I Almost Died in Yosemite-Pictures

And the Secret That Saved Me From Serious Danger

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Here I’m holding on for dear life. It’s not as tranquil as it seems.

I almost died or could have had serious injuries like smashing my brain in and or breaking bones. All this happened within my first five minutes on a trip to Yosemite National Park during my recent vacation.
What happened was that we took a quick stop shortly after entering the park. They have these giant boulders all over Yosemite. So I saw a huge white one and wanted to make a quick climb of it.
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On my way up, it seemed relatively easy and not dangerous.
It seemed easy enough but there were a few things I didn’t take into consideration.
The most important thing of which is that it’s much easier to get up these giant bolders than to come down. That’s what my father said after I had gotten pretty far up and he was right.
So I climbed up as shown in the pictures. But I started getting very high and the rock surface was slick and sharply angled downward. So I turned around to have my father take a picture and that’s when the danger began.
Oregon 8.1.08 008.jpg
I was really scared to move anywhere at this point because it was so easy to lose traction and just fall off the rock.
Once I turned around the slick surface became dangerous. I was struggling mightily just to stay in position and not fall over or slide down and land about 12 to 15 feet below on the other smaller rocks.
Keep in mind, I’m not a pro rock climber. I just sometimes climb rocks. But I had no training nor any rock climbing equipment. I just had my hiking boots.
Very luckily for me I had my father with me. Without him there, I’m not sure how I would have gotten down safely.
Let me explain what I mean. He acted like a guide for me. The foot holds that I could see on my way up climbing the boulder, I couldn’t see on my way down.
My father told me where to step and in what direction and even with what leg. He had a detached perspective. He was able to fill in the missing pieces for me.
Oregon 8.1.08 010.jpg
My father guided me to this current foot position. My right foot was just dangling in the air and I was hanging on for dear life with my hands. You’ll notice that I’ve turned around and am facing the rock again. To get back down I had to do exactly what I did when I got up there and that required turning around and facing the rock. Something which was quite tricky.
There were a number of times I had to go on faith and hold my body from falling with just my arms while I was reaching down with my legs over the edge of that slick granite boulder. I had to manage to turn my body around so I was facing the same direction when I first climbed up.
Oregon 8.1.08 011.jpg
Here I’m holding myself up with just my hands as I get ready to dangle my feet for the lower toe hold on the lower left side of me and several feet below me. That was quite scary as well. The whole problem being I didn’t have much to grab onto with such a slick surface on the rock.
Once I did that and with my father guiding me to the little footholds, I was finally safe. But I can tell you I was quite scared for a while there. At first I just couldn’t see any way down except jumping.
But even the jumping would have been uncontrolled because I would have had to slide down quite a bit. The rock was too smooth for me to stop myself from sliding down.
It’s hard to explain in writing and even with pictures. You sort of had to be there.
Oregon 8.1.08ComingUpPapi.jpg
Looking up at my father who was on the road with his truck. The giant granite boulder I was climbing was down below and just above the beautiful stream.
So what does this have to do with your life and what is the secret that saved me?
The secret was that I had a guide. My guide could see what I couldn’t see. He gave me assurance. Without a guide I could potentially have killed myself and at the very least would have likely twisted my ankle severely.
The same thing could be said about people doing just about anything new, but especially when switching to a Raw Food Diet.
You’d think that eating our natural diet would be an easy transition. But in reality there is much to learn and even more to unlearn.
Having books and training information is good, but if you get the wrong books it could be more confusing than helpful. I know because I struggled for 5 years trying to go 100% raw without the support of an experienced raw food coach.
All the books I read made it harder and not easier to stay raw. Too many competing theories.
But once I got a raw food mentor and we followed just one system, I was able to go 100% raw happily and stay that way till this day.
A book, can’t answer your questions. There are a zillion issues that come up for the raw foodist. Even if the answer is in the book, you might forget it, or not quite understand it right.
But what if you had a guide you could ask questions whenever you needed? And what if this guide wasn’t just an experienced raw food coach but someone who was an expert in helping people to break addictions and a peak performance and self-improvement expert?
Well then you’d have just a small glimpse of the many ways I can make it easier for you to go raw.
The bottom line is that I have the outside perspective for you. Metaphorically, you’re stuck on the cooked food granite boulder, while I’m where my father was and I can guide you to safety if you trust me.
It’s time to stop struggling with the Raw Food Diet. Do you think I struggle in any way with staying raw?
Heck I just went on vacation and did all day expeditions and still managed to stay raw with ease. In fact, the cooked food I smelled or saw never even attracted me.
You need my kind of perspective and belief system so that you can get to the same point I am.
Trust me, I was a huge cooked food addict. I loved cooked food just as much as anybody else. But I can tell you that I no longer miss it or feel in any way deprived.
I strongly believe that anyone who’s eating cooked food is the one who’s deprived. I felt so sorry for all of the people on the plane for instance that were unconsciously poisoning themselves.
Or the diabetic and wheelchair bound woman Patricia sitting next to me. Yet she was drinking disgusting coffee and eating cracker sandwiches and then she had some of her own candy.
I kept my mouth shut, but luckily the conversation eventually got around to what I do for a living. And I told her. She was very interested and took down my websites.
I hope she has the good enough sense to put this to use. Because she has no idea how much damage she’s done to herself by eating cooked foods.
And that’s how I felt for all of those poor soles on the plane and everywhere else. They have the cooked food addiction disease and most of them don’t even know this stuff is bad for them.
How can anyone stand looking 20 to 30 years older?
How can anyone stand having that dried out old skin that people tend to get after 30. My skin is like that of a teenager. It’s amazing and you can improve your skin as well by going raw.
Many people have. Including Erik one of the members of HowToGoRaw.com I’ve talked about in a recent post.
How can anyone stand getting the cold and the flu?
How can anyone stand having to drink coffee just to wake up in the morning?
How can anyone stand getting every disease in the book?
How can anyone stand putting on extra pound after pound even though they’re not eating that much?
Heck I used to have arthritis in my mid to late twenties. But that is gone. I used to have a receding gum line and constant infections in my gums. But that has stopped as well. I even lost weight and wasn’t trying to. Eating raw is the way to be super slim, healthy and toxin free.
And worst and most debilitating of all, I used to have depression and panic attacks. That was a life of living hell.
I went from HELL to HEAVEN just by switching my diet. For me the depression and anxiety went away within the very first day of only eating 50% of my diet from raw foods.
My life now is a paradise for me. Much of that is due and only possible because of switching to an all raw food diet.
Sure there are other reasons as well. I’m also doing what I love for a living. I like my work so much I found time to work / NOT (have fun expressing myself) while on vacation.
So that’s another big part of my happiness. Also the kind of work I do gives me the ability to schedule my own hours and have lots of free time to enjoy myself. I love spending time in the sunshine and in nature.
I love working out and playing tennis.
I’m quite sure a higher percentage of raw foodists are happy with their life than people eating cooked foods. I have no scientific proof, only my own observations. But there have been many of those observations.
If you want to have a super life, to unleash the Superbeing inside of you then eating raw is a major accomplishment and step in that direction. Once you’ve broken through cooked food addiction, you’ll have a new sense of power and self-esteem.
You’ve accomplished something most people would never even consider doing. And in the process you’ll have gained an incredible freedom and life renewed.
So please join me now as a member of HowToGoRaw.com. I can tell you there are huge changes in membership coming up very soon. I’ll be adding new services that will make it even easier for you to stay raw.
But the prices will be going up dramatically. So if you want get in while membership is still super-cheap then I advise you to do so now. And you’ll get a ridiculously low quarterly or yearly recurring fee that will never go up.
So lock on the dirt cheap price now and realize there are way more things in HowToGoRaw.com than are listed on my website. We have all sorts of new audios and techniques to help you blast through cooked addiction like a knife slicing through warm butter.
Start a new, exciting and healthy raw life today,
Roger Haeske
The 41-Year-Old Teenager

