“How We’re Being Controlled”

Humor me a minute.

I’m going to propose a totally radical concept that you may think is total nonsense.

Or it could be a great revelation.

Just let your imagination run free and think to yourself… what if this where really true?

Maybe just maybe it is true.

I believe there is ONE major reason much if not most of humanity is suffering right now.

We’ve fallen into a GREAT TRAP.

The trap is the belief that we are biological machines limited by physical laws. As if there are no higher laws than these physical laws.

As if God abandoned us on this seeming prison planet.

For instance we believe we can’t fly, therefore we don’t even try.

And we think that our governments are in control of us. That we must be sheep and follow along with the rules meant to enslave us.

For instance, one such new rule is Obamacare in the United States. We are “supposed” to have it even if we don’t want any so called “health insurance”. Yes they tell us we must pay for it even if we don’t want it and if we don’t there’s a big penalty for that.

Now that is just one issue.

Everywhere you look the governments of the world are encroaching more and more on our freedoms.

Of course, everyone now knows that the US government is reading all of our emails and recording our telephone calls and they even have our email account passwords. That info thanks to Edward Snowden and friends.

The point is that we are limited by a million different things here on this physical plane. It is made to seem that we are powerless against totalitarian governments.

For instance, this might get you mad.

Did you hear that in the United States the Senate recently passed a bill to extend the debt ceiling until 2017? And from what I read this time there is no real upper limit to the debt. They can just keep piling it on.

And they voted on this at 3am in the morning. Talk about shady and trying to hide something.

And one of the provisions was to pay for this out of control national debt with about 150 Billion dollars taken from the Social Security fund. In other words stealing from our senior citizens and others who rely on Social Security to pay for the national debt that our government and banking system got us into.

This of course is outrageous behavior by our “leaders” and yet we still feel we can do nothing about it. Like it’s impossible for one person to beat the totally rigged and corrupt system. We just keep voting the other party in only to realize they keep doing the same thing to us anyway.

But maybe our thinking is inside out.

If you look at the outer news these days (especially if you don’t follow the mainstream lies on TV and Cable) things seem extremely bleak. Not just in the United States but all over the world.

Literally, the Global Economy is imploding before our very eyes. What’s happening right now is FAR worse than the Great Depression and it’s on a global scale. Yet the mainstream media does not report on this extensively… that’s because they work in collusion with our governments.

And I know the US government doesn’t want us to know how bad the economic situation really is. That’s why they “fix” the stock market. Did you know that the Bank of Japan recently admitted they own 52% of their stock market? Talk about market manipulation.

That’s why the price of gold and silver is highly manipulated in a downward fashion. For if the price of gold and silver were allowed to rise freely then the game would have been over 40 years ago.

No one would want dollars because all the money would move to gold, silver and other real assets not paper money. And so by it’s nature fiat or paper money backed by nothing but the faith in government cannot not allow the price of gold and silver to rise freely because it would almost instantly end the paper money system which they use to bankrupt and control us.

And all of this just makes us more ticked off and more feeling like we can’t do a single freakin thing about it.

But here I believe is the trick.

Here I believe we have an incredible and mostly untapped power that we don’t know we have.

Remember just humor me on this.

I believe Humanity has been trapped in a HUGE lie.

And the lie is that we are victims… that we are powerless. That we must listen to and be slaves to the rules that our totally corrupt governments created.

The lie I believe is this.

“The outer world is more powerful than your inner world.”

Why do I believe this?

Because of 28 years of visiting higher planes of consciousness. For many years now I’ve been getting this message when doing my spiritual exercises or meditations.

And that message has been getting much stronger over the last month and even over the last week.

The trap is that we have no or very little impact on our outer reality or the physical world.

And maybe that’s not so.

Maybe God designed us to have total freedom and no limits so long as what we do, we do in LOVE.

Maybe all of the typical physical plane limitations are really just limitations in our BELIEF of what is possible.

After all there are documented people who can live without eating or even drinking water for years on end.

There are many documented cases of saints in numerous religions who have been seen to be levitating.

There are even saints who have been witnessed to teleport themselves, walk on water, stay under water or even buried underground for years, stay permanently youthful and never sleep. What about dead physical bodies that do not decay after centuries. Yes even that is documented.

Therefore, I propose that maybe our only limitation is the belief in limitation.

Certainly our thoughts and attitudes of others will affect their behaviors towards us. Even if we don’t outwardly express those thoughts people tend to just know.

What if for just 15 minutes each morning we sent out vibrations of happiness, love, abundance and freedom for all people.

What if in our imaginations we only saw things as we wanted them to be… not how they currently are?

What if we decided we had enough of this outer world slavery nonsense and only created beauty and harmony on all levels of our lives including with family members, friends, coworkers, customers and strangers on the street?

How long would it take for outer reality to change if we stopped negatively re-creating CURRENT outer reality?

Because when we are mad at the news or the governments, we are on a certain level agreeing to their actions and that reality. We’re giving them permission to continue because we are imagining/creating things are bad and therefore things continue to be bad. Because we are creating badness by our agreement to have badness in our lives.

We get caught in an outer loop of see news and re-create the same news over and over and over again.

We see crimes against our brothers and even ourselves and get upset because we feel totally powerless to do anything.

And yet maybe, just maybe we have God like powers.

Maybe we are all gods and goddesses with INFINITE potential and INFINITE freedom to create physical reality just as we wish.

Yes I know some will vehemently disagree with me. But I don’t really care.

Some things you just KNOW.

My experiences in higher consciousness for close to 30 years are telling me that I and we have been badly tricked. And I’m not going to play that game anymore.

I know the outer changes won’t come instantly.

First we have to make the inner changes. We have to acknowledge ourselves as CREATORS.

We have visualize perfection in the face of outer imperfection.

What if no matter what imperfection we saw in people and governments we only allowed thoughts and feelings of perfection in our consciousness?

How long would it take to start changing outer reality?

I believe you’d see changes start to happen the very day you make this change.

People would respond to you differently. People you thought were this or that way become much better because now you’re creating them as beautiful and loving Divine creatures.


See everyone and everything as LOVE or as GOD even if outwardly they appear very far from it. Even if they are doing “bad” things to you. (Of course, take whatever outer action seems prudent.)

Don’t acknowledge the Devil acknowledge Divinity.

Of course, you still have to be practical and take the appropriate outer actions depending on the circumstances.

But inwardly, in your imagination, you continue to see, feel and project a powerful stream of perfection in your every action.

Me personally, I see it as a POWERFUL WAVE of WHITE LIGHT that flows into our world disrupting the limited victim consciousness thinking. And it isn’t some thing I only imagine. This light is very real.

Assume perfection and maybe just maybe the great trap that humanity is currently in can be broken.

Your thoughts and replies appreciated.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement

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