And the Winner of Membership Is

And the Winner of the Yearly Membership Is. I’ll reveal the winner further down below and I answer her question as well.

Back on June 13th in a blog post called
Question Time: Ask Me Anything About the Raw Food… I promised to give the person with the best question a free yearly membership to
Well I ended up being literally overwhelmed with questions. There were many excellent ones and quite frankly I have not had time to answer them all.
But in a series of posts on this blog I did answer many of those questions. However, I’ve decided that I won’t be answering all of the questions publicly. It’s just going to be too time consuming.
However, it turns out most of those questions have already been asked and answered by me and other members in our Inner Circle forum at In fact, you can ask me any question related to health and the raw food diet as a member. That’s probably the most valuable perk of membership.
Back in 1996, I discovered that even just eating a 50% Raw Food Diet healed my 6 and a half year personal nightmare almost instantaneously. All it took was one day of eating 50% raw and I healed my depression and panic attacks that very same day.
My nightmare ended with the discovery of raw foods.
I knew I’d get much better results going 100% raw, but for one reason or another, I just wasn’t able to stay 100% raw for more than 3 months. I felt great going all raw but I was making all sorts of mistakes that made the diet unsustainable for the long haul.
I got very weak, got the worst flu of my life or made the diet impossible to eat away from home while travelling even just a day. I also got so skinny that I didn’t feel comfortable with it. And I just got bored eating raw foods. I needed a solution but it wasn’t easy in coming.
Turns out I was always doing many things wrong and didn’t know it. I struggled going on and off 100% raw for periods of 1, 2 and 3 months and then reverting back to a raw / cooked mix. I went through that pattern at least 5 times or more until the summer of 2001 when I discovered the secrets for thriving with the Raw Food Diet.
Once I discovered them, I instantly new I’d now be able to stay completely raw for the long term and enjoy it. And that is precisely what happened.
You can get those same secrets to raw success right now. You can also uncover my new advanced secrets I’ve learned since then.
So why don’t you get thine butt over to and join me and our supportive raw food family. I’ll strip away all of the confusion and get you going to radiant health, eternal youthfulness and achieving the beach body look you’ve always dreamed of.
Now more about why I was having so many problems succeeding with 100% raw.
Confusion Set In:
I read so many popular raw food diet books. In fact, I was really starting to get confused. All the gurus sounded right on some level yet they couldn’t all be right as much of the advice was highly contradictory and opposite. Each week I tried a new approach or philosophy. I mixed and matched approaches but without success.
It got to the point that I had a whole bunch of garbage in my head. Quite frankly I can tell by the questions that you guys asked that many of you still have those same garbage ideas poisoning your ability to go raw.
The raw food diet world is overflowing with incredible levels of unsound and unscientific advice. I can’t believe the crap that some of the most popular Raw Food Diet gurus can get away with teaching. I’ve found it takes years of in-depth study in the field of raw food nutrition to be able to tell the truth from the lie, or even the half truth.
You see there are some pieces of advice that all of the gurus give that are right. I don’t follow any one guru’s advice to the tee. Each of them has some flaws in their system. I’ve even learned and practice valuable insider secrets from raw experts whose general philosophy is virtually opposite to mine.
I don’t get stuck in any one philosophy. All I care about is the truth and getting results. While I like the principles of Natural Hygiene I don’t follow each and every one. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it just doesn’t and there’s a better solution elsewhere.
There’s only one place in the world you can get these collection of insights and better yet get to ask me questions directly at the dirt-cheap price membership currently is.
Now for the Winning Question:
It’s from Jacqueline Michaud.
Note to Jacqueline:
I’ll be giving you free one year access to with the email address you provided in your question.
Here is her question and my answer. It was really one of the most difficult questions for me to give a good answer for. I’m hoping what I wrote above will give you further clarity on her questions below.
I’ve answered this question previously but this time I’m adding even more insight. These are really some crucial insights.
Jacqueline Michaud @ 8:36 pm
How Can You Avoid Being Overwhelmed By The Amount And Often Conflicting Deluge Of Information On The Raw Food Diet Available On The Net?
That is a great question. I’ve never quite thought about it this way until now. You see, I’ve put in the time and research to know what is correct. I can tell the B.S. from the truth and trust me there is an incredible amount of wrong information out there on the Raw Food Diet.
But how can a person new to eating raw know which way to turn? All I can say is to look to nature as much as possible. Look to which diet would be possible in nature and without any agriculture. A high fat raw diet wouldn’t be possible in nature in most tropical places without bunch of tools.
We didn’t arrive in this world with tools nor even clothing. So try to think back and imagine what we could have possibly survived on without tools and without clothing in our natural tropical habitat.
Certainly you wouldn’t be eating a bunch of dehydrated crackers. Just because something is raw does not also make it healthy. Think raw but also think natural and more important than just "is it raw" ==> "is it healthy?"
Oils like olive oil or coconut oil can be considered raw, but they’re certainly not natural and it turns out they’re not healthy to consume either. It’s better to get the food from the whole source.
Same with juicing. There’s no juicing in nature. You have to eat the whole food and get the juice and all of the other nutrients in the food.
So look to nature as your guide as much as possible and that can help you in making better choices. Also realize that what we get in our supermarkets and even best health food stores are cultivated foods.
These are not the kinds of foods you’d be eating out in the wild. So we do have to make some compensations for those facts. That’s why it’s so important to eat a high level of mineral rich greens.
What I teach our members at is how to eat raw in our modern day world of supermarkets, cultivated foods and indoor living. We have to make adjustments we can’t just do what animals would do because we no longer live in the world of animals.
The only way to learn those adjustments that produce perma-beauty and youth is to join us right now at
See you on the inside where I reveal the magic,
Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager




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  1. Wow! What a wonderful surprise!!! I never expected this when I submitted my question or read this post…especially since I hadn’t received a previous confirmation!
    Thank you so much Roger! I will certainly take advantage of the ‘How to Go Raw’ website. I’ve been experimenting with the raw diet for the last three months and for the last three weeks I have maintained about 80% raw. However, I am struggling and I really need some sound advice! Again thank you for the opportunity! This is a real blessing for me! I am so thrilled!


  2. I totally agree with Roger. I also thought that question
    was the best!

    Congratulations Jacqueline for winning!
    I’ll be seeing you at the forum then. 🙂


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