3 Second Abs at 28,000 feet

You know how tired and stiff you can feel after a long plane flight? Well you can say good-bye to that feeling forever.

I’m on vacation right now visiting my father. We have several challenging adventures planned ahead of us. We’ve already been climbing different mountains for the past two days. I’ll be uploading pictures and telling you more in the coming days.
Oregon 8.1.08 001.jpg
That’s me in front of my father’s truck in Oregon. Taken 7/30/08.
In any case, on my flight I decided to try something different, to do my 3-Second Abs routine. I figured that if I kept on exercising while sitting in the cramped up plane seat that I wouldn’t get so stiff after being on two planes for over 7.5 hours.
Turns out, I was right. I got off the plane and it was very late at night (1am in my originating time zone) and yet I felt just fine. A bit invigorated even.
I don’t ever remember feeling so good after a long flight. But not only that, I was building ripped abs and increasing my circulation an feeling of well being while sitting in a 500 mile per hour, flying tin can at 38,000 feet.
My whole body felt energized because I exercised not just my abs but many other major muscle groups in my body by doing 3-Second Abs repeatedly on the two flights.
You see, 3-second abs is not just about your abs. If done properly you can hit most of the major muscle groups with just one exercise done for 1 to 3 seconds. And this is a super-duper-intense exercise.
You have to be careful because if you get too intense you could actually pass out. But no worries I’ll show you the right way to do the best darned ab exercise in the world with detailed instructions.
But wait a minute…
My Father’s DaySale: Save 32% on theLightning Speed Fitness Program
Well actually, 3-Second Abs has not been available for sale for a couple of weeks now. I’ve only made it available as a bonus for people who purchased the Push-Up Blaster program.
However, that special is now over and I’ve had several people tell me they missed their opportunity to get the 3 Second Abs technique because they were away on vacation. They were begging me to extend the special. Well now you get that rare chance again to get it in your hands. But don’t dilly dally, you have to ACT NOW.
So, in honor of my fit, healthy and adventurous 68 year old father, I’m going to run a super sale and give you the secret to creating 6-pack abs in your spare time.
You’ll get my best selling Lightning Speed Fitness Program and I’ll also throw in 3-Second Abs and The Secret To 6-Pack Abs That Almost Nobody Figures Out audios in downloadable Mp3 format as my special celebration gift to you.
This is at the very least a $30 value on top of getting Lightning Speed Fitness at a HUGE discount.
*** When Will I Get 3-Second Abs? ***
The download information for 3-Second Abs will be emailed to you in about a week. So don’t expect to see that right away. I’ll be emailing it to you after I get back from vacation in Oregon.
Realize that I hardly ever run sales for my programs. So if you’ve been waiting for “Hell to Freeze Over,” then realize it just got a lot cooler, if you know what I mean.
Just take a gander at the incredible Lightning Speed Fitness Program:
You’ll see the normal price on the main page. But once you actually click the order button you’ll see the 32% off, discounted price. The special sale in honor of my father will end this coming Monday, (8/4/08) at Midnight, Eastern Time (GMT-4).
Once you have my Lightning Speed Fitness Program you’ll be able to exercise just about anywhere. You’ll transform your body into the most incredible gym on the planet. No more wasting gas, time and money by going to a gym.
Why do that when you have the greatest gym with you all of the time?
Combine the Lightning Speed Exercise which makes you speedy fast by the way and melts fat, even on the days when you don’t exercise, with 3-Second Abs and you’ll soon create your dream body. A picture perfect body that you’ll be proud to show off at the beach.
Ok then, I’ll be uploading lots of pictures from this vacation and from our mountain climbing and I’ll tell you more about my youthful father in the coming days.
Sure, I’m the 41-Year-Old Teenager and my father is the 68-year-old middle-ager but in reality he’s in superior health and physical condition compared to most of the drugged up, listless and lard-infested 35 year olds you see these days.
It’s really pathetic what we’ve turned into as a culture. I think part of the reason there are so many people overweight is because it’s accepted. Being fat, old, stupid and ugly is the norm. If you want to fit in you have to be freakin fat.
Well screw that, you can break the mold, be what you were meant to be and live 2 or 3 lifetimes compared to what everyone else will be doing. Turn back the clock by eating raw and doing vigorous exercise in about 15 minutes a day as described in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.
Oregon 8.1.08 047.jpg
Here with my father at the summit of Mt. McLoughlin in Oregon, which is 9,495 feet high.
And yes I’ve influenced my father to eat raw as well. He now eats a mostly raw food diet (for the last two years) and of course, he has lost some weight and feels much better overall because of it.
It’s never too late to improve your health. If my father at 66 years old can go raw and if my grandfather at 83 years old can go raw, there’s no excuse for you not to go on my Optimal Raw Food Diet and experience the bliss that this can bring.
I have way more to share with you and about what me and my dad talk about. So come and join us in our celebration of life. I want you to have the good life and health like my father and I enjoy.
Oregon 8.1.08 030.jpg
Snow near the top of Mt. McLoughlin. We used some of that snow to put in our water bottles when we ran out of our supply of water.
So get your “rear in gear” and become a proud owner of the fitness and fat blasting Lightning Speed Fitness Program at a smashing 32% discount. But it’s only good until midnight this Monday 8/4/08.
Blaze a New Trail,
Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager



3 Second Abs at 28,000 feet — 7 Comments

  1. thank you for the beautiful picture of Mt. McLoughlin. Also, I want to thank you for all the information you send me

  2. Hi,
    You have changed the ‘Way to gain (Total)Fitness in shortest period’, through your path breaking exercises. I eagerly wait for your each mail.Bravo!
    Best wishes for your adventures.

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  4. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for sharing the photo of your dad! My father passed on in 1986, he was barely my age now. Like you I look younger than my age, as I have practiced natural hygiene since 1971. People always say I look like I am in my late 20’s or at the most early 30’s & go figure I am nearly 60. What you do for people still in transition is great, keep up the good work!

    Native Hygienist, Jim

  5. Hi Roger,

    One quick question: Since the climbs take several hours, what do you do for food? Do you carry a bunch of fruit with you (which, as we know, could get quite heavy), or do you use dehydrated fruits and drink more water?


  6. Hi Tom,

    Funny you should ask that. My next post will cover info on the foods I ate on my travels.

    I was actually surprised how easy it has been to stay raw. I’m in a hotel now, have been hiking all over the place and no problems whatsoever.

    More info to come soon, Roger

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