The Best Way to “Fix” the World

Best Way to Fix the WorldUPDATE: I have updated this post and added instructions at the bottom of the post of how to access the class, several articles and currently 7 ebooks related to this article.

A message of LOVE – LOVE – LOVE to you my dear subscriber.


I think most people recognize that our world needs some major “fixing”.

I mean in 2015 there are still many hundreds of thousands of people in slavery. That seems hard to believe in this so called “enlightened” day and age but it’s reality.

Of course we all know there is rampant poverty as well.

Then of course there are so many wars. So many needless people being slaughtered for the almighty dollar.

The fact is that most of these global problems are caused by an elite group of puppet masters that run the governments of the world.

And I know for a fact that they intentionally create wars, famines and disasters of all kinds. The bankers will fund BOTH sides of a war. Millions of people are intentionally allowed to starve to death in famines. This has been done on purpose and with the intention to kill in Africa.

Read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin for full details on this that are highly documented with factual references. Yes our governments intentionally take money out of the system via excess taxation.

And worse than that they intentionally waste money so that the people will have less of it. Think of all of the waste in government programs. All of the crazy studies funded and then realize they are wasting our money intentionally with a purpose behind that wasting.

How could there be such evil people?

It’s amazing how many times I’ve been fooled by people I thought were telling the truth but were outright lying through their teeth. Yes this is also quite true in the world of nutrition and unfortunately so in world of raw food nutrition as well.

So maybe now you’re starting to think of the problem as something outside of you and your control.

But is it really something outside of us?

Maybe the reason this planet is suffering so badly is because of the “overall” consciousness of the people living here?

Maybe the atrocities happen because good people don’t want to know the truth.

Maybe they don’t have enough courage so they bury their heads in the sand.

So many people just shut their eyes to the vast crimes being committed against their brothers and sisters on this planet. And even keep their eyes closed to the crimes being committed against them personally.

Did you know that every single one of us is being robbed daily?

How so?

By the invisible tax of inflation.

It’s because our money is based on nothing but trust in governments. And when things go wrong these governments and their central bankster controllers start printing money like crazy.

And the more money you print the less your paper money is worth or inflation.

Hence you are being robbed.

And you’re (the population in general) letting it happen.

The value of the dollar has gone down at least 96% since the introduction of the Federal Reserve in the United States since 1913.

What people don’t realize is that there were more honest financial systems that had no appreciable inflation for many decades at a time. Even in the United States when we didn’t have a central bank controlling the money supply.

Our current economic system is an absolute scam and it will soon implode by the way.

But that’s a story for another day.

OK then… I think I laid the ground work enough.

Now to the main point…

You would think that the best way to change the world is to change the governments.

But the problem with that is if the average person running the new government is not changed, we’ll soon be back into the exact same problems.

Even going into politics may not help much under the current consciousness or vibration of humanity.

No… the ABSOLUTE BEST way to fix the world is to fix yourself first.

Think of the difference in knowledge between a kindergarten student and that of a college professor.

The professor knows hundreds of thousands of more useful pieces information than the 5 year old. (Though many would argue what lots of professors teach isn’t all that valuable. But hopefully you get my point.)

Now imagine yourself in consciousness as only a five year old. (Even if you’re quite advanced already.)

The truth is that you can lift your vibration and therefore consciousness to the college professor level or higher as there is no end to how much one can grow in consciousness.

And when you make that remarkable change it’s NOT being done in a vacuum.

Your consciousness is dramatically impacting the shared group consciousness on the planet.

And just as in the Hundred Monkey Principle you are effecting massive change to everyone around you.

In case, you don’t know it.

The hundred monkey effect is how the consciousness of ALL monkeys on the planet (millions of them) is changed by only 100 monkeys or so in an isolated area.

The story goes of a study on monkeys on a certain island in Japan. The monkeys there completely avoided eating certain fruit that were covered in sand. But one female monkey simply took the fruit to the well and washed it off.

Soon other “younger” monkeys that saw her do that did the same thing.

The practice was gradually catching on.

And one day suddenly all of the monkeys on the island started washing their sand covered fruit before eating it. The knowledge had been transferred.

But that is not the great thing about this.

The surprising thing is that now all of the monkeys on a neighboring island that had NO CONTACT with these monkeys were now suddenly washing the sand off of their fruit as well.

That is the power of the group or collective consciousness.

And this principle has been proven with other animals as well. It’s not an isolated experience of just monkeys.

And we humans definitely are influenced by that group consciousness.

One person powerfully developed in consciousness can uplift thousands of people all over the planet without ever trying to improve anyone else or trying to “fix” the planet.

By healing yourself you AUTOMATICALLY heal the world.

No need to go on a crusade.

Just fix yourself and you’re actually fixing everyone else.

