ll be releasing in the near future.

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Now back to why your circulation improves on a Raw Food Diet.

It’s because when you eat a low fat raw food diet of delicious fruits and vegetables, it increases your circulation. But not so with dangerous drugs and side effects that will kill you. This is the natural way to increase your circulation because you’ll literally start cleaning your arteries all over your body.

Just because your doctor told you need surgery for heart problems don’t believe him. Dr. Joel Fuhrman treats most of his heart patients successfully with a low fat and mostly raw vegetarian diet. From what I understand in most cases surgery is not needed to completely reverse heart disease.

You can get detailed information on this in his great book, "Eat To Live." It’s not what I’d call the ideal diet. But it’s low fat and a high percentage of raw food. If you eat this way, you’ll be doing better than 95% of the population.

Of course, if you eat 100% raw you’ll be healthier, happier and younger looking than 100% of the people who don’t eat this way. After all a raw diet is the only natural diet out there. The very process of cooking destroys nutrients and has been proven in numerous tests to make the food toxic to the human body and dramatically increase the white blood cell count.

Sure it’s a slow poison. But don’t think you need to suffer arthritis for instance just because you’re getting old. It’s all about your diet. The more raw fruits and vegetables you eat the better you’re gonna feel.

I used to have arthritis in my mid twenties and now not a trace of it. It was all about the food, not just my age. Sure when I was younger I could get away with eating toxic foods and not have arthritis, but as you get older your body has less ability to deal with toxins and that is why the symptoms of arthritis appear.

The real cause is the bad food you’re eating and not your age.

Do you understand what this means? This is your chance at teenagering yourself. You’ll have the full wisdom of your years but have a body more like that of a healthy, energetic and athletic teenager.

I’ve got some free audios at http://HowToGoRaw.com/audios.htm that will give you a much more detailed education on the Optimal Raw Food Diet which is one of the main keys to rejuvenating yourself.

He who hesitates is lost,
Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

P.S. You’ll be receiving the download location for these audios via the Push-Up Blaster customer email list in a few days. They won’t be on the download page. Once midnight on Wednesday hits, I’ll remove access to these ab beauty bonuses. In fact, I could very well take them down tomorrow if there are too many sales for my taste. I don’t want too many of these getting out for such a steal of a price.

You haven’t failed until you quit trying.
       – Anonymous



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