What Makes Raw Food Special? Hint it Isn’t Enzymes

The main reason for eating a Raw Food Diet is because the food is still alive when we eat it.

And that life force somehow gets transferred to us.

Thereby reducing disease, increasing health and happiness.

For years it was believed that what made raw food “raw” was that the enzymes where still intact. But is that really makes raw food alive?

The simple test is to take a bunch of enzymes. Do that and you’ll soon realize that the enzymes don’t give you that tingly feeling like drinking a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice.

Well it turns out that tingly live feeling does not come from enzymes but from something else.

And that if you juice that tingly feeling will be gone in a half hour anyway and yet the juice will still have its enzymes. (Unless you use one of those slow mastication juicers. Then it may take several days for that breakdown process.)

Well it turns out a prominent scientist and inventor discovered what made raw foods and raw juices “alive” in 1983 and isolated it.

The discovery was made by Dr. Patrick Flanagan the creator of Microhydrin, MegaH or Hydrogen Boost which contains the most powerful “by far” antioxidant on the planet.

That antioxidant is actually a negatively charged hydrogen molecule with an extra electron added to it. It’s also called a hydride ion. This is the actual thing that makes raw food feel alive.

Below I’m including some notes I took from an interview with Dr. Flanagan that I watched on Gaiam TV with Regina Meredith as the host.

Healing Matrix: Vibrant Longevity with Patrick Flanagan

It’s a hydrogen atom with 2 electrons instead of one or H-.

Negatively ionized hydrogen.

Patrick drank fresh raw juices starting at 17. Was vegan and or vegetarian for 30 years.

Could fast on juices for months.

After a half hour the healing effects of the juice is gone.

Taking loads enzymes didn’t do anything for his health or energy.

In 1983 he discovered a special molecule in fresh organic fruit and vegetable juices the hydride ion or negative ionized hydrogen. It’s a hydrogen atom with an extra electron. It’s at the exact same potential as electrons in the human body.

The human body has a potential of about 1 volt and the hydride ion also has about a 1 volt potential.

There is a hydrogen cycle.

90% of the Universe is made up of hydrogen and 9% of helium and 1% is the rest of the elements.

Sunlight is produced on a star when hydrogen on the surface of a star takes on electrons and makes negative ionized hydrogen called the hydride ion and that chemical process emits light.

And plants convert that sunlight through photosynthesis. Then the plant breaks down water into negatively charged hydrogen and oxygen. Some of it is just plain hydrogen but a lot is the negatively charged hydrogen or the hydride ion.

He said if you eat raw plant foods you’re getting a huge amount of negatively charged hydrogen ions in your body and bloodstream. And this hydride ion also happens to be the world’s most powerful antioxidant.

If you juice the negative hydrogen ion is gone within thirty minutes of juicing. Even if you store it in the fridge. Though I suspect the slower juicing methods preserve that hydride ion for much longer than a half hour.

So this brings a few questions to my mind that I’ll address in a future email.

And just so you know, I long ago (many years before going 100% raw started taking that antioxidant created by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. At the time it was the only supplement I was able to feel an almost immediate change in my body from. It’s is definitely a very powerful antioxidant. So powerful it can reverse sunburn and I have used it for that purpose at least 8 times.

But I can tell you this, if there was a choice to take this supplement and eat a cooked food diet versus not taking that supplement and going raw the answer is 1000% to eat raw.

(And I would not take it on a regular basis while eating raw either but won’t go into why today.)

Because my results are literally ten times better from going all raw as compared to taking that supplement while still eating a cooked food diet.

Part of the reason for that is it’s not just the nutrients in raw food that are so beneficial but the fact that you are eliminating all sorts of extremely toxic foods from your diet as well.

And there may well be other factors besides the negatively charged hydrogen molecule that makes raw food so special.

That being said…

I do know this… upping your intake of raw greens and cruciferous veggies is one of the best ways you can heal your body, reduce your chances of getting cancer and even increase your intelligence as I’ve discussed in a study I mentioned in a previous email.

And Yummy Greens makes it delicious and exciting to add more greens and cruciferous vegetables into your diet.

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The raw pizza and Rawbecue wings are just amazing by the way.

This is what a Yummy Greens customer had to say about the Rawbecue wings…

I just made the wings today and they are sooooo good!   I don’t care for broccoli but today I ate a pound of it!  Thank you for the excellent recipe.

Lynda Sorenson


Btw, I want to tell you that your Yummy Greens recipes are delightful: my favourite is (guess?) the pizza!! Really the very best raw version I ever tried!! And even the rawbecues wings are the best way to eat (ton of) broccoli and cauliflower! and they’re really incredibly low in fat!

Great deal!!!

A big smile
Barbara Aldeghi

Can you believe…

Roger, I absolutely LOVE the Yummy Greens Raw-B-q recipe you have come up with..its Genius!!!

My husband and I also think the Savory Veggie Stew is genius also..

Joann Orloff

Anyways… I hope you found the information on what really makes something raw helpful. Just preserving the enzymes isn’t going to help you much at all.

But eating Yummy Greens should put a BIG smile on your face.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
Raw Food Diet Mentor
Making the Raw Food Diet Effortless through Tastiness


P.S. Patrick Flanagan Interview: NOTE GaiamTV is a paid service but I think you can join the first month for 99 cents.


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