Quick Trick Gets You Excited As Hell

Parachuting ExcitementDo you ever feel bored, sad or pessimistic?

Or do you feel stuck and not moving in the direction of your dreams?

I know for me sometimes I’ve felt bored or less than excited about my future.

My kids say it too sometimes.

“I’m bored.”

But there’s a way to make yourself super excited about life almost instantly. All you need to know are two magic words.

Whenever you do what these words command you’ll instantly feel differently.

It will change the pictures in your mind.

It will change your energy too. And that change in your energy flow will light you on fire with enthusiasm.

So what are these two magic words?

Let’s start with the first one.

Well let me phrase it in a fun way.

“To feel great you must CREATE.”

Anytime you’re bored or even fearful it’s because you’re not creating enough. All of your energy is turning inward instead of flowing outward. You’re inflowing energy instead of outflowing.

We are born creators and that is what makes us the happiest.

Watching TV, even reading a book can never compare to the feeling when you are creating something positive.

To have the most exciting life possible you must be creating something every day.

For instance, you can write a story, a book or an article. Just like I’m doing now.

I’m actually practicing this very principle.

Or you can paint, sculpt or draw something.

Or you can create a new recipe.

Or come up with a business idea that’ll make you richer than Rockesmeller.

Or invent something.

Or brainstorm ideas for solving a problem in your life.

The key is to find what you love to do and to actually do it. And do it with gusto and enthusiasm.

And now for the second MAGIC WORD…

What makes creating even more exciting is when you add the concept of GIVING.

If you’re going to GIVE what you create to someone or a group of people it’s all the more exciting. I can tell you that I’m on FIRE with excitement right now as I’m typing this. And I’ve been on fire just relishing the idea of being able to serve you.

It may seem strange to you that I’m excited about writing but I can tell you that right now this is the only thing I want to do.

Because I wanted to give my readers (you) a wonderful gift.

And I feel that gift of light is being expressed through this writing.

I believe I’ve found a super simple success principle that might just make a difference in your life.

All you’ve got to do is ask yourself these Magic Questions.

1. What can I create that will make me excited?

2. What can I give to someone or group of people that will get me excited to give the gift?

Please let me know if this has helped you change a bad day into a good one in the comments section below.

For it only takes a few seconds for your energy to change. Even before you’re actually doing the creation the excitement begins to build up. Then you have the fuel of excitement to make your fantastic creation.

And speaking of excitement.

I’ve got something at the Superbeing Club that can improve your life and that of your family BIG TIME. It’s a program I CREATED last year and have been using myself to great success for about 3 years now.

Imagine NEVER getting the cold or flu again. And even if you start to feel cold symptoms, there’s a “10 second emergency cold fighting procedure” that will stop the cold or flu instantly in its tracks.

I’m talking a powerful and yet NATURAL cold remedy that nothing else anywhere compares to.

I’m dead serious… NEVER get a cold or flu again.

It’s the Flummunity Protocol and it’s been working like a charm for me and my family for over 3 years now.


But I’ll be removing it from the member’s area to make room for new stuff after 11:59pm on Thursday, November 19, 2015.

So get it while you can and on top of that there’s currently over a year of amazing back issues for you to access. But they’ll be gone real soon too.


Anyways, I hope this Magic Idea helped spark your inner fire of excitement.

When you’re excited about life that’s when life is the most fun.

Your Radiant Health, Fitness and Infinite Potential Coach,

Roger Haeske
“The 48-Year Old Teanajer”
Master of Health, Fitness and Self-Improvement


Quick Trick Gets You Excited As Hell — 5 Comments

    • Yah, it’s unfortunate in today’s world how everyone is trained on Twitter by being limited to 140 characters or maybe 20 words maximum. My 128 word email I suppose was too long.

      The blog post yes was a bit longer (at a rather short 718 words) but if you want to deliver actual value there must be some length to the writing to explain the concepts properly. I wrote an initial draft that was much shorter but it did not explain the idea as well so I needed to lengthen it. In fact, I could still lengthen it MUCH further by giving specific examples and it would be even more valuable. And to the right person (someone who is interested in the topic) it would not be too long at all.

      I suppose even reading a good book is just too long for most people these days and that’s a shame. No one tells Stephen King or Napoleon Hill or Maxwell Maltz that their books are too long.

      From what I know about writing is that it’s never too long but only too boring. And a lot of that depends on the individual and what topics they are interested in. We can’t be interested in everything.

      But if I wrote a free blog post about a topic you were in desperate need of finding answers for and no one else was revealing what I revealed, would it matter if it was 1 page or 100? I don’t think so. Just because something is a blog post doesn’t mean it should be any particular length.

      I have read a full length book that was just a series of about 6 blog pages. Yes each blog page was about 20 pages long worth of writing. And it was well worth my time.

      In fact, here is that blog post as you may find it really important reading.

      “FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time”

      Length is not an issue but if it’s valuable or interesting is the real issue.

      Yes writing can be improved by making shorter via editing but not everything should be short just for the sake of being short. That is not the purpose of all writing.

      We all have to make choices of reading what is important to us. I certainly can’t read all of the emails and blog posts I receive. And I certainly do not have time to watch all of the videos on Youtube that I get sent via email either. I just pick what I like and consume it. If it’s exciting me or solving (or promising to solve) a problem I need solving then I keep reading.



  1. I also totally agree with you that valuable information and sharing necessitates a full understanding and that’s done by giving full information.

    Jumping from statements to statements that are empty of substance has become an addiction in itself. It is entertainment -not learning.

    I appreciate your candor for the sharing of valuable information and helping the community. Thank you!

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