How to Make Yerself Hideous for Halloween

Did you know you could make yerself hideous looking for Halloween without wearing a costume?

Here’s how to do it…

1. Start your day by eating lots of fried bacon and eggs. You can even throw in pasteurized orange juice and toast.

What you may not know is that fried bacon got the highest AGE or Advanced Glycation Endproducts score. And those suckers will make you look hideous as Hell.

2. For lunch you can grab a quick meal at McDeathnolds. I’d suggest a Big Crack or two with 1 or 2 large fries and you can polish that off with a large drink that used to contain cocaine in it or a Coca Cola.

3. For dinner you can head to a diner (got plenty of those in New Jersey) and eat breakfast again with a fried omelette, bacon and home fries. Why not throw in a glass of milk and an apple turnover for dessert.

Just by doing this routine daily for a month you’ll totally change your appearance to something ghoulish. 

You’ll look much bigger giving you that monsterish appearance.

You’ll start to get a lot more wrinkles, cracks and bumps on your face and skin. Your skin will go from soft to dry like paper to give you a really old look.

And you may even start limping and get a big hump on your back.

Yes I know it’s too late to do it for Halloween this year LOL.

And it’s true. 

If you ate what I told you above you’d be intaking absolutely ridiculous amounts of toxins. The AGE content alone compared to a properly executed raw diet would be easily ten or twenty times the amount.

But then again there are the hetero cyclic amines and the beta carbolines.

Then there’s the Maillard Molecules.

Building a body on toxic Maillard Molecules is sure to disgust everyone around you.

And of course if you want to look like death then it’s best to eat foods that have had all of the life force sucked out of them by Dracula or cooking.

Yes siree Bob, if you want to look like a hideous version of your true self then just keep on chowing down on Satan’s food otherwise known as cooked food to most sheople.

But if you want to look like a beautiful fashion model and have the energy of a child then my friend the only option is to go on a Raw Food Diet.

And if you want to do it and never have to deal with cooked food cravings ever again… I suggest you do this.

Get a copy of “Think and Go Raw – Version 3” while it’s still on sale during our pre-launch sale.

And you’ll instantly receive a life changing bonus…

The Anticraver Secrit Recipe that stops cooked food cravings in their tracks each and every time.

When you eat raw you’ll rescue yourself from a Hellish life of ghosts, goblins and ugly witches with big moles on their noses.

And the Anticraver Secrit Recipe will satisfy like bacon but without the grease, toxins, free radicals and the ridiculously high AGE levels that age each and every cell in your body.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
The 48-Year Old Teanajer
Your Raw Food Diet Mentor
The Savory Raw King

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