“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Food in Over 5-Weeks”

Why I Haven't Eaten A Single Fatty Food In Over 5-WeeksOnly 1 Spot Left…

“How To Go Raw the TastEasy Way with Savory Raw Carbs Class”


This is part 3 of 3 in this series.

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“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Foods in 5-Weeks”

Yah so it’s been about a week of eating like this with about a 25% reduction in my daily calorie intake.

The first day I only applied this idea to dinner. What I did was make myself two large Savory Veggie Stews with farm fresh delicious veggies from Triple Farms Produce in Arizona.

Those stews were da bomb…


But normally eating just two stews for dinner is not enough to fill me up for the rest of the evening.

Previously I’d make my special raw pâté made with that high protein Savory Raw Carb food I mentioned before.


In fact, I love that derned pâté so much that I ate it almost nightly.

It totally replaced my previous love of high fat nut pâtés.

Strangely, I’ve not eaten a single fatty food in at least 5 weeks now.

Not even a luscious avocado.

… How come you have such amazing will power mister Superbeing? What do you think you’re special or something?

Man… why are you always interrupting?

Well my ever so skeptical “friend” as I was about to say… that this Savory Raw Carbs pâté is so delicious and satisfying I just forget about eating fatty foods.

How can you crave what you’re not even thinking about?

I’m putting in ZERO effort to stop myself from eating fatty foods.

Why should I bother?

I mean this Savory Raw Carbs pâté actually tastes way better than the old nut pâtés I used to make with sunflower seeds (yes I know they’re seeds dude so shut the F up.) or sometimes almonds (when they used to be raw) or other nuts.

The key for me is that I could only eat one serving of this scrumptious Savory Raw Carb pâté per night.

If I made two servings well then the ole fat started to add itself to my previously thin waist. Not much mind you (The Gorged would laugh their asses off at me for noticing such a little gain of the old phatola) but enough so that I couldn’t get that ultra shredded look I’m going for.

So there you have it…

Now you know why I’ve been chucking bananas left and right.

I still love bananas.

But I’ve cut way down on my smoothies and therefore bananas. As a result of starting to eat that appetite suppressing Savory Raw Carb that keeps me stuffed for hours.

The problem is bananas are not the greatest diet food. It’s very easy to eat more calories from bananas than you need to.

Whereas that special Savory Raw Carbs food I’ve been talking about has a special nutrient in it that actually makes you feel full.

It’s so powerful that even if you don’t eat that food at your next meal it’s still making you less hungry the following meal.

It’s truly amazing.

I actually eat it for breakfast now.

Well I usually start the morning off with 3 to 5 navel oranges and then I eat a couple of that fruit I was talking about before. But I eat it in a way that no self-respecting raw foodist would ever do.

… You mean you don’t eat it raw?

No silly… I eat it raw but well let’s just say if you saw me do it you’d probably think I’d be a crazy person. Or at least you’d think I had no clue what I was doing.

Not only do I have a clue but doing this will really help you melt the belly butter on autopilot.

But I can tell you, eating it this way followed by that special Savory Raw Carb food makes you so dang full.

Heck it’s 4:30pm as I’m writing this (while I’m standing in the living room by the way) and I have not had a single smoothie today.

After I’m done with this story I’m about to join my lovely Rainbow and family at the cool pool and hot tub we have here.

Do you know that I’ve been living at this place for two months (pool weather most of the time) now and I never yet had the time to go to that pool or hot tub.

But I think after writing this nice story for you of the many wonderful changes due to adding more Savory Raw Carbs to my diet that I’ve earned the time to have some fun in the Arizona sun.

I hope you’ve found this interesting, beneficial and not totally boring.

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“Why I Haven’t Eaten a Single Fatty Food in Over 5-Weeks” — 7 Comments

    • No I never said that.

      I eat bananas regularly. It’s just they can put on weight if you eat too many of them. Just as in any other food.


  1. I figured as much; however, with all the big youtube names promoting that you can eat as many as you wish to and not gain weight its a bit confusing at times.

    • Just try for yourself Christian. Then you’ll know from your own experience. Earlier in my life I could eat unlimited fruit and get away with it.

      But my body has healed and it absorbs foods much better than it used to. So now I have to be careful how much I eat.

      You’ll soon find that many of those “BIG” Youtube names are lying their asses off.

      But if you do some real research you’ll see many of their students getting a lot fatter following their advice.

      Beware there are definite hucksters out there in the raw food world.


      • It’s a shame too because with all that clout, they could be doing a lot more good than harm if they honestly opened up about the mistakes or their true intentions.

        Transparency is important now a days wouldn’t you say so?

        • Well some people have their own agendas and not necessarily the best wishes of their supporters in mind. People can get stuck in a philosophy and not adapt to the obvious flaws in that philosophy that many people experience after using their system.

          If they’d just instead focus on getting the best results instead of trying to make their diet into a religion then the problems would simply go away.

          But they make money because of their sensational claims.

          And once you say something strongly it’s hard to go back. It’s the need of humans to be consistent even if they have to lie to themselves and others to do so.


          • That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions.

            I appreciate it.

            I’m glad I came across your site.

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