You can have far more influence on the planet by lifting yourself up constantly to a state of LOVE and GIVING.

You can have a dramatic impact on everyone around you by simply being the best you can be.

Your changes will affect others.

And their changes will affect even more people.

And eventually enough people will awaken to the negativity and simply not allow it to happen anymore.

They’ll just start getting sick of it.

Just like I got sick and tired of the negative vibrations of TV shows last year and gave up my life long addiction to television.

My vibrations were getting too high for television and there was a mismatch. Eventually the higher vibrations won and now I don’t watch TV shows anymore.

We could all be living in paradise.

There is incredible healing and energy technology available right now that is being “very intentionally” suppressed by this elite cabal currently running the show here on Earth.

Turn yourself into a SUPERBEING and you’ll have a profound impact on everyone around you.

And by the way… I have discovered or learned about a simple thing that ANYONE can do that will make you grow in consciousness faster than anything else.

It’s something anyone can do but few people will do it.

It takes a lot of focus.

But the changes to your life will be REVOLUTIONARY.

Because you’ll be tapping into the most powerful force in the Universe when you do this.

The more you focus the more you start having this INFINITE POWER flow through you. You can literally generate INCREDIBLE POWER that affects everyone around you.

I’m not speaking out of conjecture but personal experience.

I’ve known about this technique for over 25 years and have used it since then. But about 9 months ago I went from using it just for 24 hours to doing it daily.

And this has a PROFOUND influence on your personal life. I blew away some major personal complexes by doing this process.

NEVER to be bothered by those issues ever again.

You’re tuning into the power equivalent greater than the Sun when you do this. And the Sun itself is a part of this massive power system.

If you’d like to get the full details on this technique free of charge then just leave a comment below.

If enough of you leave a comment saying you’d like to learn more I may either write an email or even do a live teleseminar where I teach you what you need to know do this.

So just go below and leave a comment saying you want more info…

And I will teach this totally free of charge.

But only if I see enough interest from my dear readers in the comments section.

You have the power to change the world.

And it’s as simple as changing yourself.


UPDATE: June 30, 2015

“How to Turn Yourself Into a Blazing Sun of Love and Light”We did the free and power packed teleseminar last night and it went very well.

There was nothing for sale… except me trying to sell you on the concept of seriously doing the practice that I was teaching.

If you’d like to listen to the teleseminar and join a like minded group where you can read additional articles, get resources, post comments and ask questions then please join my free site below.

NOTE: It looks like it’s going to charge you for membership but you’ll quickly notice that the price is ZERO dollars or FREE. Also you will not be taken to Paypal since it is a free account.

After you put in your name and email address you’ll be emailed your login details and then you’ll be able to login and download the teleseminar on “How to ‘Fix’ the World by ‘Fixing’ Yourself First.


Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 47-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

P.S. Another very important way to improve yourself and therefore to uplift the global consciousness is to eat a nutritionally balanced Raw Food Diet.

If you want to learn how to do it the “tasteasy and right” way… may I suggest you take a look at this.

But be quick about it as there are only a few spots left. Next class starts this Saturday at 1:30pm Pacific or Los Angeles time.


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  1. Information on how to fix myself, we have to be the change we want to see in the world. I have a holistic lifestyle 90% of the time but beyond that I give into social pressures

  2. I hear you! I want to change the nonsense that we live in. 9/11 was a lie, and there is a group of men who have funded the means for every war since WW II started, because they like the money they get for the ammo. Very upsetting.

    Thanks, Jan

  3. Hi Roger,

    I’m interested in what you have to say. For me I want to read it if possible (email form).


  4. Hi Roger, if you could please share your teachings with your fellow ‘phreedom phighters’, I think everyone here would be very ‘phleased’ and very ‘phankful’.

    Cheers and many thanks in advance and in anticipation! 🙂

    Alex. 🙂

  5. Please share info. I’m interested in anything that can help all of us at this very important time in our history.

  6. Roger, you are so awesome just reading your emails raises me in consciousness. I believe what you say about what’s going on in the world. Of course I would love to hear more about any technique you know.

  7. I would like to learn more. This e-mail came to the very right moment of my life to remind me what really important is.

  8. Hi Roger ,
    Another excellent article !
    Acrually I have been thinking a lot about this recently . I am very keen to get more information on the subject .

  9. You certainly piqued my interest, Roger! I still remember the Washington, DC experiment back in 1993 when Transcendental Meditation was used to lower the crime rate in a particularly rough part of town. I’m not sure the organizers ever REALLY proved the technique worked, but the leader Dr. John Hagelin won the ig Noble Prize for the effort. (The ig Nobel Prize is awarded to scientists whose experiments first make you laugh, then make you think.) Anyway, Roger I would truly love to hear what you have to say. Absolutely!

