Can Humans Rust?

Can Humans Rust? - ImageThat’s a strange thing to think since we are not made of metal.

But it turns out a very similar process to rusting happens in humans too.

It’s called oxidation.

When iron rusts it oxidizes. And the same oxidation process can happen to our cells if we’re not careful.

And this one of the reasons having gazillions of antioxidants (or anti-rusting agents) in your body is so good at keeping you young. The more antioxidants you have the more resistant you are to rusting out.

Aging is rusting.

Anyways, in doing my research on AGEs I found this wonderful website.

The way this is written and compared to rusting is so clear that I’m just quoting it directly.

1. AGEs are oxidants. They corrode our body the same way rust damages metal in a machine if it’s allowed to build up. Oxidation depletes our natural reserves of anti-oxidants, which are the “good guys”. Anti-oxidants are the substances that can neutralize the corrosive effects of AGEs, but only up to a point.

2. The body reacts to AGEs the same way it fights an infection, except that its capacity is limited. Our native defenses normally eliminate AGE toxins by mobilizing a low level of generalized inflammation, which is our body’s normal reaction to ”irritants”, such as bacteria. For example, a person with an infection – an “irritant” to the body – may experience a rise in body temperature – a “fever”, which indicates inflammation, but this will go away soon. Food AGEs, like bacteria, can also trigger inflammation but this time – since they come in often – it may not go away soon, and over time it can erode our self-defenses, as AGEs pile up in the body, like junk. And they continue to cause more oxidation (rusting) and inflammation (low “fever”), which may not become noticed for many years.

At worst, if inflammation is prolonged it will slowly damage every organ in the body – Most chronic diseases are associated with inflammation and high levels of AGEs. At best, AGEs speed up our body’s and mind’s aging [1]

AGEs generate small molecules (reactive oxygen species or ROS) that cause oxidation and tissue damage (just like rust on metal).  At the same time, ROS promote the formation of more AGEs and this sets up a vicious cycle, which, as AGEs build up, slows down organ function. The endpoint? Faster aging.

Also, AGEs build chemical bridges between proteins – a reason why older joints and tendons become thicker and less elastic and skin more wrinkled – they also affect all types of connective tissue throughout the body.  The result?  You name it! Hardened arteries (causing high blood pressure or heart disease), cataracts of the eyes (blocking vision), and damaged kidneys. [2]

As you can see AGEs can make you age rapidly.

And I believe they’re also responsible for making your skin look like dried out paper. This happens to many people as they age. I’m talking in your thirties this starts happening.

So if you want to look young and beautiful you’ve got to lower your AGE intake dramatically.

And of course the ultimate way to beat AGEs is to eat a high antioxidant, high carb and lower fat Raw Food Diet.


1. Because your consumption of AGE’s goes down to next to nothing when you eat like this.

2. Because your antioxidant levels sky rocket when you go raw and eat all sorts of raw fruits and vegetables that haven’t had their nutrients damaged by the cooking process.

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