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P.P.P.S. I’ve got some super exciting stuff for you coming up in the following days and weeks. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s going to be HUGE.





I Almost Died in Yosemite-Pictures — 7 Comments

  1. respectful roger..

    past week sunday i went to trekking out city at 80 KM…i walked trekking at 6 KM. careful danger. rainy season… waterfall flow river, i walk in waterflow river, i go with trekking groups. enter waterfall back i sit moutain stone…

    i fallen not problem..i have safe trekking…

    see again…

  2. Hi Ambar,

    Great to hear from you. It’s been a long time.

    I made it out just fine from that boulder climb. But I didn’t anticipate the possible difficulties and dangers of coming down.

    Sometimes our enthusiasm can get the best of us.

    Best, Roger

  3. Roger, good that you were able to get down unscathed, and also great that you were able to notice a lesson from the situation. There are always lessons all around us but available only if we have the right perspective to see them as you did. Your pictures remind me of the last trip I took to Yosemite a couple of years ago with my son when we backpacked for 5 days – it was great. Nice to hear you’re having a good time.

  4. You go Roger!

    There is an Indian family of basket weavers by the name of Parker, they are basketweavers @ the museum there. The father of Lucy Parker’s first born child is a professional free form rock climber in Yosemite, & he does all his climbing without any ropes or other equipment. He was featured on a TV program called, That’s Incredible, back in the day.
    If you touch base with any of the Parkers there @ Yosemite they are sure to tell you all about it, be fun to network with a champion free form rock climber, from what I understand he has tackled some of the biggest, like Half Dome & such, all without ropes, etc.
    Natural Hygienist, Jim

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