  10. Hi Roger,
    It took me a while to get round to reading this email, but it’s one of the best emails I’ve received in my life. I definitely want to help make the world a better place for all of us. Please please share your technique. I feel I need it.

    • So glad you benefited from this email.

      I spent a long time yesterday putting it together. It didn’t just come from my mind. There’s a lot of energy behind that email. In other words, there’s a hidden energetic component to the email and blog post.

      I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve been doing and what I’m doing at this very moment.

      Hopefully some of you will do it in earnest.

      If so, it will radically change your life for the better. But it does take “conscious” effort.


      • I’ve recently had an aura reading, and it transpired that I “cleanse and heal energy for the Universe”. I’d never known, but on some level it makes sense, and it’s comforting to know, especially those times when I’m feeling down. However, I have no idea what to do about it, or if I’m supposed to do anything. That’s why your email resonated so much with me. I really hope you’re going to share your technique soon.
        Thank you, Roger.

        • I’ve been working on this project all day long.

          But have run into a number of technical difficulties that have delayed things a lot more than I’d hoped for. But fear not.

          Great things coming SOON!


  11. Heal the world! Make it a better place!
    For you and for me and the entire human race!

    Let´s get started!!! Love and Light!

      • I believe, if we raise our kids with a healthy vegan low fat diet – even the people who can not yet manage this for themselves – and show them how to grow food and let them grow up free minded and educate them ourselves (instead of dumping them in some government institutions), that will bring a big change and a lot of inspiration to this planet and the society automatically. The food industrie, “super”-markets, pharmaceutical industrie and many more will starve and run out of customers. My son is getting nine over a few weeks and he is inspiring so many people with his power and light… (I could fill a whole book with the experiences we make…) Love and Light!

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments and requests for more info.

    Sometimes we are motivated to improve ourselves if it will also help other people. Good to see so many of you want to take responsibility for improving yourselves and therefore automatically improving the world.

    Please keep the great comments coming. More info to come soon.


  13. ver happy with your message roger,my spiritual leader says exactly the same thing, often the right imfo I need based on whats on my mind at that time comes without effort.
    I have heard that these evil forces willlose their power
    over the world at the end of 2015, have you heard this?
    could you email me if you have any imfo if you have time?
    were will I see the healing technique? thanks

  14. sir, it is very exciting, I agree what you say about the suffering of this world of is our collective conciousness on this planet which makes the nature to act in our favour or bring the disaster like Earth quack,famine ,war an so is we who are responsible for all this happening ..If you have something to share so as we can minimise its effect ….you are welcome and we will be thankful to you for your sincere effort to save the mankind.

  15. Hi, i am very interested in this incredible power that will effect everyone around me. I would like to learn the technique please.

  16. Hi Roger,

    I definitely understand what you are talking about — our thoughts, our emotions and our energy has a direct impact on ourselves and on the planet. I just don’t know how to do it myself. I need more coaching and instructions. Even though I am a positive person with a loving heart, I don’t always get the results I am visioning. Please give us more information and help us practice this technique.

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  18. Evil people are all over and in powerful positions. Most of good people defend themselves with isolation. Their number grow so fast that soon will be a trend.
    I do not know who really are the cabal forces but I already feel that their power started to diminish. Lately population started to live, think and react differently.
    Self-improvement and self-defending technics are today hot technologies. Constantly more people like to learn useful things in order to protect themselves and the planet. Green revolution start from within.

    • I’m having more technical difficulties which is delaying the release of this info.

      Let’s hope I can make more progress today.


  19. I know what you say in this post is true….very evil power elite running the world and most people believe all the b.s. that they put out there on the msm. Yes I am so ready to help make a difference in this world because honestly I think the majority of the population is hypnotized….and I so want to raise my own consciousness as I have felt stuck with fear and anger for a very long time over the manipulation I see in the world. Look forward to hearing what info you have for us. Thanks

    • It’s that feeling of powerlessness we need to overcome.

      I think we have or can access tremendous levels of power. But it takes dedication.

      I’m talking Olympic or Pro Athlete dedication to see the major results. That’s the kind of focus required. But otherwise it’s EASY to do.

      Yet I think people are so sick and tired of what is happening that they are willing to go out of their comfort zone to see if they can make an improvement.

      Unfortunately I’m quite behind in this project. So the actual teleseminar might not be until next week because I have another teleseminar to do this Saturday for my Savory Raw Carbs Class members. But slowly but surely I’m making progress while using new and sometimes buggy technology.


  20. yes please dear roger share your information. i am very curious and looking forward too it!! you are wonderful! * bless * you *
    ps i prefer a written version. thank you.

    • I’ll be linking to or giving written resources as well at the teleseminar and in the free membership area I’m creating with more related content.


  21. OK, Roger, I think you have laid out the groundwork and background.

    You have our attention.

