Don’t like exercise? What if your body COMMANDED you to move it?

Most people don’t know this but their diet is a major factor in not wanting to exercise.

I remember years ago being at a Raw Food support group meeting (an hour before it started at 8pm) in New York City and me doing 200 Lightning Speed Exercises – in a row because my body JUST HAD TO MOVE. There was no force in nature that could have stopped me the desire was that overwhelming.

Sure I love to exercise but this was my body commanding me to move it.

The same exact thing happened to my father (though he’s not my biological dad).

Several years back I got him to eating nearly a 100% Raw Food Diet for a while.

Previous to that he used to do his daily exercise routine. But he had to force himself to do it.

Once he started eating raw he was totally surprised to find that his body was literally encouraging him to exercise. He didn’t have to force himself. He just wanted to exercise.

It’s no wonder I love to exercise daily and have so much overflowing energy to exercise all day long and be super active even at almost 48 years old.

That’s why my friend Rama calls me a “full grown kid.”

If you eat a natural diet and (but you must do it correctly) you’ll get a natural urge if not overwhelming desire to exercise.

Because you’ll have so much energy you won’t know what to do with it.

In my audio interview with my raw food friend and spiritual counselor Rama he also talked about how a change in his “raw food diet” totally ramped up his body’s desire to exercise.

It was only when he added a certain food to his diet (a class of Savory Raw Carbs) that his desire to exercise went absolutely through the roof.

Want to know what food it was?

You can listen to that interview for phree as my gift to you when join my “How to Go Raw the TastEasy Way Class.”

All I can say is that this interview is Da Bomb. There is so much unconventional and anti-guru gold in here.

I could easily sell this 90 minute mp3 recording for $47.00. (The content is THAT good.) But you get it for free. Here’s just an itsy bitsy taste of the many breakthrough concepts and unique ideas that you won’t find in any Raw Food Diet books.

* How to FORCE your body into BEGGING you to move and exercise it without trying or even having to think.

* Which low protein food group is the absolute best for building big, strong muscles rapidly? Plus it helps you recover faster from workouts. (How does Rama know this? Through his personal experiments and of course his incredible X-ray vision and other intuitive talents.)

* What Rama was doing wrong with his Raw Diet that gave him open sores on his feet for almost two years. (And how adding certain foods into his diet permanently cleared those sores up in two weeks.)

* Why certain yellow colored foods increase your brainpower, memory and happiness.

* Instant tipoff that your body is out of balance and your diet is deficient.

* Why comparing yourself to other people is a BIG mistake for your health. (And what you should do instead for much better results.)

* What raw foods you should NEVER combine together. (Yet if you go to a raw restaurant or raw food potlucks these foods are combined all of the time.)

* A common situation when cooked food is actually much healthier than eating 100% raw.

* The surprising way Rama cleaned and brightened his aura in 48 hours. (This astonished him because he had been meditating for many years already and never got such rapid spiritual improvement before.)

* Why the Raw Food Diet itself is absolutely not to blame for the many people who have failed to stay 100% raw.

* The big lie the “Raw Gurus” don’t want you to know. (And specifically how Rama knows this by using his X-ray Vision.)

* Why Rama thinks of Roger as a “glorified animal.”

* Why Rama and I laugh at chocolate cake. And why you can too once you feel this incredible feeling for yourself. (Yes I used to absolutely ADORE chocolate cake.)

* Rama’s really weird way of eating raw pineapples without any tools. (I did it too and it was easier than I thought it would be and a lot of fun.)

* Why fruit is the worst food group for building a strong, hard and muscular body.

* Which foods to eat for building hard, strong and healthy teeth and bones.

This was an awesome interview and I didn’t even talk about the last third of the interview where we talk about the concept of immortalizing your physical body. Thinks that’s crazy? Rama gives several reasons why that’s not so crazy at all.

To get in on all of the goodies just head on over here:

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness

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