“This is a great audio” so says Erik from Sweden

Read this great post from one of my http://HowToGoRaw.com members to find out which audio he’s talking about. Erik does make a few grammatical and spelling mistakes but he’s from Sweden.

I wish my Spanish were as good as his English. Heck I make plenty of spelling and grammatical mistakes myself. Sometimes on porpoise.
Listen to what Erik has to say below:
"This is a great audio.
I got so much valuable practical information from listening to this audio.
Especially the part about the greens and learning about what Roger’s is eating.
As a "raw food educated novice" (so to speak) some time ago I knew what I should eat, but I needed more information on how to actually do it. This audio answered the following questions and concerns I had:
1. How do you eat an Raw Food Diet in a healthy, sustainable way – in practic?
2. How can I make sure that I eat enough dark leafy greens to get all the minerals and essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and 6)?
3. How can I make greens delicious, so I enjoy it, and will actually want to eat that much greens?
I thought I’d post a thread with it here, because it were very helpful to me being able to eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet in a correct way.
Here’s the link to the mp3:
(Link omitted and is no longer available to the general public on the Internet. But you can get it if you become a member of HowToGoRaw.com.)
Here’s the info from Steve Pavlina’s site:
"Some of the items we discuss include:
* how to eat simpler, non-gourmet raw meals
* eating fat later in the day
* green smoothies
* blended salads
* dried fruits
* how to incorporate fat in the diet w/o food-combining problems
* social consequences of raw and vegan diets
For me the value in this coaching session was mainly in learning the attitude and mindset of someone who’s been eating a low-fat raw diet for years."
I’m so glad Erik found that Raw Food Consultation I did with Personal Development expert Steve Pavlina helpful. I’ve also found that having him as a member has been incredibly helpful to the rest of the members. I’ll explain what I mean below.
I’ve uploaded five new Mp3 format audios in July to the HowToGoRaw.com because of Erik’s urging. There are many hours of audios that you can just download and put in your iPod or Mp3 player. This is a great way to help smooth your way into mastering the 100% Raw Food Diet mindset. Once you get that mindset sticking with a raw food diet is simple as pie.
Here’s more on the audios:
  • I interview Raw Food Diet and Fasting expert Dr. Tim Trader. We go over some very controversial issues. Dr. Trader is a trained Naturopathic doctor who no longer actively practices but coaches people to health.

  • The 80/10/10 Diet author Dr. Douglas Graham get’s interviewed by Tera Warner. I also make an appearance on this audio.

  • Steve Pavlina does a Raw Food Diet consultation with me.
  • Mark Joyner (of Simpleology and Internet Marketing Godfather) interviewes me about the benefits of going raw and some stuff about fitness as well.

  • Sunlight and other vital health factors: A short recording I made recently.
It seems like Erik has been listening to these audios often from the content of his posts about the Mp3 files.
Personally, I love to listen to educational audios while talking a walk.
I’ve also created two new techniques to dramatically increase your motivation to stay raw.
Actually, one was contributed by Erik himself. He’s contributed many powerful strategies and ideas to our HowToGoRaw.com forum community already.
We’ll call his idea the Picture Commander. And you can find it on the member’s only forum in one of his posts.
The other technique is called The Inner Raw Food Guide. I’ve used this technique for years and find it highly inspiring. But now we’ve taken it to a more tangible level. Can be combined with the Picture Commander.
Erik even found a University study on a special raw food that has NATURAL STERIODS inside of it. Eat plenty of this food and your muscles will get bigger.
When placed on samples of human muscle in a lab, the extract from this raw superfood sped growth by up to 20 per cent.
Rats injected with the raw superfood extract for a month were also stronger and had increased grip strength.
Turns out I already eat a lot of this raw superfood, but I plan to eat more. That may be one of the reasons I have no problem building muscle on a Raw Food Diet.
You can only get this brand new and breakthrough information when you join our raw food community at HowToGoRaw.com.
Blaze a new trail,
Roger Haeske
P.S. You can find out more about Erik at his raw food diet blog site. Only problem is that it’s in Swedish. What he’s doing is translating articles on the raw food diet in English to Swedish. He tells me there is very little information on the Raw Food Diet in Swedish. So if you know Swedish, check out his site and tell me what he wrote.
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