    How about getting to the thing itself?


    • Ed,

      Please login the to the Sunvatars membership area and you’ll see I’ve scheduled the free teleseminar where I’ll be revealing the technique.

      I’d do it sooner but I have a teleseminar I’m doing tomorrow.

      It’s very important that I do this live and verbally. I believe this will produce the best results for everyone concerned.


  22. Interested in having more information.Thank you.YOu have a unique and highly individualistic way of seeing things.

  23. dear roger

    i listened to the recorded teleseminar. actually it is so simple (i thought you would say some very complicated things 🙂 but everybody can do that! and on the other hand it is so difficult in the mean time. when you are in a difficult situation than saying “god bless him”, giving love, thinking about god, shining light, to uplift my vibration etc. wow man! most of the time i could not do that!
    i am motivated to do this now because i have no choice and you said that it works :). i always thought it would not work for me.
    thank you for sharing. i love to hear more 🙂 *luna*

    • Thank you very much Luna for your feedback.

      Yes it’s very simple and yet “at first” it’s quite hard to do. Any 10 year old could do this. But would they?

      Of course there is much more to it than what Luna shared in the comment above. To listen to the free teleseminar that went a little over 2 hours then just join the free Sunvatars membership site below.

      NOTE: You will not be taken to Paypal. Note the price is $0. After you fill in your name and email address you will be automatically emailed your login information.

      The teleseminar is mostly to give you confidence, inspiration and belief in this practice so that you’ll actually attempt to do it seriously. Because most people would never do this “even if they heard of it before” and don’t realize its incredible power to transform their lives.

      The teleseminar is called “How to Turn Yourself Into a Blazing Sun of Light and Love.”

    • Luna,

      The reason “it works” for me is that I have enough awareness to see and feel (from my spiritual eye and crown center) that it is indeed actually working. But in 1986 and early 1987 I had to take it on faith that something like this might work.

      Then in the late summer of 1987 the spiritual breakthrough happened to me. And from then on I was a completely and immediately changed person because I then KNEW that I was a spiritual being made out of LOVE. I knew before that I only had the mental concept from what I was reading. But then I had that amazing weeklong spiritual transformation. And I was lifted into higher planes of consciousness.

      Then I KNEW!

      It’s like knowing New York City exists not because you’ve read about it or saw pictures but because you are in New York City and viewing it and maybe even staying there on vacation or living there. You know because you are there.

      For the beginner they’ll have to start slowly until they gain the faith and real world experience that what they are doing is actually tuning them into a VAST source of LOVE, LIGHT and POWER.

      Enough power to uplift the vibrations of humanity. This is much more powerful than a one time group meditation for 20 to 30 minutes.

      Yes it is simple but to do it the way I’m attempting to do takes Olympic and pro athlete type of focus. Though I must say with time it gets much easier and becomes a habit.

      You can literally turn this into an automatic habit.

      But me personally I still have to work at it daily and from moment to moment. I’ll be posting more information and resources for members in the members area of Sunvatars.


    • The class already happened. Please read the post as I’ve updated it wit the new information of how to access the class and much more.

  24. How can you say you will let us know how to love more if you are not loving so much by critizing the goverment and Banks so much.

    Anyway I would like to know what you have to say.

    • This is a common problem people have when learning spiritual concepts. They believe they should love everything and never be critical. Even if something or someone is materially hurting them.

      This kind of thinking actually makes the problem worse. And of course this kind of belief system is taught to the masses in the New Age Movement specifically to keep them from taking action that would take down the cabal.

      You have to fight for freedom. Just wishing it so won’t make it so.

      It’s absolutely crucial for people to be AWARE of what is happening to them. Most people have no idea and I suspect you have very little idea either to say what you just said.

      The truth is that some of the worst despotic leaders of this planet are nice guys compared to the Satanic globalists who regularly sacrifice children to their Satanic god.

      Yes this is happening in the Catholic Church not to mention the rampant sexual abuse of children that is quite publicly known. And is part of the nexus of criminality at the highest levels of government in many countries.

      Just imagine ruthless killers full of greed and with no morals. Those are the people leading our governments these days. Yes the worst mafia by far are many of our western governments including the United States Corporation.

      The crimes committed against humanity are almost unbelievable in how bad they are. And many people will be stunned when they learn most everything they’ve learned in life is a lie.

      Knowledge of evil does not make you evil. It simply makes you aware of the reality of the situation. And it provides much stronger motivation to take action.

      Please do not start thinking that you should never be critical of a government that is enslaving you. That would simply be agreeing and allowing them to do so.

      The change will come in consciousness but then the outer changes will come as a result of the action of the now awakened consciousness. Action must be taken to get rid of these tyrants. And there are many people and countries right now working behind the scenes to make this a reality. But everyone needs to help and chip in to make the change a reality.


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